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Both the onyx eyes of the ravenette and the ethereal beauty of the brunette were of no comparison. But when, just due to one like at a picture in Instagram which is of a guy's, everything changed, LITTLE BY LITTLE. ©Tk_ficx

Poetry / Romance
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@Tae_kim: Little by Little🍁

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❝Why do you always tend to steal my love?❞

Kim Taehyung screamed his lungs out, not caring about his background, where people gathered and whispered among them.

❝First of all I don't like Jieun, and how can I like someone else when my love is standing inches away from me.❞

Taehyung who was standing at the same distance as the speaker, Jeon Jeongguk mentioned, backed away narrowing his eyes in disbelief and stared.

Both the onyx eyes of the ravenette and the ethereal beauty of the brunette were of no comparison. But just a simple like in Instagram and that of a 23 year old guy was all needed to change one's feelings towards the other and that was the beginning of the huge changed mindset between the two straight boys, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk and little by little....

Read on to find~

✓ Top Kook ; Bottom Tae
✓ Swear words
✓ Sexual content
✓ Fluff
✓ Angst
✓ Smut

OMG IT'S MY FIRST FANFIC HERE!!! Guys please don't ever make the mistake of thinking it real. None of these is real, is just a work of fan fiction and should not be attributed as a behavior trait of the actual people. I do not own BTS or BigHit, but I obviously own this story.

Also please do not enrage shipwars, mostly of Taekook and Jikook. I'm already telling, it's a Taekook fanfic, so no Jikook to be brought here. And if u don't like taekook, please go right away and read something else. I am a hardcore taekook shipper, so I won't like hate comments piling up in the comment section. No hate to any character or this story.

Others who are interested, are most welcomed to read this story. Enjoy~~❤
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