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One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean


Chapter 2

Title: Rebirth.



My almost faded consciousness returned hearing the sound of something falling into deep water.

...Soon I understood that the 'something' is none other than me.

What's happening?... Didn't I just die? How am I able to think then? Was that all a dream? Or is this afterlife?

I became anxious, nervous, and scared. I don't know where this is, I try to look around, but… But everything was dark.

I couldn't see anything, or maybe I don't even have eyes. I was even unsure of the authenticity of my current state of existence. Was this real or fake? I couldn't tell.

I felt cramped, I wanted to scream… But just then I heard something.


My… heartbeat? That was my heartbeat, wasn't it? So, I AM alive! Then was I saved by some miracle doctor?... But my family doesn't have enough money to cure this kind of serious injury… so, do we have to suffer agai-- wait, wait, wait that's not possible. I clearly remember my head getting completely crushed. Even if some Miracle doctor came, it's impossible to save me...

Just what the fuck is going on?! I lost everything I had, and now this? Is this a joke? A prank? I need an explanation!

Badum! Badum!

Hearing the drum-like heartbeat sound, my mind involuntarily calmed down. Moreover, some kind of adoring warmness was surrounding me like a protective blanket, giving me inner-peace. Especially that heartbeat sound, it's as if trying to calm me down… I'm feeling sleepy--

Wait, that sound?! There were two heartbeats?

Badum! Badum!

That was… yes, that's definitely a heartbeat sound. One is mine, but… the other one is definitely not mine… I can guarantee it.

This rings a bell in my mind… sudden death, darkness, sound of a heartbeat that doesn't belong to yourself...

A-Am I thinking too much, or is this really… a womb?

Badum! Badum!

There is it again… So am I REALLY inside a womb?

I'm not sure, but most likely.

That's hard to swallow. But to be honest, other than all this being a hallucination this is the only conclusion I can reach.

Is this reincarnation? Or maybe this is MY Mom's womb and I traveled to the past?


Before I could be sure of anything, I felt a strong force pulling, or maybe pushing me...?

I didn't get enough time to discern this as I feel my body going through a narrow tunnel-like thing. The thing was very narrow, and my whole body was being pushed to go towards the other end by an outside force.

Fuck, this even hurts!

The strange process hurt a lot, but nothing can beat the pain of death… So, I was somehow able to withstand the terrible pain. This also rings a bell...

Wait, wait, wait, is this a… eww.

Another strange phenomenon is happening now. My previous suspicion is gone, and I'm sure of being inside a womb… Currently been given birth to.

Soon, after enduring a series of terrible pain, I finally saw the light. But my dark little world became too bright for me to see.


A few seconds have passed, my eyes still can't see much, but at least they have stabilized a little. Currently, with my blurry sight, I can see two giant hands lifting me up.

"Wow, good news! It's a boy!"

It was an old lady who picked me up with a delighted expression. She also confirmed that I'm still a man in this life. I'm feeling something strange in my back, but maybe it's just an after effect of birth.

Instead of thinking this, I tried to look around the room I was in. It was a small house made of dry leaves, probably a hut… So I was not sent to the past, rather born in a poorer family than mine.

The room didn't contain anything other than the bed. Maybe they cleared the room to prepare for birth?

Not far from me, on the broken bed a woman with long black hair was laying down. Blood was coming out from between her legs and she was soaking in her sweat while gasping profusely. A gross sight to behold, to tell the truth.

I then see her raising her hands towards me, gesturing to hold me in her embrace.

So, this is my biological 'mother' now, huh. I don't rea--Wait, what is that?!

Though the woman was laying on the bed, I can still see little strange portions of something poking out from behind her back.

I arched up my eyes as the odd-looking object entered my eyes. The first thing that entered my sight was the women's full figure. She looked quite beautiful, to say the least. But I didn't care about that, because I have already seen what I wanted...

She's an… angel?

An angel, yes. What I saw can only prove that.

Not believing what I saw, I abruptly moved my gaze towards the old lady holding me.

The fat old lady looked like your average grandma, except for the same characteristic as the woman on the bed. She also had those wing-like objects coming out of her back.

That does look like actual wings… but are those really real.

Just like the woman laying on the bed, even from the old lady's back, small wing-like objects were peeking out pointing upwards. Since most of it was hidden behind both of their bodies, I couldn't say if those are really wings or if they are cosplayi-- no. Why am I reaching such stupid conclusion?! Did my IQ drop after birth? Who will do cosplay while giving birth?!

Setting aside the cosplay part, now the actual question is if those are really wings. And if that's true, then does that mean they are angels? Does that mean I reincarnated as an angel too?

I had many questions to think about, but before I could reach any conclusion and make sense of everything, the old lady brought me very close to her face. Her large face full of wrinkles confronted my baby face as she looked at me with a large smile, and eyes full of satisfaction.

"Look, he isn't even crying! Such a strong spirit! A warrior has been born! HAHAHA! Boy, just as your father wished for, from this day onwards your name will be Amon!"

I don't dislike the name Amon, but… A warrior? What is the hag talking about? Is the medical knowledge of this world so low that they believe not crying after birth is a good sign? I actually don't care about crying. Currently, if someone even wants to kill me, I won't refute...

Huuh, let's calm down now. I just got a second chance. I should not throw it away. Let's calm… down.

Trying to calm down, I stopped thinking too much for now. But that was a wrong move because even after trying, I couldn't calm down… the memories of my past life were surfacing every now and then...

My family… my lovely mother and my reliable big brother… also the ones responsible for our fall. I can't help thinking back.


Suddenly a strange groan came from behind me and the old lady holding me looked that way.

"Oh?! Acantha! Hold on a little, don't you wanna take your baby in your embrace before you perish?! W….uh…...gh….."

It seems something bad has happened just now… for that reason the old lady was shouting but I couldn't discern any of her words anymore. I couldn't see, my ears were hurting, and it was even hard to breathe in these brand new lungs, I felt as if my lungs were on fire.

Handing me over to another woman beside her, she ran towards the bed. A small commotion broke out. But I wasn't able to pay attention to it, because my mind was at a breaking point. I have accepted that I have been reincarnated…

I have really been reborn with the memory of my previous life… as unbelievable as that may sound, that is the truth.

Leaving my family behind… alone in this unknown place. I was born again to live another life… T-That's a good thing, right? Then… Why am I not happy? Then… THEN WHY AM I CRYING?!


I was crying like how an ordinary baby would cry. Crying so loud that my lungs might have started to bleed. But unlike those novels Mc, I was not faking the tears.




A/N: Mc will think too much sometimes, be prepared for it.

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