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•The names of the characters are taken for only entertainment purposes. There is no intention to harm real life people through the medium of this book.

• I created some negative characters only for FICTIONAL purposes, so DO NOT take it seriously.

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"So how was your date with your boyfriend?" A boy with beautiful plump lips, had orange hair asked, more likely teased his best friend.

"It was good. We enjoyed it a lot and Gumie took me to his house." A pretty boy replied a shy smile curled on his cherry lips.

"Omg! Don't tell me, my innocent friend is no more innocent." The orange head male said dramatically earning a snack from his best friend.

"Yah! I am still innocent. I and Bogumie haven't done anything yet." The pretty boy said, his soft blond hair locks were falling on his eyes.

"Oh! I thought you and him...." The orange head male said, a teasing smile playing on his pinkish plump lips.

"Jiminie, You think a lot. No?" The blonde male asked as his best friend laughed before speaking, "I love to tease you Tae."

"Yeah, whatever!" The blonde male said, rolling his eyes slightly as both pretty boys were walking towards their class.

Kim Taehyung & Park Jimin are two best friends who love each other to death. They aren't just friends but soulmates. They have been friends since they were in elementary school and their friendship is still the same even after years.

Kim Taehyung is a sweet, lovely and caring guy but very stubborn. He doesn't listen to anyone but his heart. He always does what his heart tells him to do and at this moment, his heart stuck at a handsome boy named Park Bogum.

Park Bogum is the most popular boy in their college. All the girls are after him but He is after the gorgeous beauty aka Kim Taehyung not because he loves him but because he wants to have him in his bed for completing a bet which he made with his friends.

One day, He found out that the gorgeous beauty has a crush on him and he took this information as an opportunity. He went to the blonde male and proposed him in front of the whole college. The gorgeous beauty felt the happiest person on the planet as he didn't think much and said yes to Bogum to get agree for becoming his boyfriend.

It's been three months since they both started dating but still, Bogum couldn't complete his bet. Yes, He has kissed the blonde male but he couldn't get any chance to go more further because whenever he tries to take a step forward, the gorgeous boy stops him and tells him that he isn't ready yet. It made Bogum angry but at last, he wants to complete the bet so He is waiting for the right moment.

Taehyung & Jimin both took their seats and started gossiping in the class since their teacher Mr Han wasn't present in the class but they instantly sealed their lips when they saw their teacher entering the classroom.

"Students, Today a new student is gonna join us. He has come from America so that's why He is late but I hope you guys will help him in studies. Okay?" Mr Han asked sweetly as all the students nodded their heads in response, getting curious for the new American student.

Mr Han smiled and said, "Please, Come inside. Don't be shy."

Everyone moved their heads towards the doorways, waiting for the new student to come and girls went crazy when they saw a very handsome yet hot male entering the classroom.

"Introduce yourself." Mr Han told the new student, who had dark hair with green hair locks.

The raven head male nodded as he looked forward to the class with his round eyes that were showing nothing but coldness.

"Hi! I am Jeon Jungkook." The raven head male introduced himself, his voice was cold as ice, his face wasn't showing any emotion.

Meanwhile, the blonde male staring at the new student, blinking his eyes a few times and whispered, "I guess I've met him before."

Jimin's ears perked up as he looked at his best friend with his wide eyes, "What? Where? Where did you meet this Hottie?!" He asked, more likely shouted, creating the disturbance in the class.

"Taehyung & Jimin, pay attention!" Mr Han growled at the two who couldn't help but smiled sheepishly.

The raven head male shifted his gaze at the two boys and his face showed a slight emotion on his blank face when his eyes landed on the blonde male who was now looking down at his lap.

"My doll is still pretty. No--The prettiest." The raven head male thought to himself, his eyes never leaving the blonde male's face but he gritted his teeth when his teacher spoke up, "Go and have a seat."

The raven head male gave a sharp glare to his teacher who couldn't help but gulped, feeling nothing but scared as he smiled in nervousness and said, "Y-You can sit down with Taehyung." And that's when the raven head male's eyes softened.

The raven head male nodded his head as he straight made his way towards the blonde male who got confused.

"How does he know that I'm Taehyung?" The blonde male thought to himself but snapped when the raven head male sat down beside him, took out his books and started writing.

"Hey, Uh-How do you know that I'm Taehyung? I mean, You are a new student so?" The blonde male asked with his confused face.

The raven head male stopped his movements as he looked up, parted his lips to speak but felt his heart beat faster when his eyes landed on the blonde male's cherry lips that were looking so delicious but anyway, he controlled himself.

"I heard your name from other students' mouth. They were saying Taehyung is the most beautiful boy and I assumed that you are Taehyung because you are the only one beautiful here." The raven head male replied simply causing the blonde male to blush.

Yeah, many people have called him beautiful. It's nothing new for him but the way Jungkook said that he is the only one beautiful in the college, it made him blush hard.

"O-Oh!" That's all the blonde male could say, his cheeks getting redder.

Meanwhile, "You are the only one who is pretty for me." The raven head male thought a secret smile crept on his lips as he side glanced at the blonde male who was blushing madly while writing down chemistry notes.

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