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It was not supposed to happen this way. NO!!! Sam never believed in the supernatural, talk less of having the 'Sight'... Sam was in his world where he would finish high school, find a lover that would put a ring on his finger and then live happily ever after, like in fairytales, right? Little did he know that there is more to life than Prince Charming and Princesses in distress. - - - I, the author, used "Shadow hunters" terminologies like stele, runes and I also added mine, to spice up the story. This is also my first story, hope you would enjoy it. A/N: This is strictly a gay love story. No hate comments. Constructive comments are needed. - - - Enjoy.

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Hey guys, this is my first series here. This novel contains supernatural, paranormal and it is dedicated to all Shadowhunters fans, I am a huge fan, so, don't be surprised to see some terminologies used in shadowhunters here.

No hate, show some love by voting and commenting on this story. Thanks.


He smiles as he wakes up, a very rare thing to do. I mean, who wakes up smiling after a tiresome yesterday? Well, Sam was happy today because he knew very well that in the next twenty four hours, he would be sixteen. A beautiful age, right? Sam had so many things he wanted to do; learn how to drive, have his first tattoo, get a better boyfriend. The last one he got is a story for another day. After taking a shower, he looked at his reflection on the large mirror plastered on the wall in his bathroom. With a boost of confidence, he picked up his comb- his Afro comb as he ran it through his thick black hair, grabbed his hair spray, spreading the contents of the spray unto his hair. He plopped out body gel unto his palm, graciously applying it on his light skinned body. He takes another cream, which was for his face, applying it with some cotton wool. He licked his lips occasionally as he sprayed his signature Axe body spray.

He skips on the staircase, his face became red when he saw his family starring hard on him, especially Travis.

"If it isn't the birthday boy" Travis ambushed his junior brother with a bear hug.

"Travis honey, you will squeeze the life out of him if you keep on hugging him" a red haired woman, Stella, their mother cautioned.

"You heard mum" Sam stopped struggling to free himself when he knew how strong his brother is.

"Oh, sorry, baby bro" Travis kissed his forehead before putting him down.

"You need to stop calling me a baby. I am sixteen" he defended with his arms crossed over his chest.

"In the next few hours, baby" Travis playfully stuck out his tongue.

"Come eat, my babies" Stella, after setting the table said, making Sam grumble. "What's it baby?" she teased.

"Mum" he whined. "I am..."

"Fifteen and the half" Travis quickly interjected.

"Whatever" Sam stuffed a bread in his mouth, angrily munching on it.

"So, how are you planning on celebrating tomorrow?" Stella asked.

"Oh. Kara said she gat everything covered" Sam shrugged, taking another huge bite on the bacon.

"Any way, what do you want as your birthday present?" Travis asked.

"Those cool tats of yours" Sam responded blankly, his eyes stuck in admiration on his brother's skin.

"Excuse me" Stella, almost choking on her mango juice.

"Yeah. I mean, mum you have the same tattoos too, so I am guessing it is a family thing"

"Wait, you can see it" she asked.

"Of course, I ain't blind" he teased. "And besides, wasn't it yesterday you both had them? I mean, you two should have waited until my birthday, so we could get them together" Sam shrugged again. "Why are you guys not saying anything?" he asked.

"No tats" she replied.

"But mum" Sam began to whine. "Travis has them, I wanna get them too" he pouted.

"I am eighteen and you are still fifteen" Travis smirked. "And besides, maybe you can get one when you are older and, smarter" he winked.

"Mum" his whining got louder. "Travis is indirectly calling me dumb" he pouted.

"That is enough, honey" she chuckled. "Eat up, so you won't be late for school" she added.

"Oh, I am meeting Kara at the Diner, now" he packed his lunch in a brown paper bag. "I love you" he kissed her forehead.

"I love you more, baby" she replied, kissing his knuckles.

"What about me?" Travis smirked.

"I love you"

"Love you too, baby bro" he hugged him.

"Whatever" he groaned. Travis pouts. "One day, I will cut those lips of yours" he teased before almost leaving.

"Don't be late" Stella said.

"Wouldn't dare" he screamed from the porch.

"He is growing up way too fast" tears began to fill her eyes.

"Mom, are you OK?" Travis asked, squatting down besides her.

"Yeah" she used her sleeve to clean the tears away. "I just did not want him to grow up" she whispered.

"I understand. He has started seeing it" he displayed his runes. "When are we going to tell him about who he is?"

"There is no need for that, OK?" she said, standing up. "Aren't you going to the institute?" she asked.

"Yeah" he began to leave.

"Thank you" she said, making him halt.

"For what?"

"For taking Sam as your brother. Thank you" she muffled.

"It's OK, mum" he left.


The diner was full, like always. Sam looked around the busy table for his best friend. A young couple eating side by side, with a fine wine at each side, drinking and enjoying the moment. Bevy of highschoolers giggling, there was this hottie in grey suit that caught Sam's attention, his chiseled chest, this handsome devil lite a cigarette, closing the gap of the cancer stick to his mouth, releasing what must have been rehearsed puff smoke, or maybe the dude was a pro smoker. He was way too old for Sam but damn, he looked super hot. His eyes caught a red hair waving at the far end of the restaurant. How on earth did he not think of that spot? That is their favorite spot, close to the huge transparent glass, where they could see passers by and most times, stare and probably drool over extremely hot guys, yes, Kara knows about Sam's sexuality. He ran to where she sat, scooting closer, hugging and kissing her cheek.

"You are forgiven" she laughed.

Kara and Sam or Sakara, that was what they secretly call themselves. Their friendship started back at a small town before coming to New York. Back there, Kara was picked upon because of the redness of her hair and Sam was always picked on too by the colour of his skin. They were referred to as the class outcast, they got stuck with each other and they used that as an opportunity to be best friends for life. One of their rules as BFF is that once a person is late, kisses and hugs must be given. Sounds weird, right? Well, they made those rules when they were little, so give them some credit.

"Sorry for coming late" he pouted.

"You don't need to be too erotic about it" she winked.

"What?" he screamed, getting some awkward attention. "Sorry" he shrunk. "Why must you make everything erotic" he asked.

"What do you want to order today" said the waitress, smiling as usual.

"Watermelon juice and some take out bread"

"Well" Kara began, smiling sheepishly. "I would love to take the cranberry smoothie"

"Will that be all?" they both nodded. "It would be ready in the next three minutes" she left.

"Take out bread?" she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Yep. You know what cafeteria food is today, I ain't digging that. I even packed some lunch and part of my breakfast"

"Oh. That means we're sharing" she winked. "So what's popping?" she asked.

"You are popping girl" he laughed.


"Cranberry smoothie, how" she blushed. "So, what's his name and where did y'all meet?"

"Well, since you know me too well" she smirked. "His name is Jordan, we meant at summer camp"

"Awwn, he sounds cute" he took his juice. "But wait, if you met him at summer camp, why are you still liking him? I mean, we both hate long distance relationship"

"Yeah. You've met him"

"I have?"

"Yeah. Jordan Hale" she gave a lopsided grin.

"O. M. G" he squeaked. "The Jordan Hale?" he asked.

"Yeah" she played with her eyebrows. "He is mine"

"What's yours?" Jordan's voice startled her that she almost spilled her cranberry smoothie.

"Oh my goodness, I didn't realize you were here" she adjusted herself.

"Oh" Sam quickly thought of something to say to break this awkward silence. "I am Sam..." he stretched out his hand.

"Sam Peters" he received it. "I know" he smiled. "Happy birthday in advance"

"Oh thanks" he turned his head to Kara. "So, we wanted to meet right?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Your, em, your em, birthday..." she stuttered.

"Yeah" Sam sighed softly. "Jordan, could you buy us some burgers?"

"Sure" he left.

"What did you do that for?" she asked.

He raised his eyebrows and grinned like a kid, "Kara?"

"I don't like that look"

"Me neither, I thought you two are dating" he said.

"Well, I haven't asked him out yet or I am waiting for him to do so"

"Look, he deserves someone smart and loving like you. Life is about risks and taking a huge leap of faith. So do so" he starts to head out.

"Why are you going?"

"Make this work. Besides, this is the first day of school, no one gives two shits about latecomers, right?" he winked.

"I love you" she hugged him. "What about your burger"

"You eat it. You die" he teased, putting his thumb across his neck, his eye balls going up, imitating the undertaker. He stumbles upon an old woman.

"Watch it, kid" she yelled.

"Sorry" Sam apologized, making Kara laugh.

"Hey, where is the celebrant?" Jordan asked, with three paper bags of burger.

"He had something to do and besides, we need to throw him a surprise party, right?"

"You are right, Kara. I have the craziest idea" he smirked.


A mother's love is one of the strongest love of all times. It is one thing to love your biological son and it is another thing to take another person's child as your own biological son. It was so obvious that Sam was not Stella's son, however, she loved him unconditionally. Sometimes, if not most times, Travis often wonder why she would love someone like Sam. Travis is well updated about the supernatural realm, he is even one of the best teenage guardians. She knew Travis was up for the job but Sam? Sam was too fragile, so she thought. She would not want to tamper with his emotions and when she realized her son, Sam is gay, she decided that it was best to put him far away from what would trigger his supernatural powers. Sam is a very special kid, so special that they either want him dead, kept captive or harness the gifts he has. For this reason, Stella promised to protect him from the forces of darkness, even from the forces of light because if they know about Sam, they would want to take hold of him like an item and since no one can be trusted, Sam could die and Stella was not ready to take any chances.

It was ten minutes past midnight, she just stared at the sleeping boy, arms crossed, shoulder relaxed on the hinge. She stood there still, not wanting to do anything but to stare, her vision was becoming blurry as tears surfaced from their source, flowing down without even knowing it. She shut her eyes slowly, trying to reminisce on all the lovely, pleasant and not so pleasant years while bringing up this bundle of joy.

There was a day, they both got into a serious argument. Travis was at the institute training and keeping his mouth shut about his new brother. Stella was blessed with Travis, he understood everything, she did not need to go over and over things again. He was just too smart and him being a Guardian is one of her greatest joy. That very day, Sam had come back from school, his body was bruised, his eyes were swollen, his lips had huge cuts. Her heart almost bled, she asked who did that, the poor innocent kid lashed her with questions that could never be forgotten.

"Why am I this colour and you're that colour?" he could not feel anything. "Why am I always picked on? Can't I live a normal life"

"It's OK" she said.

"It's not OK. Where are my real parents?"

"I am your real parent, Sam" she began to cry.

"I just want to be loved by everyone. Is that too much to ask for?"

Every since that day, Stella knew she could have done more, she needed to protect him from himself. There was another time, Sam was talking to his reflection, the mirror became a portal, Sam screamed as he felt his own reflection dragging him inside the mirror. Then she knew they weren't safe. They had to relocate to New York City, the bigger the city, the harder for them to track him, right?

"Mum?" Sam's groggy voice brought her back to reality.

"Happy birthday honey" she hugged him.

"Thanks" he sat on his bed, tapping the space besides him, gesturing that she should sit.

"Thank you son" she forced a smile.

"Are... Are you, all right?" noticing the tears, wiping it off.

"Of course" she grinned. "I have a surprise for you" she smiled.

"Really?" he giggled.

"You know the rules" Sam giggled, shutting his eyes tight like a kid, shooting some pins into Stella's heart. "No peeping" he nods. She held out his palm, folding something into it. "Now, open those gorgeous eyes of yours, honey" she said.

"Wow" the necklace was so beautiful and it sparkled. "Thank you mom, but isn't it too" trying to find the right word and not to sound rude or like an ingrate. "girly?"

"I know you like boys" she whispered.

"What? How?" his eyes widened.

"Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" she teased.

"Yeah" he blushed.

"And besides, you are my son" she made it an emphasis. "I will always love and protect you, OK?" she assured.

"Thanks mom" he kissed her forehead.

"May I?" she asked, he nodded. She wore it on his neck. "Promise me, you won't take it off" she said.

"I won't" he giggled.

"I said promise me" she shot a deadpan face and did not even realizing how serious she sounded and looked.

"I promise" he crossed his heart. "Mom, are you OK?" she nods. "But mom, you are crying" he wiped away some tears and he began to cry too.

"Don't cry, my sweet angel" she cupped his cheek in her hand. "I am just happy, my son is finally sixteen" she controls her tears and breathing section. "He would be a man soon and starts bossing me around" she teased, he smirks. "I am glad I raised you and no matter what happens..."

"Nothing is going to happen" he grabbed her hands firmly. "Mom, are you OK? You are starting to scare me" he sniffed back some water.

"Oh honey" she laughed. "I am just being emotional and all"

"If it is about the tats, I won't get any, I promise"

"You don't need any, trust me" she winked. "Remember who you are, OK?"

"I know who I am. I am Samuel Peter" he said with so much confidence.

"Yes, son! I love you" her heart heavy, she stood up. "Have a goodnight rest, today's gonna be big" she was about leaving when Sam grabs her by the hand.

"I love you too. Let's go"

"Go where?" she was perplexed.

"To your room, of course" he laughed.

"I can walk myself" she said.


They swing hands as they go to her room.

"Good night, mom" he kissed her forehead. "I love you"

"I love you more" she hugged him.

"Sleep tight, mum" he added before shutting his door.

She shuts her door quietly, her legs grew weak as she fell- knees down on the carpet ground, crying, her hands crossed around her chest, more tears found its way down her face as she saw the rose trapped in the glass, with two pedals left. She crawls towards the glass, the prophesy flashes through her mind, she staggers as she used the table for support. Her fingertips played on the glass.

"Why does it have to end this way" her voice cracked from too much tears. "I just need more time" she sobs. "I need to hide him long enough for him to grow strong" she could not carry herself no more. She fell flat. "He is weak. He has a pure heart for this dark world" her voice began to fade. "I think it is time" she wiped her tears. "It is time to do what is right" she summoned every ounce of strength she had left.


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