Hell and Heaven


When their eyes met ,he knew that very moment nothing has changed. She looked pretty in her outfit , just as mesmerizing as ever, but what captivated his eyes was the ring on her finger .She was married, he was flabbergasted. He was always the ruffian who loved to have his way and take risks. He believed in living life on his terms. When his eyes rested on hers , his world tilted on its axis. That moment he knew that he wanted her back by his side. He knew in his heart no matter what hell and Heaven,he will never be able to let her go .Time will only tell if their love will survive the test. Sean created Hell by starting emotionally abusing her and Victor initiated creation of Heaven by encouraging and loving her. Love can overcome all kinds of obstacles in life.

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Chapter 1

Sally's POV

"Please listen to me" Victor. I have a husband , now I am married. I literally begged to him with joined hands , hoping he will understand. Victor stopped in his tracks and turned around facing her. He saw ,her tear streaked face and red nose ,but that did not evoke any kind of sympathy in his heart. "Today you are only mine", Victor moved towards her like a lion stalking his prey. Sally wiped her tears hastily and started speaking ,hoping that she might just be able to get through to the very infuriated Victor standing in front of her. I could only hope that Victor will have in his heart after hearing me out, to forgive me and let me go. He moved forward and placed his palm on my cheek caressing it as he placed his forehead on mine inhaling deeply, he still could smell the familiar vanilla and rose scent after so many years. He lost himself in the moment ,he had yearned for her touch. I tried to restrain Victor's hold on me by placing my hands over his chest .Victor being so close to me accelerated my heart beat. Sparks goes through my body on contact, and I will myself not to blush. I did not understand why his closeness effected me so much. I fumbled with words trying to form some sentence, my senses were high strung due to his close presence. In so many years after my marriage, I had never envisaged that I will once again come in such close proximity with Victor. He leaned forward towards my ear and whispered , "where have you been hiding my angel , I have been looking out for you. You just disappeared as if wiped out from the earth's surface." Did you think of me ,my angel or did you think that you will be able to invade me forever.

Victor's POV

He took a deep breath his nostrils were filled with her intoxicating smell. It brought back memories of all those times after Sally had disappeared, he had craved her touch and presence in his life. Now here she was in his arms begging for him to let her go, how was he suppose to do this. He wanted to do things to her that will make her scream only his name. Today and always she was only going to be his to be adored and cherished. Victor was going to do everything to make her stay ,he did not care that she was not his to be claimed. I need to get an investigator to find out everything about this guy who has placed a ring on my Sally's ring finger. He hugged her tightly not wanting to let go and whispered in his raspy voice , I wanted you in my arms from a very long time, but I respected your feelings and thought I was doing the right thing by keeping you at arms length .Now I am unable to control myself from the moment I have seen you.

Sally's POV Flash

Sally stood still with her heart beating like a drum , trying to process what was happening. Sean did not know anything about Victor. Victor the vibrant extrovert that he was ,his black hair hanging over his eyes, His dark chest hair could be seen through the opening of his dress shirt. The man exuded sexuality,I was too distraught to see that now at this moment. There were subtle references made by my parents in the passing to Sean her now husband about Victor's and her friendship.Sean was nothing like Victor ,there were no similarities between the two. Sean was a precocious child, stoic and with lots of principles and rules which made him respond sternly to situations many at times. He also lost his temper due to which she had to endure his angry outbursts. But during courtship days I had seen a different side of Sean ,most of the time I wondered if it was just a passing phase since he was trying to woo me. During those days he was full of charm and easy to talk to him that was what had attracted me to him in the first place.I was also working and had shift duties and Sean used to call on her office numbers. They used to chat for quite long hours some time. My office colleague's used to pull my legs. Specially Tom , he used special innuendos about our ongoing relationship status. I used to whack him on the head and he used to smirk ," I am kidding Sally, do you seriously think I will do something like that." I used to share all my feelings and thoughts with Sean. Little did I know that I was bearing my soul to a perfect stranger who would use all the information to manipulate me to his advantage . My past experiences had taught me not to trust people easily. But Sean , was attentive and a good listener ,he rarely interrupted a ongoing conversation. I thought finally I have found someone who matches my wavelengths and have found love. Actually speaking I was in love with the idea of Sean, and he just did not turn out to be the guy of my dreams. Just this realisation dawned on me pretty late .On the other hand I was kind of talkative type of a girl who lived a protective life. My brother and me were good friends but that changed once Sean became a part of my life. Usually I never shared my thoughts or feelings easily , but some how I had started trusting Sean. On the other had ,he was very allusive and rarely shared anything about himself or his feelings. Most of his talks revolved around his friends or colleagues or work related. Atleast I felt that we were getting to know each other and we have really come very close to each other as friends . Sean was not a guy who showered her with gifts,he liked to keep things simple. He had bought a red rose on my birthday day and traveled all the way from Anderson Mill , I was going to meet him at the train junction, just outside the junction there is a nice little restaurant .When Sean arrived near the restaurant, he did not see me and decided to wait for me inside the restaurant's lobby. After few minutes I reached the venue, and met him, we were shown to seats for two near the window by the steward. He gave me the rose , it was a sweet gesture. We placed our order for food and chatted till our food arrived. Both of us were happy in each other's company. We both travelled to my home , my parents were happy to meet him. They highly regarded him. Especially my mom, she thought the world of Sean. Her tongue never stopped showering him with praises. She felt that he was the best son-in-law to be . I was such a naive person and intuitive ,always wanting to do things for other people with out asking. After Victor, Sean was the only person to whom she had opened up. Offcourse there were lots of guys who were interested in me, but I only flirted with them. In my books they all were good friends to Dine and wine, I never allowed or took the friendship to the next level. I always ensure they I do not hurt anyone's feelings while slowly making them aware that I am not available for anything that was more than friend ship. Some backed down and some remained good friends. I was in a happy space ,life was really treating me well. Only my parents kept constantly nagging to me about my single status. My grandmother chastised me to find a nice guy and settle down. She importuned me with pointed questions, which I answered evasively. I used to offer quite a few details to my perspicacious mother though. Most of the girls who were into dating had ended up with guys who hated to settle down, they enjoyed a commitment free dating scenario. So most of the babe's used to quote a one-liner "All guys are bastards ,and life is a bitch." Probably all of them felt that they needed a steady and commited relationship. In comparison to them I was a person with commitment phobias. Sean's sudden appearance in my life changed lots of dynamics in my life. He became center of my world along with my parents and brother. Sean had a younger sister , I met her once before marriage, when I travelled to Anderson Mills on Sean's and his parents request. Sean was waiting at the entrance of his home to receive us. We had travelled from Austin and were staying with one of my cousin Tanisha,who stayed in Anderson Mills. On the day we were invited to Sean's home for lunch,we travelled by taxi to reach his home.

Sean's POV Flash Back

I am so excited to see Sally, after lunch I want to take her to show our new home, where we are going start our life after marriage. At present I have just signed the papers of our new home and the site is under construction. It's nice to meet her on my home ground. I want to spend some alone time with her. I asked my future father in law for permission to take her with me to see our to be home after lunch. Usually on her home turf she was such confident and bold . Today I saw a different side of her's, she looked shy and out of her comfort zone. After lunch we took a cab to the site. I was thrilled was an under statement. Since it was under construction lots of work was still in progress. We made our way by the stairs to the 7 th floor of the building.During our talks on phone I told her this is your baby now to do as you please and our home. We both were lost in the moment, blissfully happy . I wanted to hug her, but one look at her and I lost my balls to do it. So I just decided to control myself around her. So I kept my hand on her shoulder bringing her closer to me,she was a little hesitant and blushed . Once we reached the ground floor , we roamed around looking at the up coming structure. She requested that we should return home as everyone must be waiting for us. I wanted to spend more time with her, there is something in her that attracts me to her. I wanted to know what were her thoughts about my home. I don't think she was paying much attention to her surroundings .My parents wanted us to get married as soon as possible. Once we reached my home, all discussions regarding our marriage arrangements were initiated.

Sally's POV Flash Back

It was nice to see Sean in his home environment. This was the first time I was meeting him in Anderson Mills. I had met his mom, he wanted me to meet his sister and father. Also after much discussion and debate , we had to organise two receptions as both the families wanted to invite all their friends and family. Initial year was a bliss , like every other couple. But after the few months we enjoyed our honeymoon period. we both were working and balancing our work and married life. I travelled to Anderson Mills on weekends to spend time with him. He was staying with his parents. He used to come to train station to pick me, from there we both used to go to his home. Just two months after our wedding , I realised I was pregnant. It wasn't a shocker as we both were not using protection. I wanted to continue with my present job as I enjoyed working in shifts and my team mates were so good . I tried convincing Sean if it's possible that we rent out our own place. I could stay with my parents and over the weekend he come over and we could be able to spend time together in our own place. It did not sit well with Sean ,he thought it was best if I request for a transfer. Next day, I spoke to Diana from the HR department asking her if there was any chance of a transfer to Anderson Mills location. "Negative dear, I don't think there will be any vacancy coming up for next 4 months " Diana replied. That dashed my hopes of any chance of continuing with the same organization, now I had to put in my resignation paper. After serving the one month's notice period I shifted to Anderson Mills. Suddenly Sally's was jolted into the present when she felt Victor's hand caressing her cheek.

Victor's POV

She was really nervous and stuttering in my presence. I was observing all her expression as she was lost in her thoughts. As I was watching her, sitting in the same place for hours now. She always had such a expressive face, today also I can easily read her emotions, as always open like a book.One moment there is fleeting smile than suddenly there is joy than a frown adorns her face that changes to sadness. I know all her emotions are in a turmoil. I had this sudden urge to hug her and comfort her , and not to leave her,my bubbly Sally. Suddenly her facial expression's took a u turn from happy to sad. I wondered what was going through her mind,if only she trusted me as she did when we were together. I did not like the way she has changed emotionally, but I know her heart is still the same . She tries to conceal her feelings , though I can see I do have an effect on her, that's good soon she will be in my arms as I always wanted it to be. I just need to be patient with her. When I carressed her cheeks, she blushed and looked away. I placed my finger under her chin and brought her eyes facing towards me. She looked up shyly , I asked her "do you want me to drop you to your house".I did not want to say home because,her home will be with me. She refused by saying " she better get a cab". I wondered what type of a guy her husband is ,who has wiped away her breathe taking smile. I wanted to escort her, but since she refused , I smilingly coaxed and pleaded to her "please let me book a room where we can spend some time with out all people around us and later on I'll come with you, I'll just drop you at your doorstep and leave". I know she was reluctant initially but she ultimately agreed, I also wanted to see where she stayed." I remembered our old days, but now I am not that old Victor anymore, who only could buy her bus tickets. Now I had built my own business empire and owned cars . I was going to do everything humanly feasible , to see to her comfort and see her smiling face ofagain. That's a promise I made to myself long ago.

Sally's POV Flash Back

After Victor called for the cab. As I looked outside there were few shops that were open ,but since it was afternoon the roads were deserted. We started towards the hotel where he had booked us a room. I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes,my train of thoughts went back to the days after my marriage to Sean. Sean felt it was better if I shifed to Anderson Mills rather than renting a place in Austin closer to my parents. So around August I moved to his parents home. As days passed ,I realised Sean was a very busy man during the week .Though we enjoyed our weekends together. His mom was always complaining that Sean spends less time with them. So I tried coaxing him to spend some time with them, but he said "he was not interested in carrying any interactions with them. I wondered ,why he was so reluctant to spend time with his own parents.Later on I realised his mom was a control freak and was hell bent in trying to control every aspect of our marital life. Since I was jobless ,I was sitting ideal at his parents home. I picked up some house hold chores and cooked food in the afternoon. They always appreciated my culinary skills, but little did I know that all that was only to my face value. Few days into the house hold and I realised that his mom was constantly trying to create rifts between us. She used to keep grumbling about me to my father in law. This used to end up in him shouting at Sean and me. I was really getting tired of all the bickering that was taking place ,I even ignored it as much I possibly could. Alas! one day , as I went to the kitchen, I over heard her complaining to Sean's father "What do you expect me to do, she sits around whole day doing nothing, am I suppose to entertain her". After over hearing their conversation I scurried away towards the living room, where Sean was watching TV. He looked up at me and when he saw tears in my eyes,he pulled me into his arms and asked me the reason. I was in dilemma , weather it was right on my part to narrate the entire episode to Sean .Finally I decided it's better if I confide in him ,it will help me by not festering any negative feelings with in me towards his parents. Sean understood my reasoning and did not blame me ,was enough for me at that moment. I wiped my tears and moved on pretending nothing has happened. As days passed we were constantly faced with different incidents and I did not know ,how was I suppose to handle them . I also soon realised there was a vast cultural differences between Sean's family and my family. I was trying my best to adjust with my new surroundings ,but with my on going pregnancy I was facing difficulty with my physical health. I was intolerant to many food aroma's and felt mostly nauseated due to which I frequently puked .One of the day ,Sean came early from office, he said he had to leave for one weeks training at Houston. I pleaded with him to leave me at my parents place in Austin , since I was missing them. He was okay with it and also booked my train tickets to Austin. I was glad that I would be able to spend some time with my parents. Now we just needed to inform his parents about our plan. In the evening when he returned from office ,I asked his mom if it was okay if I went to Austin. Sean's parents were furious of my trip to Austin was an under statement. As a result we did not inform them about the tickets and I requested Sean to cancel them on priority basis. After this episode , I was really getting tired of their over reactive nature of every decision that we were taking with out their consultation. Sean returned from his training and we were happy in each other's company. Christmas season was fast approaching ,my parents wanted me to spend Christmas with them, they requested my in laws to send me to Austin , which my mother in law turned down stating that since she is married to Sean ,she should spend her first Christmas in Anderson Mills with them. I was a little sad that this Christmas I won't be with my parents, but happy that I would be spending it with Sean,though his family was snobbish .As I was looking forward towards the Christmas day , planning to buy the tree and decorations. My mother in law turned around stating , they don't bring Christmas tree or decorations and they don't celebrate Christmas. Now I was really stumped, this women told my mom that she wanted me to celebrate my first Christmas with them , when actually she had no intentions of doing so. I was pissed was a understatement, and Sean had no say in it. It was like he was a puppet in his parents hands. Ultimately my parents put their foot down and told them ,that since it was my first pregnancy and I was seven months pregnant they wanted to take me to Austin ,as our family doctor in Austin was good. Returning to my parents after staying with my in laws was a bliss, I realised how much I had missed them and how much I had taken their love for granted. I intended to cherish each and every moment here after that I was going to spend with them. My family was well settled but they always had and lived a simple life , listening to Sean's larger than life talks she had all star's in her eyes. She started craving and dreaming of lavish life that Sean had skillfully painted in front of her. I tried to live life according to his whim's and fancies. Little did I know that his and his families expectations from me will keep on increasing day by day and ,and I would be digging my own grave. I tried my best to excel in everything I under took. I was an independent woman , my dad had always encouraged me and he was proud of my achievements till date. Though he did not approve of my late working hours and untimely friends, but I had the liberty to go over and meet them. Once I started staying with his parents I realised beyond the four walls I did not have a life, I started feeling suffocated. I only travelled out with his parents or with Sean. On my own I had hardly ventured out. It was like every one accept me was controlling every aspect of my life.
Even there were times he asked my opinion but he manipulated his word's in such a way that by the end of our talk he would have convinced me that my opinion was not the right thought process. I realised that we both wanted different things from life. Over period of time she had stopped communicating ,tired of listening to his accusations .He always complaint that she was unattentive when he was speaking to her. She was idealing her time. Little did he knew that his intellectual talks bored me to death and my mind used to start wondering to more lighter topics. Intially I was attracted to his calm voice but later realised he used it with everyone to manipulate and get his work done. Some times I also wondered what made me say yes to this union. Probably my parents were hell bent on seeing me married specially my mom. Though my dad was not convinced if the guy was good enough for me and would look out for my happiness. I did not want to dwell on Sean's and my relationship. Today's encounter with Victor took me to my school day's and child hood friend , in whom I confided everything, he made me laugh, he always said "Sally never stop laughing and smiling, I love your smile and love to hear your laughter " he was being coquetry with me. We always went together after school chatting and happy in each other's company. I knew he liked me , he always told me that I was his sunshine on a cloudy day and we looked good together .I felt he was just being good to me and didn't give it much a thought. I never envisaged that he had developed feelings for her. In eight years of their friendship Victor always gave her preference over his other friends. I loved all the attention he showered on me. He pampered me with chocolate's .Many of my class mates had teased us about our friendship, but I gave a damn to all their teasing and for me they were just wagging tongues. I was happy and he was my very close comfort friend, than one day he accidentally confessed his feelings , I was unable to respond that time. I was not sure of my feelings for him and did want to hurt him ,that moment I only knew I wanted to keep living in this bubble of friendship.

Victor's POV

Once inside the cab I was unable to resist the urge of placing my lips on hers . I lightly touched her lips with mine and started sucking on them, that brought her back from her haze of past to present. She used all her strength to push me away. I was too strong for her, my body encampassing her and I was able to keep her firmly in place. What wouldn't she give for him to look away from her, Sally thought . My eyes stayed trained on her face watching every fleeting emotions passing through her. I wanted answers ,where had she been for past 10 years and what had happened for her to disappeared suddenly from my life and whose ring she was wearing. I knew she will open up to me in time. I knew I was making her uncomfortable and she was not enjoying my attention at present. She stopped struggling in my grip when she saw the anguish and anger on my face and realised she was the reason for it. I wrapped my other hand around her to pull her closer. Now our bodies were pressed closer to each other. Victor was irritated and desperate. She looked at him , what now ,do you love him ? Sally did not know whom was he was referring to. She did not know how to react, as she realised Victor was crossing a line. She tried to move out of his embrace. Sally ,I want to know if you love him. "He doesn't deserve your love", desperation laced my voice as I studied her face. "You don't know him to say that " she chastised me.

Sally's POV

Days and months had passed by, I always wondered what I would say to him in a by chance encounter. Today finally the day had come and I was dumbfounded. I had no explanation only regret for the way I had ran away from him. I knew that there was no easy way out of it. Victor was unstoppable and demanded answers and I owned atleast that to him. I slowly raised my eyes to meet his and pleaded to him to listen, his tight grip was now hurting me. He slowly came back to his senses and lossened his hold on me and moved towards the window creating some space between us. I looked outside the cab window, I wanted to know how close we were to our destination, it had started drizzling outside. Suddenly the cab came to a halt outside a beautiful ambience, he took hold of my hand and asked me," if I was okay ". I nodded my head in affirmation , and he quickly came to my side of the cab to open the door, he is a through gentleman. He lightly placed his hand on my back and beckoned me to come out of the cab. I glanced up at him , getting lost in those coffee coloured orbs. He extented his other hand towards me to take. She placed her hand in his causing a feeling of euphoria couring through his entire body. She still trusted him. He looked at me with a question mark on his face and securely holding my hand we ran towards the lobby of the hotel ,as suddenly the drizzle had turned into a heavy downpour. He pulled me towards the reception area, he was not going to let me get away. There was a beautiful receptionist greeting the up coming guests. He approached her and asked if there were any room vacant that were available for occupancy. The receptionist eyes travelled from him to me and with a smile on her friendly face. She asked "whose name do you want the room to be booked in " , before I could answer he replied Mr and Mrs Victor Riley . She handed him the key to room number 506. He picked up the key and moved towards the lift still holding her hand. He pressed the lifts button and waited for the lift to arrive tapping his feet. As soon as the lift arrived he pulled me inside the lift with him. We were the only occupants in it. He lightly traced round circles in the inner side of her knuckles while holding her hand, not believing that she was actually with him and trying to calm himself and could see the effect it was having on her. As soon as the lift stopped ,he took her to the room and closed the door behind them. Now he had her all for himself. She slowly withdrew her hand from his and sat on the bed. He slowly approached her and kneeled down taking both her hands in his. He looked into her eyes, he knew she loved him ,but he also knew she was always running away from commitments. She hated to be tied down, but he was not able to understand the ring , when did she get married and why not to him , they always had such good chemistry between them. Tilting her chin towards him, "Tell me please" he said. She was distraught but new she needed to tell him everything from the day it started. Right after her graduation mom was not keeping mentally sane. She asked him "Do you remember the day you came looking for me to congratulate me on completion of my graduation ". He nodded his head ,mom told Dad, Ness and me to leave our home in her fit of anger.When you turned up at our place looking out for me ,she had asked you to go to San Marcos and look out for us. We should have realised then that her mental health was deteriorating, but we were too preoccupied with our own lives to notice it. She was having a nervous break down due to the financial and family pressures that we were facing. She did not want to share all those troubles with us or felt that it will burden us. Due to stress day by day her behaviour was changing and she was becoming very volatile. She was going through extreme mood swings. One moment she was the loving and caring mom that we were accustomed too and the next moment she had lost all her sanity and bearing.She used to be all worked up, angry using profanities. So dad had to take instant decision of moving to our old house in Austin. There Dad had friends who could be able to help us to get proper treatment for her. The day we arrived in Austin,one of dads friend who had good connections with the medical fraternity took him to a psychiatrist ,so that he can help us with mom's treatment. The psychiatrist told him to bring her to the clinic, so he can meet her and also start her treatment. When they returned home after consultation,dad slowly opened the door by turning the key, since he had locked her inside our home. They saw mom was wearing her bridal dress and sitting in front of statue of Jesus , she had lit quite a number of candles and was chanting hymns and reciting versus from bible while tapping her feet. Dad softly called out her name "Shiren" ,while slowly encroaching towards her ,she turned around in her chair and looked at dad with a mesmerizing smile .She got up and went to the cupboard removed all her jewelry and placed it in front of the statue and than kept it in dad's hand and told him to donate it to a orphanage. Dad was speechless ,he did not know what he should do ,so only thing he did was he hugged her and she started crying. He carried her towards the bed and made her lie down on it and he covered her with the quilt, since she looked very exhausted and there were dark circles below her eyes due to lack of sleep. First time I saw,how sad my dad looked. He himself was suffering . God knows when last time he must have slept peacefully. He lied down next to mom patting her lightly as she slept. They loved each other so much ,it brought tears to my eyes. As Sally was recollecting the past ,she was lost in the past and her eyes were filled with tears. Victor had never seen her so broken, she was the strongest person he knew. He pulled her into his arms ,she rested her head on his chest and continued her narration. Mom's treatment started ,day by day we noticed lots of improvement in her behaviour, she was getting better. Meantime I started looking up for vacancies in newspaper columns. Breda, one of my childhood friend called and informed me that they had an opening in her present company , in IT department . I hardly knew any thing related to computers to even start with it. When she came over to meet me on the weekend I told her,"I don't think they will take me", she just raised her eye brow 'are you kidding sort off', and told me to give it a shot. If it doesn't work,she said we can keep looking for new job openings. She hugged me and told me to just be positive, before she left. Next day before , I reached the office Premises of JJ enterprise ,I was totally freaking out. There was a security guard at the entrance. He asked me my name and told me to wait in the reception area . A woman with doe eyes , blond hair and hour glass figure came walking towards me. She asked me to hand over my resume. She than went inside the cabin ,I crossed my right leg over the left one, glancing at the clock , which told me I have been sitting here for half an hour. I was anxiously waiting for my turn to enter the company CEO's office. After some time the cabin door opened and they called my name Sally Reeds . I hastily got up from my seat moved towards the cabin door. Inside a guy in his mid thirties was sitting behind the desk. He was accompanied by his wife Selena Jose. They were a very lovely couple. They asked me few questions to understand, how much was my knowledge regarding the IT field. I think , they must have realised after asking few questions that I am novice to the field, but they loved my spontaneity and enthusiasm and took me on board. They said they will train me, I was thrilled and happy , my happiness new no bounds and I was over the moon. Finally I won't be dependent candidate of the family and my dad won't be the sole bread winner for us. Though my salary in the start was not going to be much,but I will be contributing. I reached home with a broad smile, when I told mom she had a look if ecstasy on her face. She hugged me and was very happy. We had a nice mutton roast for dinner to celebrate . Ness was still in college ,in his 2nd year so when he called I told him about my new job. I missed him dearly.

Next day I got up early, packed my tiffin for the day and caught 7.30 am bus to JJ.Enterprise. Yesterday's security guard was present at the entrance and instantly recognised me. He smiled at me wished me good morning as I entered the reception area. My training session started from that day ,I joined as trainee executive . I was learning new programming languages. It was fun , I enjoyed the session ,there were few more newly joined employees who attended the training with me. We got a lunch break and we started towards the cafeteria. Rene, Jojeen , Shia and myself sat comfortably on the bench placed in the cafeteria. Renee and I opened our tiffin's , Jojeen and Shia ordered sandwich and coffee from the cafeteria. I was happy with life. Than one day my parents met Sean in some family function. They invited him over for lunch at our place over the weekend. Just than there was a knock on the hotel room's door, I looked up at Victor wondering who could be knocking on the door. Victor smiled at me "it's propably our lunch , while at the reception counter I had placed the order" . I moved out of Victor's embrace ," let me get the door you relax okay he said benevolently, with a depricating shrug he moved towards the door. I leaned on the head board of the bed, while Victor placed a kiss on my forehead and turned towards the door. I realised, I was unconsciously checking him out. He looked like enigma. She let her eyes wander on his back muscles moving towards his lean torso, bringing back to his lips and his straight nose moving towards his eyes that were already looking at her. She turned around,a blush crept up her cheeks . Victor gave her triumphant smile before turning towards the person standing at the door." He came back carrying a tray full of all my favourite food items, fish curry and fish fry and for desert he had ordered milk creamy pudding with fresh fruits and ice cream. The aroma of the food was just divine , it aroused my hunger. I was astounded that he still remembered my food preferences and how thoughtful of him to order it."Sally you might be hungry, did you eat anything today", Victor inquired. "No, I was in hurry while moving out of my house in the morning , but now looking at all the items on the tray, I am feeling hungry",I replied. "Sit and eat Sally it is literally noon ,I am famished we need to eat before I feast on anything other than food ,Victor said. "It's noon " I shouted. " I started hyperventilating and went into a panic mode,"I can't stay here , I need to go home,"I said in an agitated voice. Victor placed his hands on my shoulder "please calm down Sally",he beckoned me to sit. Breath with me ,take a slowly deep breath and now slowly Breth out. Okay," I got you girl". "Why", I was not letting myself back down. I could not spend whole day in this room with Victor. "Okay, after we finish eating you can go back, but with a promise that we will meet again Sally". You have still not told me everything. "Victor, I can't keep meeting you." This will create a situation we both may not be able to handle. You have to learn to move on with out me . If we keep meeting it will only increase your heart pain. " Surely there will lots of other things you have to do, rather than wasting time by spending it with me. " Spending time with you is never a wastage ,Sally.", Victor replied. " I have always enjoyed being with you ,don't tell me I need to specify that to you, after all these years." That brought a smile to my face.

Victor's POV

A sense of euphoria passed through my heart to see her smile after all these years and I am the reason for her it. I felt hurt when she said ,she has to return to her house. "So, let's finish lunch first I am famished .I said " We can always meet as old friends dear" , I felt her relax after I uttered those words. It took every thing in me to not just scoop her into my arms and make her sit on my lap. I had already asked my secretary to cancel all my today's meetings and free my calendar . Once she had relaxed, we quietly started eating our lunch. She relished all her favourite fish dishes that I had ordered.She took a bite of fried fish with curry and rice, her eyelids shutdown on their own as she savoured the flavour of the dish. She kept stealing glances at me , knowing that I had caught her a few times. She went to pick the water bottle to pour water into our glasses. I asked her to hand over me a glass of water. When she was handing me the water our hands brushed each others. Her touch caused shudder to run through my body. After her disappearance, I was angry and frustrated,so I dated many girls, to get her out of my system, but no one had made me feel the way she was making me feel by her mere touch. I knew that I was always obsessively attracted to her.When her eyes locked with me, didn't she notice loneliness and pain in my eyes ,I wondered. Didn't she have questions for me, like did I have a girl friend, was I married. When I glanced at her,I realised that she is staring at me and hastily looked away ,and finished the last morsel left on her plate. When she looked up,he was grinning at her. Enjoyed your lunch angel. She gave him a heart warming smile. She playfully showed her tongue to him, and both of them started laughing. It was again like old times. He reminisced, do you remember the first time I came to meet you , she started giggling ,off course how can I forget, you don't drink milk, but since I offered you and you were visiting my place for the first time you drank the entire glass. Next day you told me ,how you hate drinking milk. By now both of them were laughing and rolling on the bed. One after another they were going through all the funny encounters. Oh God ! It feels so good , we should keep meeting Sally, you are good for me. I have not laughed as much as I did today. She responded " me too" . It was very liberating. She was not feeling guilty anymore. Some where she had started relaxing in his company, that was what Victor wanted. Some how seeing her so relaxed, soothed the storm raging inside him. Loud ring tone of his phone broke their bubble. I wanted to ignore the call, and continue enjoying our time together, but she insisted that it might be important.So I picked up the call, without looking at the caller ID. My tone changed to authoritative the moment,I started speaking with the caller. I could feel Sally's body stiffened next to me on hearing the change in my voice. She had confusion marked all over her face, wondering if it was some business associate I was speaking to. I gave her a reassuring smile and moved outside the room to speak. The caller on the other end was my PI ,whom I had asked to collect all information on Sally's husband. He said he was a partner in some advertising firm. I told him to collect all information that he could get his hands on of the guy . I wanted to be one step ahead of him, if I wanted my Sally back into my arms again. I wanted to see who was the creep who had wiped out her smile ,as if it never existed. I realised that she was a victim of emotional abuse. I was so enraged that I wanted to strangle the bastard with my bare hands. I called my secretary to set up a meeting with Sean's firm ,as we needed to float some new advertisements for our new product campaign. He cut short the call and returned to Sally ,who was anxiously waiting while twisting her fingers nervously. She looked up at him approaching her and asked him if they could leave. I nodded my head in affirmation, knowing that I had nothing to stop her now. So I called my driver , who said he will be there in about fifteen minutes. I asked her if she was up for a cup of tea, before the car arrived. I ordered one cup of tea, which we shared between us and by the time we finished drinking it, the intercom in the room started buzzing. I picked up the receiver, it was the receptionist ,she had called to apprise me that my chauffeur had arrived and waiting in the parking area. When he placed back the reciever, she saw her gaze locked on him expectantly. He was seething from inside, that she wanted to go back to her husband, when she could have spent time with him. But he schooled his features, he did not want her to notice any change in his demeanor due to it. She was already nervous when they had met, she was just now starting loosening up in his presence once again, and he did not want to lose that little milage he had gained in these few hours, due to his impatience. "Well , let's go the car it is waiting for us downstairs ", he said giving her a coquettish grin. She started smiling shaking her head as she got up and started walking towards the door. Victor could not help himself, he wanted to feel her touch again, so as they were walking towards the door, he entwined their free hand, surprising his pretty angel. She looked at their hands and then at him, he gave his beautiful smile, saying "I just couldn't resist myself". " She just smiled " Its all good " she said. They came down by the lift to the parking area, the chauffeur opened the door, he moved in. She looked up at him , unsure what to do , he pulled her inside the car ,as he was still holding her hand. The chauffeur closed the door and got in the driver's seat. "This is Derek and Derek meet Sally " Victor introduced us. She gave a shy smile to Derek. "So where do you want me to take you Sir" Derek asked. "What is the address Sally", she hesitated slightly and replied " lane no. 12 Allandale ". On hearing her address, I was genuinely pleased with myself. as I was staying in the same neighborhood, just few lanes ahead of her's. Once the car started moving ,She moved towards the window , looking outside and taking in the view. I wanted to circle my hand around her waist and pull her closer to me, but I knew she was not ready and did want her to for the hill. She rested her forehead on the glass window. I would have loved it if she had rested it on my chest with my arms around her.

Sally's POV Flash back

As I rested my head on the car glass ,my thoughts went back to the day Sean was invited for lunch by my parents. I hardly knew much Cooking, so my mom cooked delicious mouth watering lunch. Sean was on his best behavior, saying all the right things, he complimented my mom for putting such lovely dishes. My parents were very happy, that they saw second son in Sean ,who did not behave at all like a son-in-law. He was so accomodative during his visit's to my home as if he was part of our house hold. The wedding arrangements were made, there were few squabbles between the both our parents with reference to the arrangements and payments. At one point my dad was so frustrated with the constant changes in the previous laid plans, that he was at the end of his stoicism and settling towards calling off the wedding. But Sean, smartly intervened and pacified my parents and confirmed no other changes will be suggested from their end as it was creating hassles,
who later on after much persuasion agreed. Thought my dad was still not convinced and comfortable with this union. Ultimately after going bach and forth it was decided that there will be two Reception functions held, after the wedding registration gets over in first half in Austin. The first reception function was in the second half after the registration process in Austin and on 2nd day in Anderson Mills. Every one got to work, our parents made all the required arrangements. The banquet venue was booked the guest list was made, the reception food menu was decided, wedding invitation were sent. Things were really moving very fast for us, one moment we were getting to know one another and in just few months from now our wedding date was fixed. Finally the Wedding day arrived, as planned both the reception functions went well, with few features ruffled here and there ,but otherwise every one was enjoying . After our reception in Austin we left for Anderson Mills with out meeting Ness, my parents were in tears , I was smiling, as i knew in few days I would be back in Austin ,so it was not going to be a major change for me as of now. You can say my head was in the clouds, Ness was very pissed with me , as he felt it was insensitive of me to just leave for Anderson Mills with out saying goodbye to him. Little did he know that non of the decision were in my hands and I was just moving with the flow. We reached Anderson Mills some where early hours of the morning, there were few hours before the break of dawn. We were so tired and exhausted that we just dumped our luggage in their living room, hastily fished out our night ware, so that we were in comfortable clothing's before going to our bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, sleep invaded both of us, as I did not know how the physical part of our relationship should proceed. So I was was in antipation that Sean might know how to move in that sector,as my knowledge was limited to the first night after wedding parts watched in movies. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty much excited but since I was novice in this field, till date I had dated many guys who were interested, but I never had the balls to initiate physical intimacy. Accept with Victor, as we were good friends and it did not go beyond certain limits. If there were instances when someone did take a lead I totally backed off, making some kind of excuse and I would let the person know that I am not interested. l was acutely aware that Sean and me were going to share a bed for the very first time. There was palpable physical tension between us. I was pretty bold ,so I asked him "what we were going to do". He said, "we take it slow and try only those things that we are comfortable with. " It was nothing like a romantic gesture, it was more of practical kind, where two consenting adults were going to be in a very close physical proximity. We together were going explore the physical nature of our relationship together. Once we over came our intial inhibition on intimacy, every thing pretty much moved smoothly and we were comfortable with each other. Next morning we got up literally around noon, we had a light snack, a beautician was coming over to do my make up. I already had my costume ready for the evening function. Suddenly the car came to a halt. I realised Victor was lightly shaking my shoulder, I turned towards him , he squeezed my hand and said " we have reached your house Sally. I stepped out of the car. The cold winter breeze had her shivering in her thin top . Victor removed his jacket to place it on her shoulder, in the process they came so close that their lips were just a breath away from each other. She turned around and shrugged the jacket removing it from her shoulder and placing it in Victor's hand, as she had to climb the steps to enter her house. She looked up and she felt lost in those coffee coloured eyes. Victor placed a kiss on the inner side of her knuckle. "Bye for now angel, we are not finished yet,so we will meet again" saying this he turned back to the car. Sally just kept staring as the car moved away from her sight.

Sean's POV

When I reached home, the front door locked. He unlocked the door and got inside ,still glued to the phone in his hand. He was speaking to different people, discussing about the new product that their company had built . Today only his marketing assistant had got in touch with him, informing him that there was party who was interested in their product and also they were thinking of giving them some advertising work. His marketing assistant Steffi had informed him ,that the person who wanted them to do their advertising campaigns was top notch company in business circles. Sean wanted Sally to work for his company , rather than working at home on projects that she enjoyed. He did not like Sally's interest in cooking and other activities that did not generate income. He felt Sally's kind of interest will not enable them to have a lavish life style that he had in his mind. Sally remembered , that Sean was just a project manager when they had got married. Few years into their marriage, he had suffered few set backs on the professional front, which they were able to over come because of the support extended by her family members. Later on he had managed to get a steady job and had grown professionally. No doubt he had come a long way, intial years of his success ,he was good to her but as he reached his pinnacle and his parents pressurized him for more money, he started distancing himself from her. Initially they had enjoyed a good social life , but now he did show signs of discomfort ,if anyone turned in unannounced on their doorstep. First she did not understand, but than he started by saying all his friends wife were earning well. She started feeling that her education did not meet his expectations. He started letting loose all his frustrations on her. She started feeling like she was an untold burden on him. He regretted being married to her, how he wished,he could go back in time and correct his mistake. They say actions speak louder than words. Through his actions he tried to potrait that a girl like her did not deserve a guy like him. He started pointing flaws in her looks. He did not like when she dressed up. In past three years he had hardly taken her out on a date, where they have enjoyed each others company. He had many female colleague's and co-worker who worked under him. They all were independent, confident and with high social skills. She felt out of place in his social circles and did not enjoy being a part of all these social gatherings they made her highly uncomfortable. He wondered where she had gone, as she always informed him ,if she was going anywhere. Suddenly he started enjoying keeping tabs on her activities, whether inside or outside the house. He was muttering under his breath when the door knob turned and Sally entered. When he saw her a frown creased his forehead showing his displeasure. He kept speaking on his phone with some business associate with a smile on his face totally disregarding her. She hurried towards their room to change her clothes, so she could than start dinner preparation. By now she had got used to his behaviour, so without further interaction she entered the kitchen.

Victor's POV

After leaving Sally on her door step, I asked Derek to take me back to office. I wanted to speak to the PI ,I had already asked him to information on Sean Andrew's. I asked my secretary to get me the business details of all our products that require campaigning. I started working on them as I wanted to go through all the documents that I was going to share with Sean Andrews. By the time he had finished it was dark outside. He closed the file ,and asked Derek to pick him up. He moved into the car ,as he rested his head on the back rest of the seat. His thoughts went to Sally. He could see that feeling of loneliness was eating her from inside. Sean had isolated her from all her friends and family. She had no one to turn to in her low time. There were her people , but she had lost touch with them. She kept to herself but sometimes she yearned to have someone. Victor could see the lost look in her eyes. Victor had already made a resolution to himself,he was going to be her rock, no matter what. He wanted to drive away the dark clouds of loneliness from her life. He wanted to fill it with all his love a his love and more. She had been ruling his head and heart all these years. She was petite, but filled in all the right places. How he wanted to be the one who could fill her days with ecstasy. Her touch educed a spark that travelled through out his body. He knew no matter what, how many Sean's he had to fight, he was going to walk till the end of earth for her. When he had seen the ring his heart had suffered a blow. When she said she is married, the pain intensified in his heart, but after spending time with her, he realised Sean had emotionally abused her. He than knew in his heart, that Sean did not deserve her. She deserved someone who could spend their entire life worshipping and loving her. It looked like Sean treated her more like a commodity that should be used at his convenience, and that did not sit well with Victor. Once in his bed Victor kept, tossing and turning, sleep evaded him, his mind was filled with thoughts of Sally, her voice, her smile, her touch. His member was twitching in his sweat pants. Even now after so many years she still effected him so much ,she had matured in so many ways,not only her body but also her looks and behaviour. She looked more beautiful. Her beauty enthralled him ,no other female had that kind of hold on him. He thought of taking a cold shower ,just to calm down his bursting harmones . Next day morning he got up early with a headache. He popped a advil in his mouth before ordering breakfast. Once he reached office , his secretary informed him Sean was waiting for him. He wanted to make the guy stew, for sometime, so he told her to send him in to his cabin after half an hour.
Sean’s POV
Sean got up from his chair and reached the secretary desk in two long strides. Victor Riley secretary was typing on her lap top. She lifted her gaze to Sean asking courteously “ How may I help you,Sir”. Please could check if Mr. Riley is available, I have been waiting for past half an hour. Sure Sir, give me a minute. She buzzes Mr. Riley , “ Hello Sir, Please may I send Mr . Andrew’s “. She gets a reply from the other side of the receiver, “Send him after fifteen minutes.” By now Sean’s anxiety has increased three folds, he desperately required this campaign, it would improve his company image and also enhance his professional standing. He went back to his seat and patiently waited for Mr. Riley to call him. After some time had passed he was ushered into Mr. Riley’s office. Good Morning Sir, Sean’s started with a fake smile on his face.Victor smirked at his desperation to please him. Please sit down Mr. Andrew’s, before we start with meeting, I would like to point out few things. First af all this is a very important launch for us, so it needs to be handled discreetly as we want to surprise all our competitors. Secondly I would want you to spend enough time with my team to understand the product . Sean was taking notes so that he could put them in the minutes of the meeting. Also we want you deliver on the time lines specified in the contract that we will be signing with your company. Once Mr. Riley said those words, a sigh of relief left from Sean’s lips. Sean shook hands with Mr. Riley before leaving his office. He was in a very good mood. He shot off from his seat and walked out of the cabin door. Victor was going to show Sean what it is working for him. He was going to keep him so busy that he was not going have much free time.

Victor’s POV

After signing the contract with Sean, Victor’s thought’s went to Sally. Now he was going to have enough time to spend with Sally, while Sean is going to be quite busy with the assignment. Victor had no idea that this was going to have an adverse effect on Sally. That Sean will be removing all his frustrations related to his job on Sally. Next day Sean visited him in his office ,he wanted Victor to come over for dinner, so he could push his agenda of costing in front of him. He said “ My wife cooks really well , you will fall in love with all the cuisine’s that she prepares.” Little did Sean know , Victor’’s heart has been already taken by her. Since Victor would be able to spend time with Sally, Sean’s invitation was quite alluring for him. He hadn’t seen her yesterday whole day, and he was already missing her. At present every fiber in his body was craving for her presence. “That would be really nice Sean, home cooked food always raises my appetite. Thank you Sean , what time would you want me to be there ?” Victor said with out missing a beat. Sean’s face light up with a smile and he moved out of Victor’s office excitedly. He called up Sally and informed her that , tomorrow he had invited CEO of Riley Enterprises to their abode for dinner .He wanted her to use all her culinary skills ,as he very much wanted to make a good impression on Victor.
He will be there by 8 o’clock in the evening, so see that you are prepared, saying this he ended his call to her.

Victor’s POV

A happy grin adorned Victor’s face, after Sean left his cabin. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, reliving the moments spend with her. Waiting for tomorrow, was going to be a torturous task. That reminded him, that tomorrow he formally needed to ask her phone number . Though it was already mentioned in the file submitted by his PI. He did not want to look like a stalker.

Sally’s POV

When Sean informed her that he had invited Riley’s Enterprises CEO for dinner, as it was Sunday and he was available and was looking forward to spend time with them. Sally was confused and wondered who Sean had invited for dinner ,she wanted to ask him what type of cuisine he wanted her to prepare,if the person had any food preferences. She thought about asking him today in the evening, when he returned from work. Sean did not like her cooking skills, so he mocked her “ I think you should be able to figure out it on your own,as you are only good at it.” His remark did hurt Sally very much, she remembered she was not at all good at at cooking, but she had put in lot of effort of behest of Sean. Over a period of time she had learnt to cook all his favourite dishes. She had also changed her life style according to Sean, but it was never enough. Previously they used to go for drive’s, as he always said he enjoyed it. Lately he made her feel it was additional burden to his already existing list of things he needs to take care of. Sally did not know how to behave around him. If she asked for something, it was potrayed as if she is very demanding. If she did not ask, he used to say “only if you ask I will know what you want.” In past three years their relationship had undergone a massive change. She always found herself on the wrong end of the stick. What she would give to change the circumstances, but in her heart she already knew that she was fighting for a lost cause. Keeping her worries aside , she focused on planning for tomorrow’s dinner. She knew for certain that Sean must have invited him as it must be really important, as in past three years Sean had refrained from inviting anyone to their house, unless it was business related. He preferred meeting his friends outside his home. He also did not like if she interacted with the neighbours. He wanted her to use all her talent and skills in building his business. Thought most of the days,he did not appreciate any of them and made it very clear from time to time. Sally thought of keeping it simple and decided to prepare a sizzler dish , that she had watched on the television. She checked if she had all the required ingredients to prepare the dish. Fortunately she had all of them, so that saved her from making a trip to the store. She than started by cleaning the living room and making it more presentable. Than she turned her attention towards the kitchen. She marinated the chicken, she boiled the veggies and cooked all the items that she was going to place on the sizzler dish. She also put together a fruit desert. Once all the items were ready, she placed them on the kitchen counter covered them with a foil paper. It was already 7 in the evening,she made her way towards their bedroom. She had time for a shower and to dress up for the evening. She picked up a sobber outfit ,as these days Sean did not like her dressing up much. He preferred she maintain a simple outlook. Once dressed ,she anxiously waited for their arrival in the living area. Her heart was hammering in her rib cage , praying that every thing goes as planned. The door bell rang ,and she swiftly moved towards the door to open it. When she opened the door,her gaze met Victor’s who was standing behind Sean with a smile on his face. She was shocked to see him on her door step she retracted her step. Her heart beat increased and there were beads of sweat that started covering her forehead. She was all flustered.But Sean caught her hand frowning at her ,he put up a sweet smile on his face for Victor’s benefit.
“Dear instead of just standing and staring at us ,are you not going to invite us in.”
She faked a smile with out making any eye contact with Victor and invited them inside. “Please come inside”,before she scurried towards the kitchen to get water. As see returned with glasses of water,she saw Sean was talking on the phone ,and had moved towards the living room window. She turned towards Victor, who had a curious look on his face.” Do you remember the first time we met”, Victor asked looking towards her, completely ignoring her baffled look. “Yes I do ,why are you asking?”she replied a little confused. “ Nothing ,it’s just that I am having similar kind of feeling now”. “I am unable to understand”, she quizzically replied.
They way we are now, very similar circumstances. She still was not able to get what he wanted to say. He than tried to elaborate further, “ We were perfect strangers but we shared the same chemistry between us, we were so comfortable and enjoying each other’s company, as if we knew each other our whole life and it just as we are now accept for the stranger standing near the window.” Though she agreed with him, she did not know what to say and just smiled at him and he grinned at her mischievously. We converse easily and there is always some kind of banter going on between us which we both immensely enjoy. She realised that though she has not been able to voice out her feelings the way he had , but that was precisely how they were around each other.” I never said any of this to you”. “Actions speak louder than words Sally,” his eyes smiled at her with a knowing look. She straightened her self after handing over the glass. Victor turned away from the window and sat on the chair opposite to Victor. Sally immediately hurried towards the kitchen. Victor did not like it a bit, that she was so timid around Sean. He missed her enthusiastic , happy demeanor. Because of the way Sean treated her , with self perseverance Sally had started doing two things, first she kept her self busy with work and second she had built a impenetrable wall around her heart. But after meeting Victor ,her feelings had rekindled and she felt that she wanted to “ live a little”. She returned carrying some fish cutlets and soft drinks. As she placed the food and beverages tray on the the centre table . Sean spoke with fake excitement “Meet my wife Sally, she is an excellent cook”. “ Hello Sally ! it is nice meeting you and thank you for having me over for dinner.” Sally gave fleeting smile to him while she extended the plate holding the cutlets towards him. Sean was excitedly speaking to Victor as he wanted to please him ,whereas Victor looked like he was in a trance. He picked the cutlet on to take a bite and Sean spoke” try it Sir, you will be licking your fingers they are so tasty.” Sally felt shy because Sean complimented in front of Victor, who was still staring at her, a blush tinted her cheek. Sean praising her for cooking skills was like déjà vu ,for her as he always taunted her, that his mom was accomplished in many ways and had acquired many skills whereas Sally only was good at cooking. Sean’s mom was Sally’s yard stick of measuring her accomplishment. Sally knew in her heart that what ever she did Sean was always going to look down on her. She had turned to return to her safe heaven kitchen. When Victor’s voice stopped her ,” sit with us Sally" she hesitantly sat across him. She smiled at him, but didn’t know what conversation to start. Victor asked “ So did you cook all these dishes” she nodded her head in affirmation. “Wow , quite an effort and all my favourite dishes”, she was abashed by his praise. Sean interjected in between sarcastically, “she just enjoys cooking”. Sally did not allow Sean’s remark phase her out. As Victor’s gaze were on her while he was speaking with Sean, but Sally was in her own world, oblivious to her surroundings. She recollected the happy times she had spent with Sean, when they had moved to their own accomodation in Anderson Mills . Things changed after her mother expired. She was quite distraught ,but was able to come out of it ,as time passed. Sean got an opportunity to move to Austin and just in few years , they bought a house in Austin. Sean started his own company, life was looking good, she also started working. Few months down Sean got an opportunity to travel to UK for business. After some time she also joined him in UK. They were very happy. Suddenly the business in UK was not doing well and they had debts to repay,so she returned to Austin and Sean stayed back. His parents visited her when Sean was in UK. Sean’s mom and dad did not get along, they had lots of differences between them selves, his mom was surprised that Sean and me get along so well , she also praised us on our fine tuning to each other. She was always at loggerheads with my father in law, and the days they stayed with us,there was constant bickering among themselves. I intervened and pacified them on so many occasions so that things don’t escalate. They returned to Anderson Mills and after that Sean returned to Austin. That was the starting point when things started stirring in a different direction between us. Suddenly Sean who enjoyed her cooking, started finding faults in it. His sarcastic remarks started having impact on her. Their marital life was in discord. She tried her best to appease him , but some how she was always falling short of his expectations. Their easy communication with each other had diminished. It was like every thing was changing and see felt lost and some how the sexual chemistry between them had also under gone a major change. At present it looked that their marriage was nothing but convenience. Victor was observing all her fleeting expression,as she was lost in her thoughts. Sean loudly cleared his throat, that brought her back to the present.” Sally , I think you should set the table for dinner.” He looked at Victor expectantly, who was benevolently staring at Sally. “Sure, that would be great”.
Sally , moved towards the dinning area . Though he was speaking with Sean ,he kept stealing glances towards Sally. Sally brought two plates and started serving them ,when Victor asked “ I don’t see your plate, aren’t you eating with us”. Sean replied “ Off course she will be joining us, get your plate Sally ”.She returned from the kitchen with a plate and served herself before taking a seat opposite to Sean. She gave a nervous smile as she joined them for dinner , where as Victor was looking at her with a gleam in his eye and grin on his face.
When Victor returned from Sean’s place, he felt content spending time and eating home cooked food by the hands of the person you loved. He was really jealous of Sean , he envisioned Sally waiting for him at home on his return with food cooked by her loving hand’s. Her soft hands feeding him ,and as he took a bite he licked her fingers one by one. The mere though sent sparks through his entire frame. And his member standing at attention, he knew he needed to do something for its release, a cold shower it was for him , while Sally’s thought’s filled his mind. Tomorrow he was going take a detour before moving to his office , he had planned to spend time with Sally, but he was wondering what should he say to her. He scratched the back of his head, but was not able to come up with anything for now. He thought he would think of something on the spur of the moment. All these thought’s playing in his mind, he lied down on his bed savourying the moments spent with Sally, with comforting feelings settling in his heart he closed his eyes. Next morning he got up early with a twinkle in his eye and grin on his face. He was again feeling like a school boy, looking ahead to spend time with her. He got ready in Nick of time, and started off to Sally’s place, When he reached ,he saw Sean had just made a move out if their drive way. He waited for few minutes, before he parked the car next to Sean’s house. He knocked at the door. He heard approaching foot steps from the other side of the door. His heart beat had accelerated. Sally’s angelic face came into view as soon as the door was ajar. His face softened with affection on seeing her.Victor had never longed for someone as much as he had longed for her. He could see her looking trepidly, as her eyes wandered around, to see if any one looking in their way . In an exasperated tone She asked him,“What are you doing here Victor”. He exuberantly replied, “ I came to meet you, are you not going to invite me inside”.
He had never waited on someone, or reached places uninvited or given the time of day to any person with out permission . He had painstakingly kept to the grid so he could built a successful empire. Most of his co-workers envyed him, his employees though respected him knew that he was ruthless . Many female’s desired to be seen by his side, but non had been able to the stoke the flames of passion in him such as her soft touch ,her bashful smile. Now look at him ,he was waiting on Sally’s door step, his love for her was making him do things that he thought were beneath him after reaching the heights of success. When she had opened the door, how he wanted to pull her into his arms, withholding his urge he strode past her brushing her lightly. She gasped and turned around closing the door. He sat on the living room coach with a non chalantly smile and a smug look. Sally was stunt and was just standing there looking at him. “ Are you just going to keep gawking at me.” “Victor why have you come”. “ Oh ! Sally, why are you so uptight, just relax. I am here because you still have not apprised me with all that you went through after your disappearance. So I thought might as well make time with out any further delay, so here I am to catch up .You can prepare two glasses of juices and we can continue”. Sally scurried towards the kitchen and brought two glasses of apple juice. His sudden appearance was making her nervous and her hands were shaking when she offered him the glass. His presence was effecting her but not the way he had predicted. He pm placed his hand over hers , when she was handling him the juice”. “ Please sit down”, he wanted to ease her anxiety and comfort her. He knew his unexpected visit had unnerved her. So he pulled her into his arms, which she tried to resist but gave in, as it felt so good , his one had caressing her arm up and down motion.It had been a long time since someone had cared enough to hug her, she felt safe and treasured. Her thought’s inadvertently went to Sean, as realisation dawned on her, that there was hardly any warmth left between them. She had become vary of his touch, as his expression showed that he abhor her touch. He allowed her in close proximities only when he had some persuasive manipulative agenda for his own prerequisite needs.

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