Adopted by the Winchesters


my name is chloe my parents died when i was four. they died in a fire. i was lonely and thought it would be fun to knock on the door of the bunker set that was used in supernatural. what happened i didnt expect........ read to find out.

Adventure / Humor
Cole Johnson
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my name is chloe my parents died when i was four. they died in a fire. i’m sitting on the curb talking to an online friend. i type:

″i live near the bunker set. should i knock on the door for fun?″ my online friends dont know i’m homeless

she responded with ″ WAIT WHAT?!?!?!″ which confused me.

i replied with ″i live near the bunker set″ ″should i knock on the door?″

the conversation went on for a while and she told me not to but i was like ″whats the worst that could happen?″

″ANYTHING WORSE COULD HAPPEN'' she replied with. she knows something.

i type one last thing ''gtg bye''

and pick up my suit case and start walking to the bunker set. 'whats the worst that could happen?' i thought. oh boy i had no idea.

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