The Dark Tamer


Aaron strolls along the road, arms behind his head as he breathes the cooling air in deep. He looks up at the sky, the colors starting to merge together, the very first stars visible at the horizon. He’s loathe to go home, considering the fact that his parents are implementing a new set of rules for the month. Of course, he has to be home for dinner, but there’s no reason he can’t drag out getting home.

“It’s such a nice day.” A wistful smile is on his lips. The new rules for the month wouldn’t affect him so much, but his sister Aryanna was more than a little distraught. The friend that she chats with daily had some odd times for being online. He remembers his sister saying something about her studying abroad, on top of meeting the woman once. The mental image that’s stuck with him is the tattoos that covered her arms.

His cell phone interrupts his thoughts, buzzing in his pocket rather violently. Aaron fishes the phone out, brow furrowing as he hopes it’s not his mother. He has plenty of time to walk home, there shouldn’t be a problem with him coming home a little after dark. He pauses at seeing the screen however.

“What the...?” He blinks over the odd symbols on the screen, looking even more confused. He shakes the phone, tapping the screen as he wonders if he got a virus. The message comes to mind, making him scowl. “Ah crap.” That was something he hadn’t expected, getting a virus for being a nice person. The screen turns while, symbols appearing on it before flickering and changing to English. “Tha…nk… Thank you. Oh ha ha, asshole.”

Aaron winces, glancing around to be sure no one heard him. His father heard him cursing in a game a few nights ago, coming down on him with all the fury of a tornado. The street is empty though, not surprising considering how far out his house is from the soccer field. His attention turns back to the screen where more symbols are morphing to English.

“Initiating… transfer. Transfer of what?” Aaron frowns more, at least happy that he really doesn’t have much in terms of data on the device. The screen turns white, a bright light in front of him catching his attention. His mouth drops at the bright orb of light in front of him. “What the…” The light engulfs him, turning bright.

When the light fades away, the wind rustles the trees above the empty street.

The apartment is silent as Ken shuts the door behind himself. As far as he’s aware, Steven and Emily are out on a date somewhere in the city. He heads into his room, taking the burned low cigarette out of his mouth, putting it out in the ashtray. Taking his jacket off, he tosses it over top of the computer monitor. He gives a deep sigh, stepping over to the open window to pull it closed. He touches a hand to a ring on his other hand, running over the black and silver metal as he gives a small sigh.

A flickering light catches his attention, turning back towards the computer. He grabs his jacket to remove it, finding it stuck fast somehow. Ken blinks slowly, pulling on the jacket again as he prays for no ripping noises. He stares at his jacket getting pulled into the computer screen, the white light getting brighter and brighter.

“O—Oi! Give me my jacket back!” He grabs the jacket with both hands, pulling on it in return again. He can’t feel it giving away at any point, which he’s thankful for. “My phone’s in there you son of a bitch!” He pulls hard, starting to brace himself to pull back, eyes closing with the strain of pulling on the jacket. Warmth envelops his hands, returning his attention to the screen with horror.

His hands are being pulled into the computer screen at this point, the jacket almost completely gone into it. Now it feels as if something is pulling on his hands and arms.

“Oh fuck.” A bright light engulfs him, Ken getting yanked forward completely. His surprise at his computer trying to eat him is only matched by his surprise at not striking the monitor. His eyes close against the light, keeping hold of his jacket with a death grip.

Miyuki yawns, stretching her legs out. A sense of alarm comes over her as she realizes that the train isn’t moving, eyes flickering open to take in the sight around her. The train is completely empty. She pulls her still loud earbuds from her ears, a sense of panic sending her heart into her throat. It’s dark outside of the train.

She remembers her phone buzzing a little, but she had ignored it in favor of sleep, thinking that she could just doze off for a little. Somehow, it looks like the whole train station stopped, leaving her on the train. She starts to walk along towards the head of the train, heart hammering in her chest with each empty car she passes.

“Is someone there? I’m still on the train!” She shouts, holding her bags tight to her body. She’s thankful that she hadn’t done too much in terms of shopping today. Remembering her phone buzzing earlier, she pulls it from her pocket, flipping it open. She blinks a bit at the notification on the screen. “Tra…nsfer… com… plete… What transfer?” She looks up and around again before attempting to bring up her friend’s number. Taylor would find her and come get her, no matter where she is.

Taylor cautiously heads into the shine, eyes scanning the area. She has a hand on her pepper spray, other hand on a taser. Each step is slow and measured, continuing to look around the area. As she grips the taser tighter, she works up the nerve to speak.

“Someone here?” The shrine is suspiciously dark. Her stomach knots up. She carefully steps further into the shrine despite her trepidation. “Someone called me,” she adds onto the end, every muscle in her body tense to respond to any situation that might come up.

Something rustles to the side, Taylor ready to pepper spray it. A cat takes off running out of the bush, chased by another cat. Taylor spits a virulent curse after them, returning her attention to her surroundings. She continues to search the small, dark shrine until she’s satisfied that there’s no one there.

“Pranking idiots.” She pauses at the small playground on the walk back out. Careful with her steps, she watches the swing drift back and forth in the breeze. She shakes her head, pulling herself back out of her thoughts with a small scowl as she looks around. “God damnit.” Her phone rings loudly, making her dive into her pocket for it. “Moshi moshi?”

“Taylor!” Taylor stops short of moving anywhere, hearing the relief in Miyuki’s voice.

“What’s going on? Are you all right?”

“I don’t know where I am.” Miyuki sniffles, the sound of bags crunching coming from her end. Static buzzes in the background of the phone call. “I was on the train and—and now it’s all black except on the train and I’m scared.”

“Hold on, stay on the line with me.” Taylor takes a seat on the swing, yanking her laptop from her bag, turning it on. “Which train line?”

“Keio.” Miyuki sniffles more. “I was headed home. I—I’m scared. Can you come get me?”

“I’m working on it right now.” Taylor tucks the phone against her ear, fingers flying over the keyboard. “It’ll be okay. Wherever it is, I can be there shortly.” Taylor grimaces, leaving out the fact that she’s already armed to protect someone.

“T—Thank you.” Miyuki sniffles a bit more. “My phone did this weird thing earlier too, before I called, something about a transfer being completed.” Taylor’s tracking the signal, tracing it through the home line out.

“Is that so? Did you give anything to anyone? Or get something?” The trace keeps going, the whole globe up on the map and spinning.

“No, I didn’t, I got this weird message earlier but it was all in English.” Taylor mentally curses the program, restarting the trace.

“I’m having some problems tracing you, it’ll take a bit longer.” Taylor suddenly pauses as the words sink in. “A weird message?” The trace seems to have picked up on something, quickly starting to zoom down. It narrows it down quickly, East Asia, then closer in, encapsulating Japan, and zooming in further.

“Yeah, someone wanted help. I never got a reply.” There’s a stony silence following Miyuki’s statement. The program is zooming in even quicker, starting to narrow itself down to Tokyo. “Taylor?”

“Yuki, I got it too. Someone called me.” Taylor stares as the trace brings itself down to her neighborhood. Miyuki gives a squeak of fright, the rustling of the bags loud on the other end of the line.

“I—I’m scared, the lights went out and the doors opened. Taylor, where am I? When can you get here?” The trace blinks on the screen as being the exact location she is right now.

“I…” There’s a very short pause. “I’m apparently already there.” While she’s quick to mentally blame the software, she’s well aware that it’s one of the most reliable services she has. The screen suddenly turns white for a couple seconds. The words ‘Initiating Transfer’ appear across everything in the foreground of the computer. In the background, Taylor watches the trace program go crazy for a second before showing a very different looking world, starting to trace down to a signal there.

“But… what do I do?”

“I just got a new trace. I… I can find it.” She sets her lips in a line. “I’ll come find you. Just stay on the line with me.” Taylor gets to her feet, taking a couple steps in an attempt to force herself to seem closer to the other dot. A bright light engulfs the girl, Taylor shutting her eyes tightly against it. “I get the feeling I’ll be there shortly.”

The evening air is cool on Justin’s face as he skates towards the library, his messenger bag strapped tight across his shoulders. During holidays, he finds the campus relaxing and quiet with how few people are there. There’s still a couple of people running around, Justin able to see, even from here, that the lab in the computer science building is brightly lit. It appears to have most of the remaining population of the campus in it. His phone rings loudly, Justin slowing down as he retrieves his phone, putting it to his ear.

“Hello!” There’s static on the other end of the line. Justin takes the phone away from his ear to look at it, a frown on his face. “Initiating… Transfer?” He continues to skate forward at a much slower pace, scratching his head. “I didn’t okay a transfer.” One skate catches on something as the screen turns bright white. Justin gives a yelp, body thrown forward into a bright light, holding tightly to his phone. He vanishes, nothing left behind.

Seline searches through the masses of devices on the table, looking for what Giga sent her there for. He and Mega are working on a more portable version of what she took to mentally calling her virtual chalkboard. It seems to work very well, Seline being a fast typist, so it’s great for her to work with.

“Have you found it yet?” Mega calls from across the room. Seline shakes her head, continuing to look before something catches her eye. She swears it flashes for a second. She digs the small device out of the pile, finding what she’s looking for underneath it. A smile appears on her face, reaching up and tapping the metal collar to make a noise.

“Ah! You got it. We’re too short to be digging through that pile, thank you Seline.” Giga hurries over, taking the object of her search from her.

“What else did you find?” Mega sounds curious through a mouthful of wires, holding them in place for Giga to return. Seline pauses before showing the small device to them. It’s gray and battered, looking as if it’s ages old with a small screen on it. “Oh!” Mega almost drops the wires, refocusing his attention on them. Giga glances at her as he fixes the virtual chalkboard together more.

“Oh. That’s… That’s a digivice.” The way the words come out make Seline look at the digivice and then back up at Giga. “Mega, I got this.” Mega lets the wires go, Giga starting to fix them into place.

“It was from one of the old trainers. The ones Sorcermon told you about originally.” Seline fixes Mega with a strong gaze. “His digimon was killed.” Mega looks remorseful. “When he couldn’t get him back, he threw his digivice as hard as he could. They found a way home for him but he refused to take his digivice back with him.”

“One of the other tamers returned here and brought it with. He thought it would be a good idea if it simply stayed here. It’s just been here ever since.” Giga returns to working.

“It’s been quiet and black ever since his partner was killed,” Mega states. There’s a pause as Seline looks at the device again. “I don’t think they were able to properly destroy the evil in the world without him. Just lock it away so that it couldn’t hurt anyone.”

“Seals wear away though,” Giga mutters. “Viruses damage them. Other digimon destroy them. Eventually it gets free to create havoc again.” There’s a very long silence.

“Yeah.” Seline takes a seat on the cot, looking at the digivice in the light coming in through one of the windows. She taps it a few times, knocking some sand out of it, brushing the screen and bed off afterward. The screen turns on. Seline rapidly taps on her collar in alarm. “What’s going— Seline!” Mega bounces towards her.

“What—” Giga does a double-take, grabbing the virtual chalkboard with his mouth. “Seline!” He shouts through a mouthful of electronics. Seline’s still tapping on her collar, staring at the device now as the light grows brighter. She feels Mega and Giga slam into her before the world seems to simply fade away.

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