The Dark Tamer


Blinking to clear her vision, Taylor stands in the middle of the most impressive cathedral hallway she’s seen in her life. Her phone is still tucked against her head, laptop held in her arms. The laptop reports that she’s close to the signal of Miyuki’s phone and should keep walking forward. There’s even a schematic for the building on her computer, something that she wouldn’t normally get.

“Yuki, you doing all right?” Taylor’s attention, however, is focused on her friend. The signal says it’s coming from across the way in another large hallway.

“Just—I’m just scared. I don’t want to move but it’s all black and dark.” There’s a pause between them, Taylor’s lips set in a grim line still.

“All right, take the phone away from your ear and if you hear this, tell me.”

“Okay.” There’s a rustling noise. Taylor works to get the phone slightly away from her mouth and whistles as hard and loud as she can. The sound echoes in the tall hallway, Taylor’s eyes drawn to the depictions of angels on the ceiling. “I heard it! I’m going to come towards you.” A sense of relief floods through Taylor.

“Good, I’ll see you shortly.” Taylor shuts her laptop, moving to put it away in her bag.

“Okay!” She hears Miyuki hang up. Taylor looks at her phone, reading a big message there like had been on her laptop.

“Transfer complete.” She glances up and around. “I’d say so.” She takes quick strides forward, eager to find Miyuki.

“Son of a bitch.” Ken brushes his jacket off, scowling as he checks it over for any damage. He’s thankful there’s no damage to the jacket, but it simply raises the question as to where he is. Looking up and around, he seems to be in a rather large room, columns heading all the way up to the ceiling. “Where am I?”

There are giant windows on one side of the room, looking out over what looks like a massive forest. Further on, he can see desert, rocky outcroppings standing out vividly against the bright blue sky. The sun is high in the sky, shining down merrily. It looks like no place he’s ever seen before, whether in magazines or in person.

He turns around, aiming for the singular door out of the room. If he’s honest with the owner of such a beautiful place, he can only hope that they’ll believe him. After all, it’s an extremely strange story to tell about being eaten by one’s computer. The door opens up to a tall hallway. From here, he can see a large central room. He’s sure to close the door behind himself, heading towards it. It seems like the best place to get help.

Miyuki gathers her courage slowly, getting up from her seat on the train. She edges her way out of the train car and onto the ground. Nothing reaches out for her, but the fear remains. The echo of Taylor’s whistle is still on the air in the darkened cavern. She trembles as she reaches out, feeling the wall of the tunnel, starting towards the light she can see at one end.

Slow steps turn quicker and then into a quick jog before slowing down again. Despite knowing that Taylor’s on the other side, she’s still frightened of what could be out there. Miyuki assures herself that if she screamed, Taylor would be on whatever would be attacking her faster than she could blink.

She stumbles a couple steps in the platform shoes, the odd footing on the tracks giving her a difficult time. She makes sure that she hasn’t dropped anything, picking up something that she’s dropped before continuing along. After a second, she realizes that the device she’s holding in her hand isn’t her phone.

“Nanda?” She feels over the device, attempting to figure out what it might be. In the brightening light, she can see that it’s some strange device, colored white with green buttons and markings, along with a large screen. She’s never seen it before, even living in the technology capital that Tokyo is. Clinging to it, she makes a mental note to ask Taylor what it is before continuing along her path. The light is painfully bright on her eyes, making her hold a hand up to block it as she starts out into the large room.

Aaron blinks around the giant room, looking at the large staircase leading downstairs. Giant doors lead outside into what looks like the edge of a forest that changes into desert. The desert actually seems to come up in the form of a path directly to the door of wherever he is. He holds his bag closer to him, feeling the soccer ball in the large bag.

“Oh no. Mom’s gonna kill me. I’m going to be late for dinner.” He moves to head down the steps when a loud whistle catches his attention. He turns, looking down a long hallway. It had definitely come from that direction. He quickly starts to run towards the sound. He’s really hoping that he hasn’t been abducted by aliens and transported to their home planet or something. Even if all he finds is strange creatures, he feels like he’ll at least be happy there’s someone else. “Hey! Hey!” He shouts down the hallway, running as fast as he can.

The sound echoes along the hallway, making him glance up and take in the actual size of the entire building. He can make out strange lights along the ceiling, looking like floating orbs of light. He turns his attention back forward, seeing one of the orbs is now at the very end of the hallway, looking like it opens into a large room.

Justin picks himself up from the ground with a groan. At least the landing had been soft. A glance around tells him he’s not on the campus anymore. A double-take confirms it. He removes himself from the plush rug that he landed on, attempting to keep his balance in his skates. They won’t roll well on the carpeted floor, but there’s some sort of stone floor not too far away.

“What happened?” He looks at his phone again, reading the words ‘Transfer complete’ on the screen, confusing him further. “What are you going on about phone?” Smacking the device into his hand once, as if it’ll fix the problem, he turns his attention to his surroundings.

“Hey! Hey!” The voice comes as an echo down the hallway from an open door, grabbing Justin’s attention. He carefully makes his way over to the stone area, feeling some concern for whoever is yelling, wondering if they’re all right. The stone floor lets him skate along, hurrying along the hallway at a rather high rate of speed. There’s a blue-ish light at the end of the hallway, Justin hoping that it’s just the lighting scheme of the place. He bursts out into the center area, skidding to a stop. There’s definitely something standing there with the orb of light, but it doesn’t actually look very human.

“Miyuki!” A familiar voice shouts to his left, grabbing his attention. Taylor is running towards a rather startled looking Japanese girl that he’s never seen before.

“Taylor!” She gives a happy shout, almost tackling Taylor to the ground. Taylor awkwardly hugs her back, patting her on the back.

“Taylor?” Justin questions from his spot across the way from the two of them. Taylor turns her attention to Justin, blinking at him.

“Justin? How are you here too?”

“Oh! You!” Someone else calls, Justin turning to see another male coming from a different hallway. He runs a hand through his dirty blond hair. “You’re my sister’s friend, what are you doing here?” Taylor blinks very slowly before her eyes widen.

“Wait, you’re Aryanna’s little brother, Aaron?”

“Yeah, you’re… what was it again, Taylor?” There’s a short pause.

“Okay, so everyone knows everyone?” Justin turns his attention the other way, seeing another male standing from another hallway. He sets eyes on Taylor and Miyuki, pointing at them. “Hey, you bought me my jacket a few years ago.” Miyuki blinks before looking stunned.

“Oh, I remember you, my English was terrible. It still is, but I remember you, wasn’t it Ken or something?” Ken gives a nod at the question, still looking surprised. Justin suddenly remembers the figure in the center of the room, turning his attention to it. The wizard-like being holds his hand up, drawing the attention of all those in the room.

“If you’ll excuse me, I require your attention.” Justin’s mouth drops at the perfect English it speaks. That’s the last thing he expected out of it. “I’m glad that you all responded to the summons. Now I must make my own summons.” Energy twirls around his hands, Justin entranced by the sight.

“Hey, who the fuck are you and what the fuck is fucking going on here?” Taylor snaps at the creature, stepping closer.

“All will be explained shortly,” The wizard-like being responds, then shoots the ball of energy far up into the sky. He looks around with alarm after a second. “All of you are here. What is coming?” There’s a bright burst of light nearby, a slender girl appearing with blood-stained clothing, two small creatures at her side. The creatures blink around with large yellow eyes.

“Uh-oh.” One backs up, looking like it’s attempting to hide behind the girl, dragging a mess of wires and electronic equipment. She blinks, looking around the room, blinking rapidly. There’s a very long silence as she looks at each person in the room, eyes wide. Justin stares at the metal collar around her neck. It looks like it’s melded to her skin.

“Seline, we need to go, this is dangerous for us…” The smaller one speaks before blinking more around the room. “Hey, more humans.” The wizard levels a ball of energy, preparing to fire upon them.

“You two! You’re the generals underneath him!” Seline blinks up at the wizard, mouthing something that Justin can’t hear before pulling the array away from the larger of the two small creatures, typing something into it. She holds it up towards the wizard-being, who looks confused and rather deflated from attacking. “No, no I am not Sorcermon. Now step away from them, they’re dangerous.” The girl blinks before scowling, firmly planting herself between the wizard and the two small creatures. Then she flips him the bird.

“Someone better fucking explain what the fucking hell is fucking going on in this fucking place!” Taylor shouts, startling everyone in the room. The tattooed woman looks more than her share of pissed off, looking about the room and fixing on the wizard with an ugly look.

“I will explain for as long as I can.” The voice comes down from the roof, the open sky above blotted out by a massive blue dragon.

“What the fuck is that?!” Aaron blurts out, staring upward. He covers his mouth in reaction to the curse word, but continues to stare up.

“Be polite to the Sovereign of the East, Azulongmon.” The wizard reprimands him.

“You were summoned to save this world. We have the five Chosen.” The eyes of the large dragon fix on Seline, the girl standing her ground and managing to puff herself even bigger. “And a very strange sixth Chosen. It seems as if an old Tamer wishes to finish what he started years ago.” Seline blinks, looking at the device in her hand as Azulongmon slowly hovers further down into the room. The group of humans slowly starts to gather together, all of them looking at one another with some form of recognition, save for Seline.

“Oh, you’ve got one too.” Miyuki points at the device in Seline’s hand. “It looks really old though…” Seline grimaces a little as Miyuki holds up her green and white device.

“Where the hell did you—”

“We do not have time. He is coming as he sensed my summoning.” The large dragon cuts Taylor off. Instead of looking awed, Taylor looks more annoyed. “You’re here to save the Digital World from a threat, like the Chosen of many years before. You all have the devices. I could not summon your partners save for one. Wizardmon, your Tamer is here.” The wizard-being blinks up at Azulongmon in surprise as something starts to beep. Justin digs into his pockets, realizing the sound is coming from him, finding a device that looks similar to Miyuki’s device.

“Azulongmon, I need to—” Justin stares at the device in hand, not sure what to think as it blinks a few times, arrows on the screen pointing inward. Wizardmon is cut off by Azulongmon however, not even able to get through the sentence.

“Stay with him. I am sorry I could not find more of your partners. It is good to have your surprise sixth.” Azulongmon looks to Seline again, the expression in his eyes runs between suspicious and hopeful. She, on the other hand, looks rather abashed, almost looking ashamed, holding the old digivice to her chest. “You will have to find the others. I know they are spread far. I believe these two small ones may assist you in locating at least one of them.” There’s a horrific crash from somewhere down one of the hallways. “Wizardmon, you must explain the rest to them, there is no time. Run.”

“Wait, what’s going on, what’s coming?” Miyuki questions, looking frightened.

“Sytrimon is coming. He’s locked the other Soverigns away and drains their power, now go!” The dragon turns to face what’s apparently coming. Taylor looks to the others, having a hold of Miyuki’s shoulder, seeming unsure as to which direction she should be led. A bolt of darkness slams into the dragon, making it call out in pain.

“The exit’s this way.” Aaron speaks as he turns away, running down the hallway he came down. The group follows, Wizardmon reluctant but running along with the rest. Seline stays still, staring at the hallway where the bolt came from.

“Seline, come on.” Mega pulls on her pants leg.

“You must go.” Azulongmon turns a short bit of attention to her. “Go now!” Seline balls her fists up, shaking her head, looking as if she’s readying herself for a fight instead of fleeing. Sytrimon steps out of the hallway, drawing his sword, pausing upon seeing Seline.

“You’re still alive with the betrayers. I will have to fix that.” A light comes from the digivice in Seline’s hand, matching energy Azulongmon is putting out, Mega glowing in response. He transforms into a large black dragon-like creature with orange markings.

“This is all I can do. Devidramon, take your tamer and flee.” The large black creature growls, nodding as he grabs Seline, who protests, Giga hopping up and clinging to his brother’s head. Despite Seline’s protests, Mega takes flight, going straight up.

“Only able to summon one Chosen, hm?” Sytrimon follows Seline and Devidramon’s exit. “That’s not near enough to stop me.”

“You will be defeated.”

“Well, that just leaves you and me. And I’ll track her down to be rid of her as soon as we’re done here.” Sytrimon levels his sword at Azulongmon.

“You will not find me defeated so easily.” The dragon lunges at him.

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