The Dark Tamer

Flower Forest

Wizardmon pauses at the exit of the cave, looking about into the forest surrounding it. He gestures for the group to follow him out, leading the way into the dappled sunlight coming through the trees. The group is glad to be out in sunlight, Seline covering her eyes and squinting in the light to see better. Miyuki gives a small noise of pleasure at being out in the light before sniffing the air, a wide smile appearing on her face.

“It smells wonderful out here.”

“That’s the nature of the Flower Forest.” Giga speaks, close beside Seline.

“Many flowers grow here and nowhere else in the Digital World.” Mega finishes out the statement, stepping forward. He checks the area. “It seems safe here.”

“Good to hear that you concur.” Wizardmon looks across the dusty group, having already closed the door in the cliff face. “We should keep moving until sunset.”

“How long until then? The sun looks pretty high in the sky still.” Ken squints through the trees towards the sun where it sits far above them.

“Approximately two and a half hours.” Wizardmon seems to check the time before starting to lead the group again. Justin is close beside him.

“So we know about everyone except for you three Digimon.” Taylor speaks, seeming to be starting to play with her digivice now that she has proper sunlight. “Ooh, plug-in port. I bet I have a cable for this. But yes, what about you three? We know a little about our twin dinosaurs, but nothing about you, wizard.” Wizardmon gives a deep sigh.

“You can just call us Mega and Giga.” Mega speaks, head tilting a little as the group walks along. Seline looks protective of the two despite Taylor’s carefree attitude.

“All right, well we know you were bad guys. Anything else we need to know?” Taylor questions.

“We can become giant flying dragons of doom?” Giga offers, making most of the group blink back at them.

“I think that’s the weirdest description I’ve heard in years.” Ken speaks with an eyebrow raised.

“That’s interesting, what does this do?” Taylor is blinking at the screen that she’s turned on, completely focused on it.

“I worked with Azulongmon on attempting to stop Sytrimon from his plan. I had no idea that I had a partner, much less a Chosen.” Wizardmon speaks, glancing towards Justin. Justin gives a small smile, looking proud.

“Can you tell us more about the Digital World?” Justin questions, looking from Wizardmon to the Monodramon brothers and back again.

“Holy shit.” Taylor stops, staring at the screen that’s appeared on her digivice. It floats above the screen like a hologram, showing an image of Wizardmon on it, her device pointed at him.

“What’s that? Can I do that?” Miyuki pulls her digivice out, turning it over a few times to look at it.

“Probably.” Taylor reaches over, pressing a couple buttons before the same screen comes up on Miyuki’s device. “So this is an analyzer. That’s pretty awesome.”

“The Digital World is made of data, it’s technically from your Internet,” Wizardmon states.

“So it’s like an AI program gone,” Taylor pauses, glancing around, “well, I don’t know what. But that’s what it sounds like, an amazing AI program.”

“Many here believe that. Others believe that it’s some forgotten project from a human that grew far beyond their specifications.” Wizardmon shakes his head a little. “The Digital World was created with the first computers and will evolve as technology does.”

“Wow.” Taylor sounds impressed, looking around more. “So then, these digivices, do you know what they do?”

“Many things. The Analyzer is only one option. I’m not aware of all their features, but their main marker is that they indicate that you are a Tamer. You will have a digimon as a partner and work with them.”

“That’s so vague.” Taylor frowns, looking at her digivice. “I guess I’ve gotta play with it then.” She sounds oddly excited.

“You’re not getting another one if you break it,” Justin warns.

“Aww…” Taylor glares at the device as if it’ll multiply. Miyuki giggles at her, hiding her mouth behind her hand. Taylor glances to her before she chuckles as well.

Seline tilts her head, watching the group a little curiously. A scent catches her attention, feeling a warmth around her neck. Sniffing the air, the warmth gets hotter. Seline touches her collar, feeling that the metal is quite warm to the touch. She attempts to get one of the Monodramon’s attention, waving a little at him.

“Hi Seline.” Mega offers a smile, giggling softly afterward as he waves back at her. “Look Giga, Seline’s waving.” Giga blinks at her. There’s a short pause before he giggles as well, waving. Aaron starts to laugh at the two of them.

“Hi Seline.” Seline feels a sense of horror come over her. Taylor and Miyuki are still giggling, the laughter starting to spread like a disease through the group. Justin looks confused before chuckling himself. Seline hurries towards Ken, grabbing his jacket, holding the sleeve over his face. He looks more startled than giggling, having been one of the few unaffected so far. Seline rips her own sleeve, covering her mouth up as she looks around.

“Seline, what’s going on?” Ken speaks through the jacket, looking around the group. Taylor stumbles, falling to the group in a pile with Miyuki. They seem to fall unconscious while attempting to giggle. Aaron blinks at them, pausing only for a second in his laughter before starting to follow suit. Seline hurriedly types out a message. Wizardmon and Justin drop, the Champion-level digimon still awake for longer than his partner, with a confused look in his eyes.

“Pheromone? Something in the air.”

“Well fuck.” Ken looks over the group, pausing on the two Monodramon. They’re falling over each other with giggles, saying that they’re also similarly affected by what’s going on. “Why aren’t you giggling too?” Seline puts a hand to the collar on her neck, feeling very warm still. “Gotcha.” Seline points towards Wizardmon, rushing away from Ken towards Mega and Giga. Ken keeps his jacket over his face even though it’s difficult to breathe.

“Well then, aren’t the two of you intelligent?” The voice grabs both of their attention, Ken and Seline looking around the forest. Seline stops short, staring at a spot in the woods. Ken turns his attention there, attempting to use the cloth around Wizardmon’s face to cover his mouth. A yellow creature bounces out of the woods, followed closely by a red one that looks similar.

“I think the girl is the problem.” The two laugh, bouncing closer to the group. Ken pulls his digivice out, finding the analyzer. It pops up, saying the yellow one is a Vegiemon, while the red one is a RedVegiemon. Ken thinks quickly, glancing over the group.

“Y—Yeah! She’s a special digimon!” Seline gives him a look like he’s insane. She’s got the piece of cloth that was over her mouth tied around Mega’s snout to block him from breathing more of the scent on the air.

“Oh, is that so?” RedVegiemon looks at Seline with disinterest. “And here I thought we’d be having just humans as a treat.” Ken grabs the pepper spray from where it’s attached to Taylor’s bag.

“Yeah, I’m a special one too!” Ken shouts, startling both plant digimon. He sprays the RedVegiemon with a liberal dose of the pepper spray. It shoots out more like mace instead of normal pepper spray, surprising him. He tosses Seline the taser that he’s found. The RedVegiemon stumbles back, giving a cry of pain, swinging with its two vines.

Seline has already leapt up behind the Vegiemon however, the taser making a snapping noise once before she’s jammed it into the Vegiemon’s back. The plant digimon gives a loud scream, jumping through the air to get away. She aims for the RedVegiemon, but is knocked back by one of the swings. She lands hard, the taser still clutched in hand.

“Magical Game!” Wizardmon has regained his feet, holding one hand to keep the cloth closer to his mouth. There’s a beeping noise coming from nearby, grabbing Ken’s attention as the RedVegiemon is hit hard with Wizardmon’s attack. There’s a different scent on the air, overpowering that from the two other digimon.

“Ooh. Not those guys. This isn’t good.” There’s a small flower-looking digimon nearby, unsteadily flying into the area. It moves to start away, the group starting to regain consciousness, Taylor giving a loud groan of pain.

“Hey! Hey wait! Just stay until we drive them off!” Ken calls to it. Seline is stumbling to her feet, shaking her head out, focusing on the two Vegiemon.

“Chili Pepper Pummel!” The RedVegiemon attacks with a burst of red, Wizardmon dodging the attack.

“Oooh, it looks dangerous.” Ken glances at the analyzer, reading that the small plant digimon is a Lalamon. Mega is shaking his head out, getting to his feet. Seline rubs his head with her free hand, the other pressed to her side.

“Please stay!” Ken begs, the beeping rather incessant by this point.

“Crack Bite!” Mega lunges forward, teeth snapping closed on the Vegiemon. It bursts into data with a shout, vanishing.

“Spiked Punch!” RedVegiemon’s one spiked vine slams into Mega, sending him flying backwards. There’s the warning of a crackle before Seline electrocutes him with the taser. Wizardmon takes advantage of the situation, the RedVegiemon spinning to attack her despite the electricity from the taser.

“Thunder Ball!” Seline covers her face, the explosion washing past her. The group is slowly regaining their feet. The RedVegiemon explodes into data, Seline collapsing to sit on her butt, looking relieved.

“Ugh, what happened?” Aaron rubs his head, looking around in confusion.

“Who took my stuff?” Taylor is looking at her bag, seeming to immediately notice the missing pepper spray and taser.

“We were attacked.” Ken announces, sitting down as well in exhaustion. He looks to the still floating Lalamon, smiling. “Thanks for sticking around. I don’t know if we would’ve kept doing well without you.”

“Why’s this beeping?” Miyuki is looking over her digivice, having pulled it from a pocket.

“Oh, you’re tamers.” The Lalamon floats closer, the beeping getting faster from Miyuki’s digivice. Wizardmon looks rather surprised.

“Ah! Your partner!” He points to the Lalamon.

“Wait, what?” Taylor looks between the device and the small digimon. Miyuki blinks up at Lalamon coming in to land. The expressionless face seems to look at Miyuki’s digivice.

“You’re adorable!” Miyuki squeals, clapping her hands together.

“Ooh, this is…” Lalamon pauses before retaking to the air, hovering unsteadily. “I don’t know if I could live up to that. Tamer and all.”

“You sense it, Lalamon.” Wizardmon speaks, arms crossing. There’s a short pause.

“Ooh. Seems dangerous.” Lalamon floats around a little. “But I think it’s all right.” Miyuki gives another squeal, holding her arms out. Lalamon floats into her arms, being hugged tightly. “Oooh. I like this.” Taylor laughs at the two of them.

“Well, that’s one down, another three to go, right?” Ken looks to Wizardmon. He looks quite satisfied, nodding in agreement.

“It is indeed.” He looks up towards the sky. “It’s almost nighttime though, we should rest for the night.” Justin squints up through the trees.

“The sun’s still high in the sky though. It’s not even headed towards setting.” Wizardmon seems to wait a second before pointing.

“There. The night’s coming.” The change is racing towards them, looking like an instant change instead of a real sunset.

“Holy shit.” Taylor stares at the oncoming night. “That’s pretty fucked up.” The night washes over them, leaving the forest in the dark of night, racing on ahead.

“Scary.” Miyuki looks around.

“Here.” Wizardmon throws an orb of light up, casting a gentle glow over the group. “We should get rest. I will take first watch.”

“This place is so weird.” Aaron looks around, looking about rather curiously. “I’m not tired yet though.”

“Well, since we’re stopping for the night, let me see your digivice, Seline.” Taylor holds her hand out with a smile. “I’ll see what I can do to make this all easier.” Seline pauses before reluctantly handing over her digivice and the keyboard array. She’s still holding a hand to her side where she was struck by RedVegiemon. “Now while I’m working,” Taylor pulls her computer out, taking a seat on the ground under a tree, “would Ken like to explain what the hell happened?”

“One second.” Justin is looking with concern at Seline. “Are you all right?” Seline waves her free hand a little, attempting to look less pained.

“Seline.” Mega chastises her, a frown on his face. “She did this when we dealt with her neck too. She’s acting tough and trying to push herself past her limits.” Giga bumps her with his head.

“Come on Seline. What’s up with your side?” Giga frowns as well. Reluctantly, she uncovers her side. A small, bleeding injury is there, Seline looking embarrassed.

“Oh! I’ve got a first aid kit!” Aaron digs into his bag, fishing out a first aid kit. A soccer ball falls from his bag, rolling across the ground.

“What’s this?” Giga picks the ball up, looking at it.

“Soccer ball, I was headed home from a practice game. You kick the ball around a field without touching it with your hands and try to get it into goals.” Aaron grins as he heads over to Seline. “Let’s see.” He tilts his head, looking over the wound. “You mind if I pull the shirt up?” Seline looks embarrassed, shaking her head, pulling the shirt partially up herself. The small puncture woods are already bruising.

“Damn.” Taylor whistles. “That looks pretty bad.”

“Nah, it’s not all that bad.” Aaron smiles. “Just hurts a lot, I’m sure.” He starts to clean the wound with some wincing and mouthed cursing from Seline.

“As for what happened,” Ken starts to speak, leaning back against a tree, “there was some sort of pheromone on the air. Seline wasn’t affected, something to do with the collar on her neck, she stopped me from being affected from the little I was. Then two digimon came out of the forest. Apparently they were the cause of it.”

“Why would they do that?” Miyuki looks a little shocked.

“Vegiemon and RedVegiemon use the scent to knock small digimon out and eat them.” Lalamon speaks up from Miyuki’s lap. There’s a very long silence.

“That’s horrifying.” Taylor is the first to speak.

“We used your taser and pepper spray, then Wizardmon got up after I’d been trying to block the scent from him. Mega got up, everyone was fighting, Lalamon drove their scent away.” Ken shakes his head. “We managed to, I suppose, kill them?” Wizardmon gives a nod before looking around with some alarm.

“Where are the two Monodramon?” Wizardmon glances over the group. A glance around shows that the two are missing. Seline looks concerned as she pulls her shirt back into place, getting to her feet. Mega and Giga stroll into the area not long afterward, arms full of stuff, kicking along Aaron’s soccer ball. “You two, what were you doing?” The Monodramon twins blink at Wizardmon.

“We got food,” Mega states. The two small dragons drop the armfuls of food to the ground, berries, vegetables and fruits bouncing along the ground.

“Oh man, I’m starving!” Aaron tosses the first aid kit back into his bag.

“How’d you get your hands on this much?” Wizardmon looks rather stunned.

“Oh, we told them we had some friends and told them what soccer was.” Giga smiles, picking up the soccer ball. “Oh yeah, can’t touch with your hands.” He drops it, kicking it over to Aaron.

“Yeah, one of them made a soccer ball, they’re playing back there. They’re really happy we got rid of Vegiemon and RedVegiemon.” Mega nods, taking a seat on the ground, picking up what looks like an apple. The rest of the group crowds around them, starting to eat. Wizardmon looks impressed.

“They wanted the soccer ball but we told them that it didn’t belong to us and we were just borrowing it.” Giga munches on what looks like oddly-colored berries. Seline rubs his head with a smile, biting into a carrot-like thing.

“Well, you two did really well then.” Wizardmon nods, picking up another of the apple-like fruits to eat. The orb hovers closer, so that everyone can see what they’re doing. The moonlight doesn’t come down through the trees very well.

“Whatever we don’t eat, we’ll have to take with. Did you thank them for the food?” Ken looks to the two dragon-types.

“We did! We were surprised they were willing to part with so much.” Giga nods, eating more. “They said they were trying to horde it, but with those two gone, they could go back to living plentifully.”

“Well, here’s to our first night in the Digital World.” Ken smiles around at the group.

“Hear, hear.” Taylor smiles, still half-working on her computer.

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