Blood & wings


114 years ago, 5 year old little ol' me "Hey Aunt Luna, did you choose a mate for me? I don't want a mate, aunt" I asked the moon goddess which is my aunt. "My dear niece Mimi. Even if you don't want a mate, honey, I choose a mate that is your equal. your other half of your soul. you will understand when you find him" Luna explains to me Mimi white (prefers to be called white which is not her full last name) hated the idea of being in a relationship. she knows that her soul isn't complete and that her mate is somewhere out there, but she hopes that she will never find her mate. fate has other plans for her though. Liam and Leon lagfort are twin dragon shifters that have been looking for their mate for 130 years. what will happen when they finally meet? will white except them or will she reject them? will the mate bond be to strong for her to even reject them? who knows

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I sat down on the edge of a cliff and looked up at the night sky. The stars were bright in the night sky and I could see the milkyway, pointing north to west. Out in the distance I could hear something that sounded like something was beating in the air, coming from the south. I looked at the source of the sound coming from and saw two silhouette's of huge bodies with wings flying in the sky. I, then figured that it was dragon's because they were bigger than bird's.
As if one could sense me watching them, one's head bent down, looking at the forest ground. One of the dragons swerved down to the ground and the other dragon followed the other dragon. Trees snapped from the impact of their bodies as they landed a couple yards from where I was sitting at, on the fallen log.
The sound of snapping bones was heard as the dragon's started to shift. In the dragons place were two male humanoid beings and was standing in all their gloria nude. I felt a blush creep up my neck to my cheeks and I quickly covered my eyes with my left hand. I, than heard the sounds of snapping twigs and the crunch of leaves as the sound of clomping feet, coming near me.
Liam POV:
I was soaring in the air, just below the clouds. Enjoying the feeling of the wind ripping past my body. My twin brother, Leon, was flying besides me on my left side. His dragon was black while mine was gray. I, than smelt an intoxicating scent, but it was faint. Fresh, mountain, spring water and Japanese cherry blossoms, which are my favorite scents in the whole, wide world. I looked around and saw a tiny figure, down on the forest floor, looking up at us. I mind linked to Leon.
'Hey, Leon, do you smell that scent, as well?' I asked him.
'Definitely. It smells so good.' he replied through our mind link.
My dragon was screaming in my head 'mate' and I'm sure my shock was mirrored on Leon's face. 'drake is telling me that the little person is our mate. Leon.' I explained to him
'Lynox is saying the same thing. You know what that means, Liam?' He asked excitedly.
I replied back. 'It's about fucken' time we found our mate. Let's go meet her.' he demanded and he swooped down to the ground, I followed suit. Trees snapped and broke off from the weight of our bodies. when we landed, we shifted into our human forms. Bones were snapping as we shifted.
The scent was strong and I start to walk towards the scent. I see the person, who was sitting at the edge of the cliff that was looking at me and leo who had followed me. As we made eye contact. I stood still like a statue. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her snow white, waist length, hair, blew in the soft wind and her skin was pale as the moonlight and was so smooth. I just wanted to explore every aspect of her body. To know all her desires and keep her safe from the world. "MATE!!" me and leo yelled in unison and ran to her.
As she seen us running towards her, she got scared and jumped off the the cliff. That scared me more than us scaring her. She may have ran because we were nude. that is the only explanation why she ran.
We stopped at the edge of the cliff and looked over. We could see her hopping from branch to branch. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. knowing that she didn't get hurt was a relief.
"Did you see her eyes brother?" Leon asked me.
"I did. They were the color of blood." I mumbled to him. lost in my own thoughts as to who is she? Why did she run off like that? "Leon, we should chase after her." I asked him.
"I think so as well, Liam." he said agreeing with me. I hear bones snapping, I turned towards him. watching him shift into his dragon form.
I decided to do the same. Feeling my body shift into my dragon form and jumped off the cliff. I spread my wings and soared through the air. Following the scent of our mate.

White POV:
I didn't know what to do, I mean, when those guys screamed "mate" I didn't know what to do and I ran off. I was not expecting those guys to scream "mate". My life was so simple before those guys came into my life. Flipping my world upside down, it sucks.
I quickly jumped off the cliff, towards the trees below. I held out my arms and hands so that I can grab onto the nearest branch. My hands gotten scrapped by bark when I was falling, but I finally latched onto a thick branch and hoisted myself onto the branch. I, than jumped from one branch to another branch and kept on going. I was heading to a crystal, clear lake, in a clearing of the forest.
I jumped onto the last branch that was close to the lake and jumped off than branch and into the water by twisting my body so that I dives into the water.
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