The Graysons' Return


One night, exactly 11 years after the death of the Fabulous Flying Graysons, a bright flash of light is seen at the, currently empty, fairgrounds. Once it disappears, 2 people, a man and woman seemingly in their late forties, are left in its place. Who are these mysterious people? And what do they have to do with Richard Grayson? *I own nothing but the plot. All images used are not mine.*

Adventure / Other
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11 years after the Flying Graysons' deaths, a bright flash of light illuminated the Gotham Fairgrounds. It lasted about 30 seconds, before disappearing as quickly as it came.

Once it had gone, a man and a woman were left in its place. They seemed to be in their late thirties to early forties and were completely disoriented.
"What? Where are we? John?" the woman asked, gazing at the man standing beside her.
"I don't know, Mary," he responded, "The last thing I remember is the sound of the cables breaking and plummeting to the ground."
"We should have died!" Mary, the woman, exclaimed, "and where's Dick? Where's our little Robin?"

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