The Chosen Girl


Arra has always been told that the wizarding world is a dangerous place that she would never ever be apart of. But Arra doesn't want to live her life wondering and waiting. With her parents now dead, she can do what she's dreamed of doing since she was little; attend Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. As it turns out, dreams don't come easy. What prices will she have to pay for the life she'd always imagined?

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they melted away

I'd worked my whole life for that moment. It was then taken away in less than a minute. With the flip of a switch, my life was stolen forever. That's just how quickly things can be changed. For the better, but in my case, the worst.

All I could hear were their cries. Their screams. The sirens and the honking of passing vehicles. All I could taste was the smoke filling my lungs. Killing me with every breath I took. I was trapped. All I could see were my parents. Simply melting away. The flames engulfed them before I could say goodbye. I should have died that day.
It wasn't fair. I didn't deserve that. I felt like the only person left on the planet. Interview after interview. Fundraiser after fundraiser. Nobody truly cared about me. They just felt bad for me. They wanted to feel like they had made a difference in the life of an orphaned girl with a tear-jerking backstory. People gave me so much sympathy that it made me sick. There is absolutely nothing in this world that anyone can do to fill the empty hole in my heart. Nothing.
I was allowed to go back home to help them sort everything out. I found my mother's address book. Anywhere was better than the orphanage with sad kids and their stories they're always willing to tell for attention. Everyone on my dad's side of the family was dead. I flipped through the book before finding my Cousin's names. The Weasleys. Molly Weasley was my mom's sister. I knew they existed, but obviously, they weren't talked about very often. Try writing to someone you've never spoken to in your life.

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