Love Talk


Do not read if you are not over 18 〰 Jungkook and y/n have an encounter, but neither speaks the other’s language.

Erotica / Romance
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Love Talk

You had been feeling his eyes lingering on you throughout the night. Caught him looking your way and then quickly turn away once you returned the stare. And now you were face to face with him, alone, no common language between the two of you to ease the awkwardness.

Jungkook and Namjoon were at your house tonight. You had met them about a week prior, they were going to be in town for the next few weeks doing press. You had invited them to come for dinner one of the nights they were free, but you never thought they would actually come.

Namjoon had been translating between you and Jungkook throughout the evening, being the only one who spoke both of your languages. He was patient as he worked in overdrive to keep the conversation going. And so far it was working great. Jungkook spoke broken English here and there. You could tell he understood more than he was letting on. And you understood a word every now and then, but nothing more.

Finally, dinner was over. They had decided to stay and watch a movie, having a late day tomorrow. The movie was good because Namjoon could have a break with translating. You felt bad he had to do that all night.

“I hope it’s okay, I’m gonna go change really quick. I’m just a little uncomfortable in this outfit.” You stood as you passed the remote to Namjoon and then motioned to your outfit. You had sweats and a t shirt calling your name. Jungkook looked you up and down as he leaned forward on the couch, watching you with intention even if he didn’t understand a word being spoken off your lips.

“Oh yes, of course! No problem at all.” Namjoon responded quickly before turning to Jungkook and translating. You gave them both a smile before turning to leave the living room and heading for your bedroom.

“Pick something out, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” You gave another smile before leaving. You walked the hallway to your room, hearing the two men speaking softly with one another. It made you nervous not knowing what they were saying. You hoped you weren’t being weird.

You finally reached your room and shut the door behind you, leaning against it and taking a deep breath, trying to unsuccessfully calm your nerves. You squeezed your thighs together tightly as you thought about that look on Jungkook’s face. The one you knew even if you couldn’t properly understand each other. They were even more beautiful in person and they were making you on edge.

You shook your thoughts from your head before pushing yourself off of your door and walking towards your dresser. You looked at yourself in the mirror. Blush lined your cheeks. You looked nervous.

“Stop acting weird.” You whispered to yourself before looking away from your reflection and opening your drawer, pulling out some loungewear. You threw your clothing on the bed as you pulled it from your drawers. You could hear the street noise from outside and the clicking of the remote trying to find a movie. You pulled your shirt off and unhooked your bra, throwing it to the hamper by your bed. But then you heard another noise, distinct footsteps coming down the hallway.

You furrowed your brows as you tried to focus on listening. One of them must be looking for the bathroom. You were on your way to press your ear to the door to listen when it swung open, revealing Jungkook.

He didn’t seem to notice you at first. He seemed confident he was going into the right room. But then, your eyes met his as you froze in shock. He stood still as he watched you, not sure what to do.

You didn’t speak, not sure what to say. The silence was deafening. But then you felt his eyes momentarily come to rest on your naked chest and then flicker back to you.

You felt yourself take in a breath as you noticed the distinct feeling of arousal beginning in the pit of your stomach. Finally, you both snapped out of it as you covered your chest meekly. He turned away.

“I’m sorry.” He said frantically as he faced the door. You smiled to yourself watching him. He was embarrassed. He could’ve easily left but he seemed to not be thinking straight, instead opting to turn around and face the door.

You let out a giggle as you quickly walked by him and shut the door softly, keeping the two of you inside. You weren’t sure what your plan was.

“It’s okay.” You said back as you stood by the door looking up at him. His eyes met yours once again, scared, but intrigued.

You had felt the sexual tension all night, and now it was coming to a forefront. He chewed his lip lightly as he watched you, not knowing what to make of your behavior. You hadn’t pushed him out screaming. Yet.

You decided to speak. “Hi.”

He gave a smile and a small laugh. “Hi.” His voice was deeper than when he spoke in Korean. It made you smile. It made your core tighten.

“Were you looking for the bathroom?” You figured he’d be able to understand that.

“Ah. Mmm. Yes.” He stuttered back to you as he licked his lip quickly.

“It’s not in here.” You said with a smirk and a brow raise. This earned a laugh.

“Yeah.” He looked at your naked chest again, but this time he kept his gaze there. You let him look. His bottom lip parted slightly as he turned to look at you full on. The only sounds in the room were the low hum of the television and both of your breathing.

His eyes flicked back up. But this look was different. Seduction and lust was on his face. And then it all happened quickly.

He leaned in swiftly as he grabbed your waist and pulled you close to him, immediately pushing his lips to yours. You paused only momentarily in shock before kissing him back, tangling your hands in his hair, letting soft moans spill from your lips.

Something about not being able to communicate through your words made you excited, made your nerves on edge. He moved his lips to your neck as he went down your skin, sucking and kissing.

“Fuck.” You whispered as he smiled into your skin. He then trailed his hand down your hip, lightly brushing at the hem of your skirt. He pulled away from your skin momentarily to look at you, raising a brow, asking for permission. You gave a small nod of your head as he brought his fingers up skimming the lace of your panties before pushing them to the side and pushing into you, your wetness immediately coating his fingers. This got him excited.

He let out a low groan as he pushed harder before bringing his lips back to yours. You let profanities spill from your lips as you let him do what he wanted. You could feel his cock, hard through his pants as he grinded his hips against you, letting you feel how hard he was for you.

You shut your eyes before he pulled out of you suddenly. He then unzipped his pants as he took his cock out. He turned you around swiftly as he pressed you into the door with a small thud. You placed your hands on the wood to keep you steady. He flipped your skirt up before running his hands over the curves of your body and letting out a sigh. He spoke Korean momentarily before realizing you couldn't understand and going quiet again.

He grabbed his cock and ran it up your slit, coating his cock in your slick. Another Korean word left his lips as you moaned.

“Please.” You begged as he placed a hand around your throat lightly and then pushed into you, not stopping until he filled you completely. You gasped at the feeling. His cock was so deep, felt so good.

You didn’t have a chance to think much about it before he started thrusting into you, quickly snapping his hips into you, letting out low groans of pleasure with each movement. His skin slapping against yours echoed in your room.

“Shit! Right there. Don’t stop.” You spoke softly as you encouraged him. He grabbed at your body harder as his movements got rougher. The two of you had been so wound up all night that you were both already close.

He continued on like this, bucking into you roughly, needy. He couldn’t control himself. You felt how tight you were wrapped around him. And then you felt your core tighten, your clit throb, ready to cum. He felt it too.

“Ah. Fuck.” He spoke now. You liked that word spoken by his mouth. You shut your eyes tight as you released around him, your core sending tiny shock waves through your body as your pussy clenched tight around his cock. The new tightness and clenching led him to do the same. He pulled out swiftly before pumping his cock a couple of times and spilling his cum onto your ass, watching with a slack jaw as his cum leaked all over you, making a mess.

He stayed still for a moment before taking a step back. You flipped your skirt back down before turning around to face him. You looked at each other, awkwardness once again taking over. You let out a laugh.

“Thank you.”

He laughed now. “Thank you. Is that the bathroom?” He motioned to the door as he pointed across the hall.

You nodded with a smile before moving so he could exit. “I’ll be out soon.” You whispered quietly.

He gave a smile at your words as he pulled you in for one last kiss before exiting your room. You sunk to the floor as you smiled once more. You hoped Namjoon didn’t hear that.

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