Sunny Skye


Rainbow Dash was really upset because she misses her sister Sunny Skye. So she decided to go and find her

Adventure / Fantasy
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Rainbow’s Bad Night

AppleJack and Rainbow Dash were sleeping together one night. But Rainbow Dash didn’t sleep well. Not because her bed was meant for one pony. But because she was having a bad dream. Her dream she was at the WonderBolt Academy practicing her flying with her friends

Rainbow Dash- Phew. That was a good fly.

Lightning Dust- Sure was.

Spitfire- Nice work, you two. Hey, Dash, where’s your sister?

Rainbow Dash- You mean Sunny Skye? She’s inside getting some water.

Spitfire was a bit puzzled

Spitfire- But I look all over campus for her.

Rainbow Dash- Oh. Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ll find her.

Spitfire- Better hurry. Breaks over in 10 minutes.
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