A story in which Kim Taehyung, a very confident boy with a gorgeous boy has feelings for the nerd named Jeon Jeongguk who is an introvert. Story © BTS7KINGS Cover pic © to the real owner

Drama / Fantasy
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❥︎ The names of the characters are taken for only entertainment purposes. There is no intention to harm real-life people through the medium of this book.

❥︎I created some negative characters only for FICTIONAL purposes, so do not take it seriously.

❥︎ Do NOT compare the characters to real-life people.

❥︎If you come across another book similar to this then It would purely be a COINCIDENCE since I am not interested in stealing other people's works.



•Jeon Jeongguk•

- An introvert
-Loves music
-Wants to become a singer
-Belongs to a middle class family
-Known as 'Nerd'.
-Has a huge crush on Kim Taehyung

•Kim Taehyung•
-Famous boy of his college
-Known as 'Pretty boy'
-Anger issues
-Belongs to a Rich family
-Feelings for a familiar nerd

━━━━━━━━━ ✰✰✰✰✰━━━━━━━━━

"Taehyung, Can you stop staring at him?" A boy with beautiful plump lips, his soft orange hair bangs were falling on his eyes said to his best friend who was checking out a guy.

"I can't Jiminie! I mean, Just look at him. He is so freaking cute!" The boy with blue hair said with a cute adorable pout.

"Taehyung, I don't understand one thing. He is a nerd. A fucking nerd neither He talks with anyone then why the fuck are you so interested in him?" The Orange haired male whose name was Park Jimin asked in a very annoying voice.

The Bluehead male let out a sigh before shifting his gaze to his best friend, "Yes, He doesn't talk with anyone because he is an introvert guy So what? I like him. Okay? So don't disturb me and let me just admire his handsome yet cute face."

Kim Taehyung , a very popular boy of his college because of his gorgeous face. His blue soft hair looks so fluffy that everyone wants to touch. His glorious almond eyes that everyone can lose in them. His cute little nose with a pin-dot mole that looks so adorable whenever he scrunches his nose. His beautiful pinkish lips that look so tempting. In short, Kim Taehyung is another name of beauty.

All the boys are head over heels for him and ready to do anything for him just to go on a date with the most gorgeous boy of their college but Kim Taehyung is after a nerdy boy named Jeon Jeongguk who doesn't have much friends, neither he talks with anyone.

Kim Taehyung is a senior while Jeon Jeongguk is junior.

"Oh, God! Just look at him. He is so fucking cute Jiminie. Fuck! I just wanna kiss him right here right now." The gorgeous boy stated shamelessly, his eyes never leaving the nerd who was busy reading a book.

Actually, Jeongguk is a nerd who loves to study, to read books, to spend time on his own. He doesn't talk with anyone because No one talks to him too since they all treat him as a 'Nerd'.

Jeongguk spends most of the time in the library as he loves to read love stories novels and Taehyung never leaves a chance so he always follows the nerd, just sits in the library and admires the nerd's cute yet handsome face.

"Jeez Taehyung! I don't believe this. You always come to this boring library only for that nerd." His best friend Jimin grumbled angrily.

The Bluehead male didn't say anything and just continued staring at his crush, a soft warm smile wasn't leaving his cherry lips.

"Taehyung, You've been here for an hour. Can we fucking go now?!" His best friend asked angrily, getting bored in the library where everyone were reading books and novels in silence.

"Jiminie, What do you think? Should I go to him and try to hit on him?" The Bluehead male asked, ignoring his best friend's question.

"Taehyung, You can have someone better than him."

"Shut up Jiminie!"

"Okay fine sorry. Anyway, Do whatever you want."

The Bluehead male took a deep breath as he got up and straight made his way towards the need whose eyes were glued on the novel.

"He wouldn't leave this nerd." Jimin mumbled under his breath as he followed his best friend and now they both took their seats in front of the nerd whose eyes were glued on the book.

"Hey!" The Bluehead male said, making the raven head male disturbed a little.

The Raven head male adjusted his specs on his nose, tilted his head up to see but he gasped in shock when he saw the most popular boy of the college sitting there.

The Bluehead male pouted as he was expecting a 'Hey' in response but oh well, He didn't get anything like that.

"Dude, I think He is mute. I mean, I've never seen him talking with anyone." The Orange haired male whispered into his best friend's ear who gave a glare to him, causing him to shut his mouth.

"What are you reading?" The Bluehead male asked with a smile but still didn't get any response.

"Is he really mute? Jiminie is right. I've never heard his voice. He doesn't even talk with anyone." The gorgeous boy thought to himself as he looked at the raven head male who was staring at him with his big eyes.

"Hey, Are you mute?" The Bluehead male asked and he felt relief after hearing the raven head male's sweet voice.

"N-No! I-I c-can s-speak."

"Dude, Why are you stuttering so much?" Jimin asked, made an annoying face as he can't believe that his best friend is crazy for this nerdy?

"S-S-Sorry, I-I j-just g-get n-nervous a-and I-I am sorry." The Raven head male looked down at his lap, feeling embarrassed and ashamed on himself.

"Jiminie, Can You shut your mouth?!" The Bluehead male growled at his best friend who just rolled his eyes before speaking, "I am going. Bye!" And with that, the orange haired male left the library.

The Bluehead male let out a sigh as he shifted his gaze back at the raven head male who was fiddling with his fingers that were on the wooden table , still feeling nervous.

"Hey It's okay. Don't be nervous." The Bluehead male said as he softly held the raven head male's hands making him blush.

"My name is Taehyung." The Bluehead male tried to start a conversation.

"I-I know Y-You." The Raven head male stuttered.

"Oh really?"

The raven head male nodded his head in response, adjusted his specs on his nose, getting nervous around the gorgeous boy.

"So tell me about yourself." Taehyung said as he started playing with the Raven head male's hands.

"I-I am J-Jeongguk."

The Bluehead male let out a soft chuckle before speaking, "I know your name Jeonggukie."

The Raven head male's round doe eyes grew wider after knowing that KIM TAEHYUNG knows his name?

Okay what the actual fuck is this? What's happening?? How the most popular boy is sitting with him? How?

"Jeonggukie, I was wondering uh-Will you be my friend?" The Bluehead male asked, a shy smile playing on his cherry lips and the raven head male nervously pulled back his hands from the other's grasp causing the Bluehead male to whine because he wanted to hold Jeongguk's hands.

"W-Why do Y-You want t-to friends w-with me?" The Raven head male asked as he was quite surprised after knowing that Kim Taehyung wants to be friends with him.

Meanwhile, the Bluehead male paused for a few seconds before speaking, "Because you are cute." After finishing his sentence, the Bluehead male smiled as he could see the younger's rosy cheeks.

"You look more cute when you blush." And this made the Raven head male to blush even more.

"So friends?" The Bluehead male asked, waiting for the other's response who nodded shyly making the gorgeous boy happy.

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