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Top kook + bottom Tae = best unit💜 A story of two boys who used to hate each other but then fell in love with each other. Story © BTS7KINGS The cover pic © to the real owner

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1


❥︎Top Kook + Bottom Tae

❥︎Bad language

❥︎Mature content


❥︎Smut? Maybe

❥︎Yoonmin & Namjin



❥︎The names of the characters are taken for only entertainment purposes. There is no intention to harm real-life people through the medium of this book.

❥︎ I created some negative characters only for FICTIONAL purposes, so DO NOT take it seriously.

❥︎Do NOT compare the characters to real-life people

❥︎If you come across another book similar to this then It would purely be a COINCIDENCE since I am not interested in stealing other people's works.


❥︎If you are okay with the above points then read or else kindly leave🔪☺️


Jeon Jungkook

•Extremely rich, fuck boy, bully, arrogant, a badass boy, friends with Min Yoongi.

Kim Taehyung

•Poor, friends with Park Jimin, a sassy boy, cursing is a habit.

Park Jimin•

•Average in money, friends with Kim Taehyung, sweet and kind.

Min Yoongi

•Rich, friends with Jeon Jungkook, sweet and kind but a little bit cold as well.

Enjoy the story~❤️✨



Beep, Beep, Beep..

A frustrated groan escaped my mouth as I woke up on the voice of my irritating alarm clock. I turned off the clock and buried my face in the pillow, wanting to sleep more.

I was sleeping peacefully but I made an annoying face when my phone started ringing. I grabbed my phone that was on the other side of the bed and picked up the call without even seeing the caller name.

I parted my lips to speak but my best friend's loud voice cut me off- "Kim Taehyung, don't tell you're still in your bed?!"

"Good morning to you too Jiminie." I said, yawning a little.

"Shut up and get your lazy ass up! Don't forget today is our first day at college!" He reminded me and I instantly opened his eyes.

Today is our first day in Seoul College, the most expensive and most cool college of South Korea. We couldn't be able to afford to take admission in this college but thankfully we got the scholarship.

I let out a small sigh before speaking, "I didn't forget anything. I remember it. Anyway, I'll be at your house. Okay? Now bye!" And with that, I ended the call as I got up and made my way towards the bathroom.

Jiminie is my only friend, my best friend. We were neighbours in Busan. My parents died so his dad brought me to his house and I started living with them but one day, Mrs Park Jimin got angry and asked her husband that how long would he take care of a loner? She cursed me and said so many mean things to me so I decided to live on my own.

I and Jimin got a scholarship so we had to leave Busan as Jimin lives with his mother. Anyway, I got a job in Seoul and I live in one flat room on rent. My house lender is a fucking fucker. He always threatens me that if I wouldn't give the rent on the time then he will kick me out from here so I try my best to give the rent on the time.

Anyway, I took a quick shower and stepped outside of the house and saw my sweetheart who was standing there, looking extremely beautiful like always. Oh god, I love her so much.

I smiled as I walked to her, knelt and touched her chain, "Good morning, Sweetie!" I greeted my beautiful sweetheart, my bicycle.

Don't tell me you guys thought I was talking about a girl? Hahaha! Hell no! Because dude, I'm 100% gay.

I sat down on my bicycle and made my way towards Jimin's house.


Taehyung was cycling his bicycle, humming a song as a warm smile wasn't leaving his pinkish lips because he was so excited for his first day in the college.

He was on his way but he stopped his bicycle when his phone started ringing. He took out his phone from his pocket and saw his best friend was calling him.

Jiminie💖 is calling....
Accept | Decline

"Tae, where are you?!"

"Jiminie relax! I'm just coming."

"I'm waiting for you Tae. Please be quick."

"Okay, I'm comi____" The pretty boy couldn't complete his sentence when someone crashed into his bicycle from the back, causing his bicycle to break a little as he just ended the call.

He got off his bicycle and gasped in shock when saw a big mark on his bicycle and this made him angry.

"What the fuck!!" He cursed, shouted as he looked at the person who was sitting in a cool motorbike, wearing a helmet and he couldn't see the face.

The pretty boy was about to yell at the motorbike guy but the guy already cut him off- "Hey, you bread face, get the fuck out of my way!!" The make motioned him to get away from the way.

"You fucker! I'm not a bread face and how dare you hurt my sweetie!!" The pretty boy growled.

The motorbike got annoyed as he got off his bike, taking off his helmet, revealing his handsome face with dark hair as the pretty boy started thinking, "Fuck! He is so handsome. SHUT UP TAEHYUNG!! He just hit on your Sweetie!!"

The pretty boy snapped when the raven head spoke up, "I'm sorry but you were blocking my way with your dirty bicycle." The raven head finished his sentence, pointed towards the bicycle.

The pretty boy curled his hands into fists as he shouted, "Don't call my Sweetie, dirty. You are dirty! Your this motorbike is dirty!"

The raven head just rolled his eyes as he took out his wallet, grabbed the money and threw money on the other's pretty face and said, "Buy a new bicycle." He paused, glanced at the bicycle and added afterwards, "And yeah, buy a better one this time." The raven head finished his sentence as he walked back to his motorbike.

Meanwhile, the pretty boy got angry as he looked here and there, soon a smirk curled on his lips when he saw a stone. He crouched down only to pick the stone so that he could throw it on the raven head male who was already gone away.

"That arrogant fucker! I don't know what would I do with him when I'll meet him again." He mumbled as he looked at his bicycle and spoke up, "Don't take that fucker's words on your heart. Okay, baby?" He asked, particularly to No-one but to his bicycle as he placed a sweet kiss on his bicycle's handle.

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