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Harry and Larry - The Potter twins

Vini Sk
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Chapter 1: Dursley's home

The Dursleys house at privet drive is the house owned by Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley. They are living their happy life with his only son Dudley Dursley who is a year old.

James and Lily Potter the sister family of Petunia living happily with their twin babies who are a year old.

The Dursley family don't have any idea about what happened to Petunia's sister family at Godric's hollow the Same night.

The Dursleys were in deep sleep when Hagrid arrived at the privet drive with two babies.

Dumbledore "Here he comes with the most beautiful and strongest witch and wizard the world have ever seen"

Professor McGonagall "Did they cried on the way?"

Hagrid "No Professor"

They walked to the Dursley's door. With the flash of light came from the Dumbledore's wand, two baskets arrived at the doorstep.

Hagrid put the babies inside the basket wiping his tears.

Dumbledore ran his fingers at the scar on Harry's forehead and the same lightning scar at the Larry's left hand.

"Our World will be waiting for you" they vanished as Dumbledore said these last words.

As the years passed, Larry became the favourite cousin for Dudley. This made aunt Petunia to pretend that she loves Larry.

Larry inherited her brown,half-curled hair from her mom. While Harry inherited Black messy hair from his dad that covered his scar. The only similarity between the twins was their green eyes.

Aunt petunia hates Larry as she inherited most of her mother's features.

Well that includes the magic. Sometimes she makes the whole garden to bloom in the winter season which makes the neighbours to torture Petunia about how she maintains the plants.

Aunt petunia made Larry to sleep with her twin brother Harry when she turned the tea pots into rats the exact way lily once did.

For Larry, sleeping with Harry in his cupboard was the worst punishment. She didn't sleep the whole night instead watched him yelling at the dreams.

She doesn't even bother to console him. She is happy to watch him suffer. She doesn't know why she hated her twin brother so much.

She's happy with her Chubby cousin Dudley. Sometimes she encourages Dudley to hurt Harry.

When Harry let out tears in his sleep. Something made her to move closer to him to wipe the tears away.

"No. Not her" he yelled when she went near to him.

She went to sit on the floor with the confusion of whether he is dreaming about her. Whether he is protecting her or fighting with her in the dreams.


Hello Potter heads, this is just an intro chapter. Lot of fun, love and interesting twists awaits in upcoming chapters. Keep reading for an amazing fan fiction. Share your thoughts in comment and vote for the story. 😊

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