The Prince Of Dragons


Can Princess Aria and her unlikely friends return the Prince Of Dragons to the Queen Of Dragons, and uncover the secrets of their kingdom?

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Many years ago, the Warrior Queen Arika and her knights killed the dragon King, and stole his egg to end all dragons. Years passed and the Night Hounds, loyal servants of The Dragons, decided to attack the kingdom and kill Arika to avenge their king. The attack was horrid. The demonic, four-legged killers used their almighty jaws and claws to attack citizens. Two girls, Aria and Ann, who were adopted by Arika, were told to hide in the castle dungeons. “Hurry, Ann!” Aria kept saying to her sister. A sinister howl came from the end of the corridor. They turned just in time to see a girl looking at them. Her black dress blew in the breeze, and she wore a dark blue amulet around her neck. She smiled at them softly, and Aria smiled back. “Come on, I know the way to the dungeons!” She whispered. They followed her, all the way to a stone wall.
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