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fuck you ( bakugo x assassin reader)


this book is about a pro assassin that returns to japan after a bad experience with one of her oldest friends, who is also a pro assassin she returns just in time to take the UA entrance exam she get into class 1A not knowing to expect. she takes a liking to a boy who seems to have the feeling. they team up and become a unstoppable pair. they start to fall for each other but that was put on pause, complimentary to the league of villain's. then her employer start giving her more people to take care of, all trying to find her long lost dad.

Action / Romance
Charisma Hollis
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When I was three me and my mom moved from America to japan. Shortly after the move we settled into a small apartment complex next to a mother and her son that wasn't too far from UA high, and ever since I could remember I've wanted to become a pro hero and attend to one of the greatest hero schools in japan, which I conveniently lived close to. Sadly that dream had to be put on hold, two years after we moved my mom sent to Russia to learn self defense and to know how to protect myself, little did she know that they would train me to become one of the most richest and notorious assassins in the world. well that would be easy at least with my quirk. I was a professional by the age of eight. My best friend Killua was by the age of three, granted his whole family are assassins so he had a head start. we met when we were twelve during a Collab because our employer set us up to do a job together. After we were inseparable kinda like him and Gon. A couple years later we both turned fourteen and we drunk and did some things and it continued to happen for at least six more months. we weren't a couple but we had more of a friends with benefits kid of relationship which was okay at the time but he soon got a girlfriend and I got super jealous, and I couldn't handle it so I ran away. I still received jobs anywhere I went so its not like I would be out of work. I decided to return to japan to see my mom and finish my last year of junior high and apply to UA.

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