Comforting My Idol -PJM


Y/n gets hired to work for Big Hit Entertainment as a makeup artist for the world wide sensation, BTS. You love all of the members, as you had been a fan since 2013. But you loose it when you find Park Jimin having "alone time" with the girlfriend he had told no one about. Now you are the only one who knows and you have to comfort him through the break up and the bad times of having his best friend with his ex unknowingly.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Everything is said in Korean unless I say otherwise. You are 25 and have been a fan since 2013. This is taking place 2020.

Before award show

Author POV

It was your first day as a makeup artist for BTS. You were American but lived and raised in Korea. You learned English when you were about 10 but still couldn’t speak in properly. When you walked in you expected to see all of the members there and waiting since it was 7:30 PM and their performance that day was at 8. Maybe Jin fake punching Jungkook again.

But no.

You just HAD to walk in right at that moment and see a girl you didn’t know, had never heard about or seen in your 7 years of being a fan, sitting on Jimin’s lap... kissing him... and he was kissing back. I gently coughed, clearing my throat, when they noticed me. Jimin seemed to get playfully mad at the girl. “Hey~” he said in a cute whiny voice while laughing softly. “What time is it?” “Um...” the girl checked the watch she was wearing and then replied to him. “7:32” She had her legs at his sides and her arms around his neck, the little situation making her scoot a little closer to him as to make him less mad at her. All giggly, he replied “You were supposed to tell me when it was 7:15 so we could leave.”

He picked her up bridal style and left the room, you following having no other idea on what to do. You had taken the time to look at them fully. She was wearing an oversized sweatshirt that looked like Jungkook’s ‘Missing’ hoodie, and then just underwear meanwhile Jimin was wearing a cute yellow and black stripped over sized shirt and slightly ripped black jeans.Y/N POV

Jimin seemingly walked over to his dressing room and softly placed her on a little chair in the room and handed her the remote to what I’m guessing was the TV he had put in there. He turned around and delicately jumped back, grabbing a hold of his shirt. “Sorry, did I startle you?” I asked him as I realized I had scared him, unintentionally trying to sound smarter by saying ‘startle’ instead of ‘scare’.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He walked passed he with a blank expression on his face, as if he were mad at someone. He pushed passed me, purposely bumping into my shoulder. Rude.

“Um... I-I’m your new makeup artist.” I said with a little smile on my face, trying to lighten the mood. He looked over to me, smiling a bit as he sat in the seat he was in beforehand. He took out his phone and after about 20 minutes of us just standing there, the other member started walking in.

The others I had not talked to so they did not know I spoke Korean. They all said hello in English so I responded with hello in Korean. They looked surprised but Jungkook Was just all happy. “Guys I got a girlfriend. Her name is San Young-Hwa and-” he was cut of by Jimin spitting out the water he was drinking. “What’s her name?” “Young-Hwa... Why?” “No reason.”

I’m guessing that was the name of the girl I saw with Jimin earlier because later that day, after the award show, I heard him yelling at her. I walked in and saw tears in her eyes. He seemed to be pissed off at her and done with his yelling. “Why are you with Jungkook?” He asked in a sweet voice this time. ” I-I’m sorry, b-baby.” She said, still crying. He sighed “I’m not your baby anymore.”

I leaned over and accidentally knocked something over. They both looked over to me. I felt my face heat up from embarrassment. He glared back at her before walking out and hitting my shoulder. He looked back a little at me and mumbled a small “Sorry” before putting his head down and walking away.

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