Kim Taehyung is forced to be engaged with his familys choice, which happened to be a guy in his early thirties named Hyungsik and to top it off he was a single father of two . Taehyung thought this was gonna be one of those cliche stories where the kids love him but that imagination came to an end once the little demons showed their true colors to him when their father wasnt around. Taehyung wants to move far far away with his past love. All he needs is courage which jungkook is more then gladly to help him find it. Short story. Started on wattpad: September 6, 2019

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"Hey taehyung?"

"Oh jungkook hi." Taehyung was surpise to see jungkook at the

"Is today your fun night?" Jungkook leaned closer to taehyung.

"Yeah just wanted to have at least a drink?" Taehyung blushed red. He was sitting sitting on the stool and jungkook was standing leaning so close to him his swears his heart has stop beating.

"Tae who'll you leave the kids with?" Jungkook's index finger softly creased his rosy cheek.

"With Hy-hyunsik." Taehyung gulped afraid of jungkook. Jungkook could do anything to him and he'll be more than glad to allow him.

"Let's go to my unit." Jungkook grabbed taehyung's hand dragging him with him but of course no before pay.


"Jimin did you hear? Apparently taehyung's fucking some other guy even though taehyung's married."

"Taehyung just leave that useless guy you call a husband and let me show you how an actual husband is suppose to treat his wife."

"But the childs."

"So? We can make our own later on."

"Taehyung where you've been?" Hyungsik clenched his jaw.

"grocery shopping."

"Don't fucking lie to me! I know you've been fucking around with another guy!"

"Hyungsik I'm tired please leave me alone."

"So your not even going to deny it! Gosh your such a fucking whore!"

"No! Okay yes I've been fucking behind your back but im not a whore! At least i didnt get paid to have sex i actually choose for my own pleasure."

"Get the fuck out of my house!"

"Finally freedom!"

"And i dont want you near my kids ever again!"

"Fuck you and your demon kids! I dont give a damn their not mine to begin with."

Taehyung groan in pleasure as jungkook fasten his thrusting speed.

"Fuck jungkook~ Yes yes yes jungkook fuck me harder."

Jungkook stopped thrusting making taehyung whine. He let out a throaty laugh before leaning forward he brushed his lips on taehyung's ear. "Angel that's not my name."
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