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~NEW VERSION~ Jungkook is so possessive of Taehyung that every time the other looks at someone else he gets jealous. Jungkook's possessiveness has been one of the main reason why they always argue. Taehyung is slowly starting to get tired of their arguments being almost an everyday thing. Will their relationship last? Or is Taehyung too in love to care? !TopKook! !BottomTae!

Romance / Fantasy
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Taehyung was running late once again but it wasn't his fault that jungkook woke up late making them both late.

"if I get detention, its your fault." Taehyung pouted angrily. He fast walked down the hallway with jungkook trailing right behind him.

"babe it'll be fine. Just say you're future Jeon and they wont do anything to you ." Jungkook slung his arm around taehyung's shoulder.

"jungkook shut up!" taehyung blushed furiously.

Taehyung and Jungkook both tried slipping in the classroom quietly but of course the old cranky wooden door had to make a loud screeching sound gaining everyones attention.

"Taehyung and Jungkook detention."

"I dislike you so much right now." Taehyung throw jungkook a glare. They were currently sitting in the lunchroom having their lunch. Jungkook usually sat besides taehyung but since he's mad at jungkook then he had no other choice then to sit across from him.

"tae, you'll be fine." Jungkook sighed, he really couldn't stand the distances between them. "I'll go talk to the principle to lets us out of detention.


"what?" jungkook looked at taehyung confusedly.

"Jungkook no, I'm not going to use your last name just to get anything I want and you shouldn't either. Detention is a punishment to make you learn your lesson. We broke a rule now we face the consequences."

Taehyung placed his food back in his lunch bag before stand up. "Just because your family is powerful and your used to getting what you want doesn't mean you can always have it your way."

Taehyung sighed as he sat in the cold room. He couldn't stand the quietness and the cold air blowing wasn't helping.

"taehyung wheres jungkook?" the detention professor asked him.

All taehyung done was shrug.

After an hour of boredom this dentention time was finally up. Taehyung quickly left the classroom, happy to finally go home.

He reached his pocket for his phone seeing 15 messages from jungkook and 20 missed calls.

"ah this dumb bunny probably forgot about detention." Taehyung mumbled to himself. He walked down the hallways with a frown plaster on his face.

"Hey taehyung."

Taehyung looked up at the person greeting him.

"oh hey." Taehyung reply back smiling. He honestly didn't know the guy and he was too tired to even stay to chat with him.

"Taehyung what are you doing here still?" the brown haired male came forward so that they could talk better.

"ah nothing just had to do something. "

"oh will, I have basket ball practice after school." The male replied back to taehyung even though he didn't ask. "do you need a ride?"

Taehyung quickly shook his head, "no but thank you for the offer."

"come on hyung. I don't want you catching a cold." The brown haired frowned. "and don't worry you wont be bother. I'm the who offer."

"well okay. Thank you." Taehyung cluched his bag following the male to his car.

The male opened the door for taehyung waiting for him to slid in.

"oh and my names zac." The brown haired unraveled taehyung's curiously.

After taehyung have given the directions to his apartment they finally arrived saftly.

Taehyung looked out the window to see jungkook's car already parked at it's usual spot.

"thanks for the ride zac." Taehyung smile before opening the door and grabbing his bag from the back seat.

"hey no problem. If you need anything just text me." Zac as while got off walking towards taehyungs side.

"um zac I don't have your number." Taehyung titled his head.

"then give me your phone so that I can give it to you." Zac smirked as taehyung let out a giggle.

"wow so smooth." Taehyung held the other male his phone.

"here call me anytime you want"

"haha will do. Thanks for the ride. Is there anyway for me to repay ?"

Zac though for awhile before nodding his head, "sure how about we go hang out at the mall or something."

Taehyung nodded as an agreement before tell zac to text him the dees later. They both bid their goodbyes before parting ways.

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