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Taehyung entered the building. he wrapped his arms around himself, the building has what it seemed the cold air blasting. Taehyung was peacefully sleeping when he got at least two calls from the doctors reminding him about his appointment. Taehyung was very confused because as far as he remembers he didn't have any appointments scheduled.

Taehyung sat down in one of the chairs waiting for his name to be called. There wasnt many people in the waiting room, meaning that maybe he didn't have to wait too long.

He got startled when his named was called.

The nurse lead him to the room, "you can sit and lay down, the doctor will be here in a few."

When the nurse left Taehyung looked around, his anxiety was at the peak. He fiddled with his fingers, he didnt like getting a check up. He also didnt like waiting.

"sorry for the wait," the doctor closed the door, locking while he was there. He faced Taehyung with a smile on his face.

"jungkook what the fuck?" taehyung looked at his boyfriend as if he was insane.

"will i had a dream about this and i said why not make it real." jungkook ran his fingers through his hair, looking at taehyung as if he was innocent.

"anyways," jungkook walked towards taehyung, "my name is doctor jeon, nice to meet you. today we will be doing a prostate checkup so take your clothes off and lay down with your legs spread." jungkook lustful eyes started at taehyung who was taking his pants off reveling his lacy panties.

after taehyung took off his clothes he layed down, covering his himself as best as he could with his hands. "jungkook this is embrassing" taehyung whined.

jungkook chuckled removing taehyung's hands, "baby i'm sorry but it'll be fun in a little while."

"when i came here i actually thought i had a checkup or something. i was peacefully sleeping." Taehyung pouted.

jungkook ran his hands down taehyung's thigh. He dugged inside his doctor coat pocket, taking out the lube. he open the bottle pouring some on his fingers and some on taehyung's hole.

"we could have done this at home. how you even pass as a doctor?" taehyung squeaked at the coldness of jungkooks fingers entering his warm hole.

"i know a friend that knows a friend." jungkook smirked at the tightness.

"spread your leg a little bit more and stop talking im your doctor not your boyfriend right now."

"sorry doctor. i just tend to talk when im nervous. ah"

"okay, im going to add another finger. are u ready."jungkook didn't even wait for taehyung's answer. he thrusted but fingers in and out, moving them inside in circular motion

" are u moaning? this is just a check up your not suppose to enjoy his. but what can u expect from a slut like you." jungkook moved his fingers faster hitting taehyung's prostate dead on.

Taehyung's thigh strated to shake, he bite his lip trying to suppress his moans. it was just too much.

jungkook's final thrust made taehyung cum all over his stomach and some getting on jungkook.

jungkook smirked, " you should be embrassed. i bet everyone in this building heard you. what a slut, clean your mess."

"yes doctor." taehyung got cum off his stomach with his fungers, bring them to his mouth. he sucked on his fingers without braking eye contact with jungkook. "doctor would you like to try some. maybe you can also check and see if my cum is healthy."

jungkook groaned, how can some one look so innocent yet so sinful.

"such a slut. my slut" jungkook took his clothes off, walking towards taehyung. he hovered over taehyung's small figure. He grabbed taehyung's thighs, putting them over his own thighs. jungkook pumped his member lazy, looking at taehyung. he was proud, he made taehyung into such a mess just by fingering him.

"baby i love you." jungkook entered his tip, teasing taehyung's entrance.

"fuck ~ i love you too. please stop teasing and put it in please."


if you would like for me to make a story out of this please let me know.

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