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Saving Grace


Sometimes life throws obstacles at you and it your part to dodge them. But in this story that is the opposite of what am saying. Ava, a small and innocent girl is gifted with everything a normal human teenage girl could ever wish for. Good body, Good grades, Good parents but friends?. She was cursed for that one. It is a rule for all good girls should stay away from bad girls but there is no way Ava can't escape that one. Oliva, the bad girl of her life. She sells drugs, kill people, just a mafia and a gangster in both ways. Why is it that Ava and Oliva are best friends in life? Bad+good=Dangerous. Oliva screams dangerous. Blue captivating eyes, muscles, and tattoos in the right places with flawless skin to go with it. What a blessing?. Ava in love with her best friend, oliva. How did that turn out? Bloody hell!. It all takes a twist when Ava's life is in danger and in threat. Oliva is doing EVERYTHING she can to stop it. But oliva isn't ready to stop her evil ways and her gang. The only person who can help her is Ava. Her saving grace. ------- "I have to tell you something" "What?" "Am in love with you" Bam!, there goes it all.

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I grab my toast from the toaster with my drink in the other hand as I say my greeting to my parents before heading to oliva who was waiting for me outside.

Entering inside, I close the door as I mutter a small “Good morning” before sipping my drink.

“If you aren’t my best friend, I would have killed you by now,” She said, her eyes focusing on the road.

“Yeah, but I am so yeah I don’t want to get killed” I spoke softly, watching people walk by as we pass.

“Silly you, I came to your house 6:20, and now it’s 6:40, I waited 20 minutes for you just to get your ass off your house” She exclaimed, throwing her fists in the air. Oh, dear.

“Stop making a big deal out of it, I slept in last night after practicing for the physics test you dummy,” I say, smiling for being able to shut her mouth down.

“Yeah, don’t go around smiling like an idiot” She pressed, a smirk gazing on her lips as I frown.

“Classic you” And then that was the end of our conversation as we arrived at Lakewood high.

Getting down from the car, as we link hands together we took a small walk to our lockers, well I was the only one who had to go to the locker since we still had 30 minutes more to go around, but I wasn’t going to go around instead I chose to go through my physics test so as not to FAIL.

Yeah, you can call me a nerd or a bookworm but that who I am. My parents don’t stress me about grades or anything is just that I loved studying and I had a huge passion for books. Okay maybe that a little bit nerdy but yeah, who cares!.

Then there go my best friend, oliva Wission. Ver beautiful, classy, and fifty rich. We have been best friends since kindergarten. She is very nice, sweet and overprotective of me but that another reason why I like her. You see I have a huge crush on her, but she doesn’t know and am afraid to tell her because that will just ruin our friendship which I don’t want.

Going outside, I seat at the bench as I began to unfold my book, ready to go through them,

I find physics very...interesting.

You looking through science, mathematics, or arts. I hate those subjects.....yeah I just said it.

My eyes going through the book as I access the information needed and taking some notes done on the difficult words ad studying them.

“Ava?” Oliva says, I perk my head up to see her clinging to her boyfriend. Ouch!

“Yeah,” I say, closing the book as my fingers started to become wobbly.

“I won’t be able to pick you up today, am going out with jack” She informed as they share a small kiss together. Another Ouch!.

“Oh, umm okay I will just walk then,” I say giving jack a small smile as he returned the same.

“No, no don’t, I already paid for the bus you will take so don’t worry. So sorry” She said looking at me with guilt written all over her face.

I can’t blame her. Her parents don’t care about her school just business and money. So me seeing Oliva skipping school is a normal thing for me.

“Oh, thank you!” I say, standing up as I slurp my bag over my back.

“Have a good time with Jack, bye!” I say as I take my walk to physics class.

What a day!.


I can’t believe I got an A+, in physics. It unbelievable, as they say, hard work pays offs.

Now time for lunch, I can’t wait to see oliva....oh wait she went out with Jack. So much for having fun!.

Collecting my food, I find an empty table as I lay my items on it, getting myself comfy.

My phone vibrates as I take it as a call to see that it a message from...Oliva.

“Sorry, am not there right now, I will make it up to you with a Starbucks ;)” - cutie-pie

A smile was on my lips I put my phone back in my bag. Now that my Bestfriend.

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