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Party Guessed // Teen Wolf


Teddy danced in her room, not giving a care about her mother's complaints down the stairs.

Her cigarette smoke filled her vision and she gently coughed, waving her hand in front of her face.

Her cellphone ringing caught her attention and she pressed 'accept' through her Bluetooth earbuds. 'Hello?'

'Heyyyy bitch. Where are you?' Her best friend, Josie Martin, sang out over bouncing music.

'Home....like any good kid on a Friday night.'

'Bor-ring. Come party!'

'What about your sister?' Teddy yelled over the phone.

'What about her? She's fine. And now it's time to celebrate.' Josie cheers with the crowd.

'I don't know, Jo. It's not really the night to be celebrating.'

'Just come. If you don't like it here, you can leave.' Josie says. 'Bye, I luv ya.'

'Jo-' Teddy starts, but Josie shuts the call down. "Ugh, alright. Casual party time. What do I wear?" She asks herself, browsing all her clothing options. "This looks good." Teddy picked out the closest thing that seemed casual and shrugged. "Can't believe I'm doing this." She groans, taking another drag from her death stick.

Grace Burrows, Teddy's youngest sister, waddles into her bedroom, carrying her stuffed elephant, Trumpie. "Where are going?" She reaches for Teddy's hand.

"Out....with friends." Teddy lies, applying her makeup.

"Otay. I tell Momma."

"Gracie, let's keep this a secret between us, yeah?"

"Lips are zipped."

"Thank you, Gracie-bear. I love you." Teddy hugs her little sister and approaches her window, sliding the pane up enough to where she can just slide through.

Teddy slides to the ground from the roof and grunts upon impact with the concrete. "That'll hurt tomorrow." She straddles her motorcycle and clips her helmet on before taking off toward the party.

Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howls and it sends shivers down her spine. Something tears her eyes from the road for a split second and the bike ends up careening off the side of the road, landing on her legs.

Teddy squeezes her eyes shut and bites her lip to tamper any noises that would escape from her dry mouth.

Suddenly, the bike flies off her and lands on the other side of the road. An unidentifiable figure rose above her, eyes glowing a crimson red. The thing growls and gets low to her face, searching her for something.

She couldn't figure out if she should run or stab it with her pocket knife, but she didn't get to make a choice for a searing heat attacked her body and she blacked out.

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