Bratz Drabbles

Fragrance - Fianna & Katia

Katia proceeded to plant butterfly kisses along Fianna’s lithe stomach, and thus glazing her warm breath over the other female’s navel. Katia loved the sweet scent of her fragrance, as well as the many sounds of Fianna moan in response. There was no wonder as to why Fianna was nicknamed Fragrance, she smelled absolutely divine, as Katia believed. Katia halted her lips the moment she reached Fianna’s waistline, faintly tutting as she perceived the woman’s diamond studded belt.

“...May I?” Katia asked, tilting her head enough to face Fianna before her, Katia only thought it would be polite to ask for permission beforehand.

“I would... prefer you kiss me a little more...” Fianna admitted in return, biting onto her bottom lip teasingly towards the dark-haired female.

The way her green-hued eyes glimmered with loving desire, the way her cheekbones collected a crimson blush, and the way her nicely tanned skin heated in response to the many quick kisses. Katia was in love, she was in love with this Brazilian woman. Katia purred at the enticing sight, leaning up to gift Fianna a kiss upon the lips.

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