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A Rock Star


What if Dean Winchester was a rock star? that would be amazing right? your a young talented kid and your dream is to become a rock star... and you meet Dean Winchester and join his band..and fall for him

Horror / Other
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Your Dream

“This is our first gig!” Jack said. You had a huge smile on your face and said” yeah I can’t wait!“.You see someone walk past the doorway curious and scared you go and check it out. You see it...Dean Winchester. He is your idol. You start following him. He looks behind and says” Hello. is anyone there?“.You hide quickly. He looks back and you start following him again. Trying not to get caught you get caught.“Hello” you hear.“Hi,” you said scared but starstruck you turn around only to be facing Dean Winchester. He asks”Do you know how to play guitar?” You answered”Yes”.“Ok come with me”.Dean takes you to the bunker. You are very confused.“Wait. Wait! I have a gig that I’m gonna miss and I already have a band, “you say.“Well, that’s going to have to wait, “Dean said .“No!” You say. You realize that it was your dream to meet him.” Look I love you but I can’t just go with you” you say.” In what way?” He says.“every way” you say.“I don’t know what to say...“.

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