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He twinkled like starlight


You thought you knew the hard sheen that Draco Malfoy portrays...But do you? Abby Lee has a secret that he's desperate to find out. But little does she know he has one of his own. One closely related to the one she hides. Will he accept her or will he turn her away as fast as he can?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Abby P.O.V

The snow falls from the sky with a certain sense of urgency; as if it needs to get to the ground. To take first place in a race. I watch the delicate snowflakes fall with their uniqueness melting on my skin making me shiver with each tiny drop of ice-cold water.

Steam is rising out of the ground as the snow melts to the heat provided by the Hogwarts Express. Pulling into the station the train sends a hot blast of air towards anyone who is within five feet of the train; drying their clothes and hair.

I stand close to the entrance of the train close enough to the front that I shouldn’t be bothered as much as the rest of the people here.

Coming to a final stop I grab my bag and climb aboard the train parting ways with my trolley filled with my personal belongings and my owl. I’d like to say that Midnight belongs to me with his black feathers and yellow eyes, but to be honest Midnight doesn’t have a trace of tame when it comes to being chained down.

I take a seat in the front where most of the cabins are devoid of passengers. Everyone is saying goodbye hugging their mothers and fathers and siblings who are either too old or too young to attend Hogwarts. The few muggles are standing with their children staring in wonder at the world we wizards and witches call home.

I tear my eyes away from the window and wait for the journey to Hogwarts to begin.

The train ride is a trip of around three hours, which I take advantage of, falling asleep with my head bouncing lightly on the window, the cold regulating the warmth of the cabin. When the express comes to a halt I wake up with the whistle of the train signaling that we had arrived at our destination.

Gathering my things I stand up making my way out of the train to the carriages awaiting us to take us the rest of the journey up the winding mountain road to the entrance of the school. Our luggage being magically transported to the main hall we make our way without having to worry about the trolleys carrying our things.

Even for new students like myself, my trolley is transported to the middle of the four common rooms awaiting for me to be sorted. Tightening the scarf around my neck I stare out my window at the splendor of the castle that I will be calling home for a long time.

Funny thing, a home; something I’m not used to being able to say. I haven’t met my father and my mother was a drunken witch who would stagger through the village with her arm strung around some wizard who she brought home.

The loud slams of the doors would wake me up when I managed to fall asleep her laughter trailing up the stairs into the room a few doors down. By the time I was fourteen I learned how to silence my room so I wouldn’t have to hear anything going on outside of my door.

Now at fifteen, I was allowed to attend Hogwarts and live the life that I want.

Strolling through the entrance makes the small amount of oxygen in my body leave. The hall doors are a dark oak and they are standing there open strong on their hinges. We all enter the hall and automatically robes appear on every one of us. Mine un embellished since I haven’t been sorted yet.

When everyone takes their seats I take a seat towards the back of the hall near the Slytherin and the Ravenclaw tables the chairs hidden by the hundreds of students for each house.

Professor Dumbledore starts his welcoming back speech.

“Welcome back students, remember that if you do not have a permission slip for Hogsmeade you will not be able to go. But, enough of that, over the break we were alerted of a student who is to attend Hogwarts, she was supposed to start at the beginning of this year, but plans didn’t work out that way. Will you all please welcome, Abigail Lee,” I stand up ignoring the eyes following me as people stand up to get a better look as I pass by.

“Please take a seat on the stool Abby,” he waves in front of him and a stool appears on which I take a seat.

An aging woman walks over to me with a concerned look on her face and an ancient hat in her hands. Placing it upon my head the hat hums with a sort of power.

The buzzing coursing through my bones as it makes its decision.

“Slytherin!” the hat shouts. No cheers for me as I admire my robes now embellished with the emblem of Slytherin the inside of my robes a dark luminous green.

I stride to the table with my head held high seeing a couple of girls waving me over. I slid in next to the girls who waved me over.

“Hello, Abby,” the brunette says. “I’m Pansy Parkinson.”

“I’m Astoria Greengrass,” says the redhead next to her. “Welcome to Hogwarts!”

“Thank you,” Their enthusiasm makes me lightheaded. I turn away from them and assemble my plate. Glancing around the table I stop on someone who is watching me with curiosity. His grey eyes pierce my own blue ones. His platinum blonde hair falls just above his eyebrows. Smirking he makes me turn away. The intensity of his looks leaves me with traces of it even when I look the other direction.

After dinner Pansy and Astoria take their places on both sides of me slipping their arms through mine and dragging me along to the dungeons where the Slytherin corridor is.

When we enter the room is filled with decorations and lights and alcohol and other things. People are already dancing and grinding on each other. The boy from earlier is sitting on the couch with a couple other guys. I meet his eyes as he looks up to see who came into the room. He looks away as soon as I move closer.

Pansy drags me to the dorm rooms where my stuff awaited conveniently in their room, she starts tearing through my clothes pulling out things and holding them in front of me. Finally she selects a black dress that I haven’t worn since this summer but decided to bring it anyways.

“We are staying up until the sun comes up, okay?” she giggles as I slip into the dress with her brushing my hair putting it up into a high ponytail.

“Alright, I can do that,” I laugh.

We make our way down to the party Astoria meeting us with a couple of drinks. I take a sip of the contents that is in my cup whiskey, fire whiskey. This kind burns the worst of all alcohol. It makes its way down my throat into my stomach quickly lighting a friendly fire inside of me.

I laugh as she pours me another.

They start walking to the couches where Pansy takes a seat next to the boy I admired from earlier and Astoria taking a seat next to a brown haired boy on her other side. I have no choice but to follow by taking a seat facing the couch where Pansy and the boy are sitting.

“Abby this is Draco Malfoy,” Pansy gazes at Draco longingly. Draco doesn’t seem to understand or maybe, he just doesn’t care.

“I’m Abby,” I hold out my hand.

“I heard,” He rolls his eyes at my hand.

Pulling my hand away I introduce myself to the others. Vincent, Greggory, Blaise and Theodore. They all shake my hand unlike Draco did. Once I finish introducing myself to everyone, Astoria looks like she has an idea.

“Why don’t we play a game,” she says mischievously.

“What game?” Blaise asks.

“Something to make Abby feel welcome here,” she pauses looking at me. “How about spin the bottle?”

“Ooh! Yes let’s play that!” Pansy says.

“Uh, I don’t really know anyone here though,” I say.

“That really doesn’t matter,” Draco says lazily, taking a seat on the floor finishing his beer, setting it on its side in front of all of us. Everyone takes a seat around the bottle making it boy, girl, boy, girl.

“Alright who goes first,” Draco asks leaning up on the couch.

“I will!” Pansy says spinning the bottle eagerly.

The bottle lands on Theodore and her face falls. Leaning over across the floor she quickly kisses Theodore and sits back. The way Theodore wipes his mouth with a look of disgust makes me laugh not on my own accord.

Astoria ends up having to kiss Crabbe and another after another. My turn comes along and I spin the bottle, so far I have been lucky enough to only have to kiss Blaise. The bottle lands on Draco. Laughter pauses and the group looks from Draco and me.

Draco opted out of the whole game until now. He leans over the bottle taking my face in his hands strangely delicate kissing me sweetly on the lips.

Leaning back to his spot he licks his lips leaving me open mouthed staring at him.

“Was it really that good?” Astoria asks me later as we make our way to the dorm room.

“It was alright,” I shrug. Pansy glaring at me with jealousy.

“I mean he didn’t kiss anyone else but you,” She looks at me as I slip into pajamas.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything, especially since the only others that landed on him was Vincent and Theodore.”

“You’re in denial,” she says.

“Okay, so I’m in denial for someone who doesn’t even know me?” I roll my eyes at Astoria who is braiding her red hair.

“Just listen to her Astoria, he didn’t want to kiss the guys she was the only girl who landed on him,” Pansy pipes in tucking herself into her sheets.

“Oh shut it, you’re just jealous Pansy,” Astoria throws her pillow at Pansy hitting her in the back of her head.

I slip under my sheets looking at both of the girls laughing and messing around. Finally, for the first time I felt like I had a home. It might be temporary but it is a home nonetheless.

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