Middle Child


The story off three bestfriends wanting fame, but finding love along the way. Girl group known as Middle Child consists of three members: Tamia, Serenity, & Eden. The group deals with there own issues including anxiety, depression, and addiction. But will falling in love with the boys they constantly are up against save them from there troubles?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

For the oppressed stans who can’t be themselves for liking what they like, and loving who they love.

And The Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album goes to. The pause in the announcer’s voice had created a sudden silence amongst the rest of the artist as their stomachache had been in knots. The girls mouth had watered with excitement and nervousness as they sat at the edge of their seats. “ And the winner is…”

𝟯 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗘𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗲𝗿

The frustration was evident on girls faces as they had struggled to get the new choreography. “This is bullshit!” Eden calls as she messes up the footwork once again. “It’s not that hard guys come on we got this.” Tamia had encouraged. “Well if Eden would get the fucking footing right then we could take a break.” Serenity spat sternly. “We’ve been here since six in the goddamn morning excuse me if I’m exhausted.” Eden said with a sigh. “Well maybe if you stopped popping pills you could get your head in the game!” Serenity’s loud voice boomed. “You know what I’m out of here.” Eden said as she began to grab her gym bag and things. “Serenity seriously!” Tamia scolded her. Tamia calls for Eden but it fell on deaf ears as the seventeen year old girl was already out of the building. “What the fuck Serenity? You know she’s sensitive about that stuff.” Tamia huffed. “Well my feet are sensitive from dancing since six this morning.” Serenity said. Tamia rolls her eyes at the lousy excuse. "Practice is over!" The oldest says as she grabs her stuff and leaves Serenity alone in regret.“Who the fuck does she think she is?” Eden says as she angrily gets in her car. As she sits down in the car she aggressively opens her backpack. She opens the pill bottle of Xanax before putting two of them in her mouth and swallowing. Salty tears run down her face as she starts to cry and drives off. “ It’s not my fault she’s a perfect dancer. I work just as hard as her, maybe even harder.” Eden says to herself. "Fucking bitch!" she curses. The drive was relatively quick since her house was a block away from the girls practice. She unlocks the door to her adoptive home and is immediately greeted with her adoptive siblings.

“Hello you fucking idiot. Welcome home you disgrace.”

The throwing of insults overwhelming the seemingly small girl. “Why do you always have to bother me? I’ve done nothing to you.” Eden said with a sigh. “You don’t belong here and we won’t let you forget it.” The boy spat. That comment is always said, but it still feels like a thousand stab wounds. Well I believe it, how could I not? I’m adopted after all Eden thinks. As she walks to her room head hanging down her mind starts to slow down. She starts to hear her heartbeat and the blood flowing through her vain. The xans started to kick in and she then felt herself lose balance. “Look at her how pathetic. She can’t even make it to her room.” The devilish twins snicker at the girl evilly after they tripped her. They look down at the girl on the floor. The boy then leans close. “Oh and don’t forget not a word to mom and dad. You know what will happen if you do right.” The defeated girl sits there in silence. “I SAID GOT IT BITCH!!” Eden then flinches and softly says got it. This may be bad but Eden isn’t the only member dealing with shit. So are the other members there just better at hiding it.

Serenity’s House

Serenity was pissed! At herslef mostly, the situation, and the harsh words she said. It wasn’t a secret that Serenity had anger issues and that she had zero filter, but this time she took it too far and she knew it. “Fuck, why did I have to go that far!” She cursed at herself. “Eden probably hates me right now, and she isn’t picking up my calls.” Serenity paced back and forth in her room thinking of how to fix this. “I’ll call Tamia. She usually helps us resolve these types of things.” Eden huffed and went to dial the number but it went straight to voicemail. “Wow she isn’t gonna answer me either!” Serenity was upset but understood what shesaid was fucked up. She had no reason to say that to Eden, she took it way too far. The group was used to Serenity’s blow ups, but this one was different. They have never seen her snap like that before something was definitely up, but what was the question? “Should I go to her house?” She asked herself but knew the answer to that question was no. The group knows of Eden’s home situation and they hate it. Eden’s parents were fairly good and hard working people. Her siblings are the problem though, well adoptive siblings. Eden’s biological parents were shit. They abandoned her at a young age so she ended up with the Choi’s. She was loved but bullied by her siblings. They felt she didn’t belong there and they made that known to her. Serenity was stuck, she wasn’t sure what to do. She needed to talk to Tamia asap.

Tamia’s Apartment

Tamia was drained today was terrible. The girls had a blowup and we got no work done. We have a really important gig soon. This isn’t gonna work for much longer. Tamia (T for short) is the eldest and leader of the group. She was in charge of booking gigs, choreo, and some of the song writing. They didn’t have a manager due to not being big yet so she kinda filled in the role. “ I’m stumped. I don’t know what to do, Eden has every right to be mad right now but the timing sucks. We have an important gig this can’t be happening right now!” The girl heard her doorbell to her small apartment go off and she rushed to the door. Looking through the peephole she sees a frantic Serenity pacing back and forth. She opened the door and the girl pushed passed her. “She isn’t answering my calls!” She gritted through clenched teeth. “Well do really blame her, that was fucked up Serenity!” Tamia yelled, getting angry by the situation. “I said I’m sorry okay what do you want me to do.” Serenity said. “ What do I want you to do? I want you to be sincere and grow up. We get it you got your shit you go through, but she’s a kid that’s been through some fucked up shit and you knocking her for it doesn’t help!” The older girl screamed while her voice shaked. Tamia doesn’t do well with confrontation but she has been trying to get over that so she can lead the girl in the right direction. Her mom didn’t make being herself or growing up easy but she doesn’t like to think about that. “ I know and I’m trying, but I can’t say sorry if she won’t talk to me.” Serenity whispered, wanting to stop the screaming back and forth after hearing T. “Please just talk to her for me, or atleast try to get her to answer my calls.”Serenity pleaded knowing how stubborn Eden could be. “I’ll talk to her tonight, but go home and get some rest, we have to actually practice tomorrow so you two need to get over this shit!”The younger girl nodded and began to walk towards the door. “I love you!” Tamia said with a small smile. “Yeah yeah, whatever.” she said with a toothy grin. Serenity isn’t big on emotion but she is different with the group. She says they make her soft but they’re all just close like that. T goes to get her phone off the charger hoping Eden answers her call so they can resolve this before there next practice. “Pick up, pick up, pick up.” She droned on really wanting her to answer. “Hey!” she said with excitement really not expecating to get an answer. “Hey um what’s up?” Eden asked, sounding sluggish and tired. “Are you good you don’t sound so hot, and Serenity’s really sorry she wants to talk to you but you haven’t answered.” Tamia said in a concerned tone there was a pregnant pause before Eden had answered. “Yeah I’m fine just everything’s a bit crazy right now.” The pills she had taken earlier in the day had started to take its full effect now. The feeling of loneliness and a sense of calmness had filled her mind. “Listen you know how my parents are about me being on the phone and I got a paper to write.” Eden’s voice had wandered off. “Uh yeah no it’s totally fine. See you at practice tomorrow?” Tamia said, still concerned. “We’ll see.” The last words she had said before hanging up.

𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗗𝗮𝘆

“And the winner is Middle Child.” The announcer screamed into the mic. The crowd erupted in applause as the group of girls bursted into tears of joy. “Oh my god we won!″ Tamia cried as she and the other two made their way to the stage. “Congratulations girls!” the announcer had handed them the golden award. As tradition the trio had given a speech in between their sobs and smiles. Pushing back all the heartaches and troubles they had faced to live in their moment.
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