She is the boss and he works under her. If she is a storm, he is a breeze. If she is as fire, he is ice. She used to be alone whereas he would be surrounded by a gang. Of course, they are opposite poles...and should be attracted...

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Chapter 1

Part 1 Future of Gupta Industry

Shashi Gupta has been admitted to the hospital. He got a severe heart attack the previous day. Garima Gupta was sitting outside the ICU all alone, spilling tears, helplessly. Shashi Gupta’s only daughter Khushi Gupta was on the way to India who was living in Switzerland. It was two years after she completed her master's at the University of Zurich. Still, she was in Swiss. However, Shashi pleaded with her; she never liked to come to India.

Shashi wanted her to take over the business responsibilities but she doesn’t want to get tied up in India in the name of the business. Doesn’t mean she is not interested in business or she is unworthy. She is… she is the one who guides Shashi in the critical conditions, all the time. Even though she is a milliner she has been working for a popular watch company in Switzerland to gain experience. Shashi was not fine with it. He wants her to take over the Gupta industry.

But she was adamant not to come to INDIA. It’s because of Garima… her stepmother. Khushi’s mother died when she was fourteen years old. Khushi studied the tenth standard at that time. Shashi’s sister, Madhumathi compelled Shashi for the second marriage. At first, Shashi didn’t agree to it. But, seeing Khushi struggling alone, he decided to get married. Teenager Khushi didn’t like it. She couldn’t accept someone in her mother’s place. She cried wherever his father spent time with Garima. She started hating Shashi because of Garima. She sensed changes in his behavior that he had forgotten her mother completely. She never accepted Garima’s favor and help. She started cooking on her own. She had done all her work all alone, without taking Garima’s help.

As time passed, Khushi isolated herself. She started living her life alone, spending time with her studies. She stopped talking with Shashi. Shashi felt bad for Khushi. He thought Khushi would be left alone after her mother’s death because she used to be with her mother. He thought Garima will be her support for the rest of her life but it became reverse. Khushi never liked to talk to Garima in fact she started distancing herself from her father too.

When she completed schooling, she applied for foreign country colleges without getting Shashi’s permission. Shashi didn’t agree to send her to Switzerland when she got admission to the University of Zurich. Khushi was adamant in her decision of going to Swiss. Shashi agreed to it halfheartedly.

After that Khushi didn’t show interest to come to India. As per her last mother’s WILL, her mother’s properties came under Khushi’s control when Khushi became twenty-one. So, Khushi became independent which made Shashi’s condition worse. She stopped getting his help. He started missing Khushi. He became sad whenever she refuses to come to India which made him fall ill. Khushi came to India without any second thought when Shashi got a mild attack for the first time. It gave Shashi a little solace. He understood that somewhere in her heart, he holds a little place.

Now… he is in ICU, in serious condition. Garima conveyed the message to Khushi through Madhumathi because Khushi never attended Garima’s call. She is coming to India to see her father.

Not only Shashi and Garima, Khushi never got attached to anyone, after her mother, neither in school nor in Swiss.

She kept a distance from Shashi doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him. She does… but she stopped showing it to him. She is coming to India putting all the things aside to meet her father.

City Hospital

Garima had been waiting near the ICU as no one is allowed inside the ICU.

Suddenly, Garima heard the sound of the pin tip heels nearing her. She raised her head slowly and saw an ultra-fashioned girl, who is wearing a knee-length black pencil fit skirt, white shirt with a black coat, coming towards the ICU with the doctor who is treating Shashi. Garima’s facial expression says that she is none other than Khushi. It seems, she inquired about Shashi already. Yes, Khushi was not ready to talk to Garima at any cost.

Garima didn’t try to near her and she was awestruck, seeing Khushi went to the ICU with the doctor. She sat next to Shashi. No matter how strong she is, she couldn’t hold her tears, seeing her father’s condition.

“He is very weak, Ms. Gupta. An extreme level of stress is the reason for his condition. Please keep him relaxed. He needs plenty of rest. It will be better if he gets retirement from his hectic work.” The doctor said.

The doctor’s statement made her vexed she knew the reason for his stress. It’s her… who makes him stressed. This situation is unexpected. She came to India with a return ticket. But, the circumstances lead her to cancel the ticket. She came out of the ICU and sat on the chair which is far away from Garima.

Garima worried about Shashi. Don’t know what will happen to Gupta Industries. Shashi is not in the condition to give his time whereas Khushi is not ready to get into it. Not that, she was not ready to talk to Khushi about it. Khushi won’t like talking to Garima. Shashi is the one who should decide about it.

Khushi was thinking about Shashi’s condition seriously. She didn’t know what to do… the girl who never took a minute to make the decisions is struck now.

To be continued…

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