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The Trio(Hosie)


Josie is a witch and hope is a tribrid , they met through an accident, but as their adventures together goes by , what do you think they will encounter , do you think they will fall in love? Or will they remain as friends... Credits to the legacies companies as I'm using some of the character's name

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Introduction and Character


this chapter is basically an explanation of the book and what everything means.

This book is about lgbtq+, fantasy and love. Though this might be lgbtq+ love, there will also be some guy and girl love. Starting off in this book there are 3 main characters which are Josie, Hope and Lizzie. In future chapters we will be adding more main characters into the book to make it have more flavour and humour 😗😗.

In this book, the main characters will face magical beast, wizards,etc. The world they live in called “asterin” which means a star.

I wanted to make this chapter in case readers don’t understand the book so hopefully this will clear things up. I’ll try to make this short and sweet to not take up much time ehe ✌️

one of the characters i’m going to use is completely based off an anime character Seijūrō Akashi (credits to kuroko no basket

This story will be more focused on Josie , Hope and Lizzie , but we will also be adding more characters so there might be some chapter's where we focus on telling you the other character's story so you don't get confused.

Also credits to legacies as we will be using some of their characters.

Thank you for reading this and i hope this helped you understand it better ☺️☺️

(Written by Co-writer)

Main characters

Josie Saltzman
Hope Mikaelson
Lizzie Saltzman

Other characters(vampire diaries, originals,legacies)

Alaric Saltzman
Caroline Forbes
Klaus Mikaelson
Hayley Marshall
Rebekah Mikaelson
Freya Mikaelson
Kol Mikaelson

Other characters (we are adding in)

Skye Johnson
Hazel brown hair Blue eyes
the “Mom” of the group
caring, kind with soft features
oldest daughter of the johnson family of witches
ability to heal people
Emma Johnson
Light Brown Hair Blue eyes
the “baby” and youngest of the group
adventurous with lots of curiosity
youngest daughter of the johnson family of witches
ability to stop time
Seijūrō Keiji
Long Red maroon hair and red maroon eyes
kind and loyal with a mischievous personality but also can be very bloodthirsty
youngest daughter of the Seijūrō family of assassins
Pyrokinesis: ability to control fire and heat

Seijūrō Akashi
Fringe Red maroon hair and red maroon eyes
extremely intimidating and condescending has a split personality
oldest son of the Seijūrō family of assassins
Emperor Eye: ability to read the future
Sasaki kojīn
Spiky Black hair with dark blue eyes
aggressive and arrogant but cares a lot about the people he loves
youngest son of the sasaki family of assassins
Wind Control ability to emit wind and control it

Ryan Anderson
Slicked Back blonde hair and Green eyes
responsible and well prepared very curious about things and he know a lot about the word
parents are zoologist and professor at a elite school
telepathy able to communicate with people they choose mentally

From writer:

Hiii!!! I'm the writer, for this story I will be publishing a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Also I wanted to say because school has started for me and the co-writer , which means we also have exams and we wanted to say during our exams we will put a on hold on the story until our exams are over , so we hope you guysss will understand!!! Thank you guysss!!! I hope you guys will also like our story and share them with your friends if you think it's niceee!!
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