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The Trio(Hosie)

Chapter 1: Acquaintance

Josie and Lizzie saltzman was running through the woods from something..

They kept running and looking back, trying to avoid something . It made it seem like they are running from something that is threatening their lives!

Lizzie kept running forward without looking back... Right at that moment.. Josie tripped over something!

That animal that made them so scared was something with very fierce eyes filled with rage . It was black and have sharp fangs.

Josie was looking at that fierce looking wolf while trying to move backwards to escape from the wolf .

The wolf slowly walked towards Josie , with its eyes looking fiercely at her , she was screaming for help!

" Somebody please help! PLEASE HELP ME!" Josie kept screaming.

As the wolf slowly walked closer , it looked as if it was going to attack her soon...

The wolf pounced towards Josie as she screamed.


Josie was paralyzed with fear , she couldn't move at all , neither did she know what to do...

The wolf was pouncing towards her yet she couldn't move , she knows it is coming but she's paralyzed...

Negative thoughts started to overwhelm her , she felt like she had no more hope , no more hope that anyone would save her...

Right at that moment , when she was about to close her eyes and accept her fate that she was going to die, somebody showed up...

She has auburn hair and light blue eyes....

She screamed at the wolf with a super screaming power, that power of hers killed the wolf and saved Josie!

And her name is Hope Mikaelson.

"Hey! Are you okay?" Said Hope.

"Y- yea.. , I'm fine.. Thank you!" Josie replied.

"I'm Hope Mikaelson, Nice to meet you! Said Hope.

"I'm Josie saltzman! Pleasure to meet you! Y-you.. you are beautiful..." Josie Said shyly.

Josie and hope laughed at what Josie said. Hope thanked Josie for the compliment!

Josie was looking at Hope as if she got her mesmerized...

Hope then heard some cracking sounds , which then made her put up her guard, looking around to see if there is anymore , she saw a girl with blond hair looking at her.

Lizzie was looking at Hope , She introduced herself as Josie's fraternal twin sister then went to see if Josie was alright , She then apologized to Josie for leaving her behind.

Josie forgave Lizzie as she knew that they were both scared and it was normal to run away...

Josie then asked Hope if she wanted to follow them back to the Salvatore boarding school.

Hope agreed and followed them to the school.

From writer :
Thank you for reading this! I will continue to write this! I hope you guys will support me! I'm soo sorry that it's soo short but I'll be making it longer as time past...

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