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There You Are | Zarry AU


Harry Styles, a fighter, really charismatic, kind, and nice guy, knows what he wants, has everything sorted out in his life. Zayn Malik, a racer, mysterious, not so open, being lied to by his own people. Life likes to play with his mind, shocking him. Lies to unfold. Masks to remove. Faces to expose. And in the end, being free is all that matters

Romance / Other
Tammy Sia
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Fuck! Today was definitely not my day. I made my way to my room. I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled out my phone and saw the missed calls from Noura. We've been dating for nine months. I don't understand why she is still with me. I mean, we have nothing like that left between us. We don't even talk as much as a couple should. I just don't feel like it. We don't love each other but we care for each other for sure. We knew each other since childhood. Our dads are friends.

Tamia had sent a text saying that she had found a new roommate or should I say apartment mate for me. Cos technically, we are gonna be sharing the apartment not a room.

I called her but she declined the call. Maybe she is busy, whatever.

I went in the shower, turned it on, letting the cold water hit my skin, and relax the nerves.

I dried my body and put my pants on. I went to the kitchen to get cold water.

"Fucker, you take so much time in showers" I realized Tamia was here.

"Did I ask?" I say.

"Just stating my opinion" she shrugged. I open a bottle of cold water.

"Yeah, I don't need it. Thanks" I said.

"I found a guy who'd stay in here, share this messy place with you" I gulp down the water.

"What about the amount?" I ask

"More than what you asked for. I increased the amount when I was dealing with him"


"Yeah. He'll be moving in three days. Where were you last night?" She asks as she slightly pushes me away from her way and takes a bag of chips.

"Ay, that's mine. I was doing what I do" I reply.

"Hmm, He saw the apartment. He wants the room you keep your random things in. I mean the room is pretty big, who wouldn't want it?"

"I don't like him already. He is taking the room from me"

"Aww, baby is sad. Don't cry, it's just a room. What's the result of last night?"

"Oh so funny" I rolled my eyes. "I came first and I almost got busted by the cops," I said smirking.

"Ok I'm leaving, bye"

"Like I care" I muttered.

Noura called again? What does she want? I called her.

"Hey," she said.

"You called?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to tell you I won't be coming this week. Maybe next time" I don't want you to come. Stop wasting your time on me.


"Please don't be sad. I'll make it up to you"

"Yeah, sure"


"Listen to what I'm saying, Mitch," I say.

"Ok. Go on"

"We cant go to the club that day, I'm moving"

"Once you are there, unpaced and comfortable then, maybe, we will go, I'll tell Riley and Liam," he says and I nod.

"Bye, I have to be at home in an hour, mom is cooking,"

"Have fun"

"We aren't some teenagers, shut up" I get in my car and drive home.


"Mom, I'm home" I was hit with the smell the aroma of the delicious food as I entered.

"The food is almost ready, go freshen up"

Gemma was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"I didn't know you watched the Kardashians," I say.

"Nah, I was just roaming around and this came up, I don't know why I am watching it"

"So... When are you leaving? Not that I want you to leave, but you are moving"

"In three days. Help me pack my bags"

"Haha. No, thank you" a bitch. But I love my sister. But I am the better Styles, of course.

"Gemma is the better Styles," she says.

"Wrong, that's what you are" I leave the living room and go to my room to sort out my things a bit.

I am moving into an apartment with a stranger. I hope they are nice and kind and we get along. The apartment I was in last time was smaller than this one and the owner was a fucking asshole.

Hope this one won't be an asshole. And I stay at peace there.

A/n: Oh, Harry he is gonna rock tf outta you.😌 Btw, point out the mistakes, tell me how can I improve, and yeah, show some love and support to ya gurl and dis book!



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