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There You Are | Zarry AU



Most of my bags were transferred. I am taking the few ones that are left with me in the car. Mitch helped me a lot with packing like the best friend he is. I still don't know who the owner is. I only know Tamia and something about her is making me trust her enough to move into an apartment without doing any research. And what research am I gonna do about an apartment? Who lived in the past in it? If there is any ghost about it?

I stopped in front of the apartment building. I took a bag and walked inside.

When I opened the door I saw Tamia's face.

"You are here!" She exclaimed.

"Ah! You seem so happy to see me" I placed the bag in a corner.

"Yes, I am. It's good to have someone nice and cute around"

I smile at her. I heard a door open and a guy came.

"Is it the guy I am sharing..." I whispered to Tamia.

"Oh, no, that's Jason. He's just a friend," I nodded at her.

I went down to got the last bag that was in my car and took a u-turn.

"Zayn, this is Harry, Harry, this is Zayn" oh!

God damn! Such a pretty face.

"Hey, mate," Zayn said.

"H-hi" I stutter like an idiot I am.

"Ah. Let me help you" he says and picks up the bag I place in the corner and walks to my room.

If I could transfer the bags from my mum's house to here, I can take the bag to my room too. But he is helping, gotta be grateful. He is nice.

"Thank you"

"No problem. If you need anything... It's your home from now on, get it yourself" he shrugged and walked out of the room.

I mean, he is not wrong.

I changed into something comfortable and decided to unpack the bags later. Phew! I am tired.

I got out of the room to get something to eat. Zayn was on the couch watching boxing match on the tv.

I opened the fridge, I just moved. None of the prepared food was mine. I saw lasagna in there.

"Zayn, can I grab a plate of lasagna? I don't have any food" I asked from the kitchen.

"Aaahh, yeah, go on" He answered.

"Thanks" I muttered.



The match was finished. The one I was rooting for won. Jason was gone and so was Mia.

Harry came and sat on the couch beside me.

"Arent you tired?" I ask him.

"I am"

"Are you interested in boxing?" I ask.

"Yeah, very much," he answers.

"Oh really,"

"Dude, I've done boxing matches and won" he smirked.

Wow, great.

"So, you are a boxer?"

"A fighter more likely. I do street fights, I fight in rings"

"Hmm, amazing,"

"What do you do?" He asks.

"I am a racer," I answer.

"Woah, car or bike?"

"Both," I say.

"Legal one or illegal one"

"Both," I answer.

"Isn't it risky?" He asks

"Of course it is, but it's fun. What you do is risky too. Anything can happen in the rings,"

"Yeah, but it's fun"

Harry's phone started to ring. "Mum" was written on the screen. He answered the call.

I flipped through some channels. I stopped on the animal planet.

Lmao, what are they telecasting? I pressed my lips in a thin line. Two Zebras were at it. Oh, so they do it in the doggy style. And I was watching it.

Harry puts the phone down.

"Mamma's boy, aren't you?"

"You can say" he shrugs.

"What kind of music do you like?" I ask.

"Depends on my mood. Pop rock, RnB..." He answeres.

"I am sleepy. Goodnight"

"Night" he mutters.

I made my way to my room.

Noura didn't call me today. I don't think she will let me get out of this relationship. I've been wanting to leave her for months now. We have nothing left between us. What if someone from us cheats. Uh, no I'm not gonna cheat. I am better than this. Dad is getting benefits from our relationship. It's benefiting our family business. I wish I knew what they actually want. Its been almost three months since I haven't been to Bradford. I do miss my sisters.

I hope I get out of all this without making any mess and be free.

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