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Rosewood academy #1-Chosen


Tiffany Glen has wanted to have a horse ever since she was 5, after receiving a scholarship from a big horse riding school in the USA she finally gets her own horse and they face many challenges at the school such as friends and the spot for the intermediate riding team. All of this stress may send Tiffany packing.

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Chapter 1 mail time

I gently swung out of the saddle and led the bay mare back into her cozy stall. I slid my helmet off of my head and slid my gloves off my hands and hung them up on one of the hooks. Huh I so do wish that I had my own horse I pushed the thought to the side and tied the bay mare up.
“Star you are such a good girl” I said gently to her gently while sliding the saddle off. I put it on the saddle rack in the tack room.
I brushed Star off and returned her to her stall, I hugged her then left. I double checked the stall latch before I left and after I had down that I rode my bike home.
Once I got home my mom handed me an envelope, it was addressed to Tiffany Glen. I didn’t understand why a package for me was in the mail I sat down at the kitchen table and tore the envelope open. There was a letter in it. The letter read-

Dear Tiffany Glen
You have been accepted into Rosewood Academy! With your excellence grades and great riding skills we are excited for you to come join us this fall.
You probably know how much these things cost but here is the thing you won a free spot at Rosewood Academy but here’s the thing, you must get 90-100% in tests regularly and we would love if you would try out for our riding team!
From Principle of Rosewood Academy Mrs.Ava

I couldn’t believe that I had been accepted to a school that I had never even heard of.
“You probably are wondering how you got accepted but we put your name in for a draw and you won!” My mom said.
“Sarah don’t put too much pressure on her right now, this is a big deal so it might be overwhelming for her to be taking all of this in.” Dad said.
“Dave. Tell her about the rest!” Mom said
“Well my work as an author has been going good so now we can afford to buy you your very own horse!” Dad exclaimed.
“Are you kidding me?? I am really getting my own horse!!” I cheered.
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