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Rosewood Academy #2-Forgiveness


Tiffany and Amy have always been hot and cold water but after Molly dumps Tiffany and Mia dumps Amy so they have no choice but to get over their rival revenge and figure out a way to be friends or else they will be left in the dust. Forgiveness isn’t that easy.

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Chapter 1 Dorm Drama

I entered the room and saw Mia hanging out with Molly. “What are you doing here Mia. And why are you messing around with my stuff!” I said.
“Oh you didn’t know. We are changing rooms! You are bunking with Amy now!” Mia said.
I called Mrs.Ivy over and ran this through with her but it was true, I would be bunking with Amy now. I started pulling out all of my stuff and putting it into my suitcase. I headed to room no.5.
The room was very horsey Amy had a horse movie on the tv. Amy’s bookshelf was loaded with horse books and that’s when I saw a book on her self and it was by my dad, it was called one horse and a heart, I never heard of this one before. He must have just written this one.
“Hey. We need to get over our rival revenge because it seems that both of our friends have dumped us and if we don’t start getting along then we will be in trouble.” I said while pulling out my schliech horses.
Amy dived into her purse and started pulling out Breyer horses and putting them on her book self. “I was always so embarrassed to have these but I feel better when others put their toy horses out”Amy said. All a sudden Amy was being nice!
“Yes I know that I have been mean but I am sorry. We need to stick together during this hardship. Let’s forget the past and focus on the future.” Amy said.
This room had a bulletin board so I started hanging up my ribbons and I found a picture of me from my first show, I was riding a pony named Checkers, I had won first in the two foot hunter class. I put up a picture of Star and a photo of me jumping 3 feet for the first time on a warmblood named Northern lights, it was scary to jump so tall. I suddenly felt homesick I sat down in my bed and picked up my journal and started writing in it.
I had to stay strong no matter what but how could I when Molly dumped me?
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