Rosewood Academy #3-famous


Life hasn’t been more dramatic at RWA and now Tiffany is stealing the spotlight at all of the shows and gets offered a spot on the USA riding team but she faces a horrible accident which may leave her in the dust.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 spotlight

I paced inside my dorm thinking about the offer, I talked to Amy about it and she said that it was my choice.
“Amy. What if my school work falls behind because of all the shows I am competing in.” I said frantically.
“Tif. It’s your decision to make, I am sure that whatever you choose, I bet it will work out perfect” Amy said.
I know knew what I would pick! “Amy. I am going to accept the offer!” I said.
“Tif. You made the right decision. Only 1 person gets accepted mostly every other year and you were lucky to get accepted. You have always wanted to compete in the olympics someday and now you have the chance!” Amy said.
I suddenly remembered my old home in Alberta Canada and flying over to the US was really hard because I thought I would miss my old friends but I had lots of great friends here.
I called the USA riding team and told them that I had accepted the offer.
I went outside and started to tack Whisper up for my first lesson with the coach Ms.Conner. I led Whisper into the arena and mounted.
Ms.Conner set up a small course with jumps that were a metre and we jumped them clearly. Ms.Conner passed me a big box after the lesson, I opened it and I got a whole bunch of new riding gear and tack.
Suddenly I felt proud of myself and Whisper, soon I would start competing in the top shows.
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