Dimensional Misadventures of Etherias: Marvel Universe Edition

American Kaiju!

urogane: You know, this world is weird. First off, I get vaulted to this world via the D-Drive, then I get arrested by a group called S.H.I.E.L.D, then questioned, then let go, then forced to fight a monster that suddenly showed up, then get captured by the Avengers of all people. Slapped Stark and Rogers, then explained the reason behind it.

And then, as if that was weird, Red Skull showed up in the middle of the Nevada Desert, and Stark, his friend Rhodes and myself go to investigate the battlefield I had jus gotten out of, and Stark and Rhodes get beaten- HARD. Red Skull had gotten his hands of some ancient SKIP Tech- a Strike War Suit.

Stark and Rhodes were KO’d by the Skull and I was forced to fight him. I was just about to deliver the final blow…when the Vision stepped in and stopped me. Can this day get any worse?

Stark: You seriously need some help, friend.


Etherias then pressed a button on the deck box. This closed and locked the top of the box, flipped it around and opened another lid, revealing the weapon cards. Etherias then pulled out the card labeled ‘Etherias Blade and Shield’, and slid it in the Right Brace. All of a sudden, the card vanished from his left hand and a sword and shield appeared. The shield was secured in a scabbard in the shield. Etherias then pulled out the sword and said, “While you have not truly broken any SKIP Laws, you have stolen tech from an alien race. Not only that, you planned to harness alien tech-enhanced energy weapons to commit genocide. For that, you will be executed according to the rules set out by SKIP involving those responsible for conspiracy to genocide.

He then took the shield and flung it at the Red Skull, who was stunned by the hit. He then ran his hand along the blade, which seemed to charge with energy. Etherias then swung the blade a few times and charged at Schmidt, slashing him once with an attack that caused him to receive an electric shock. He then turned to face Red Skull and slashed the air in front of him, calling out, “QUASAR DYNAMIC!” The slash produced a shockwave that cut through the air in front of him…

Or it would have, if the slash was not interrupted by a yellow energy beam. “That’s enough, my friend,” said the Vision, who had just gotten there, “I think you have beaten him.”

"Out of the way,” said Kurogane, “Those that have abused power that doesn’t belong to them must be punished.”

"Not like this,” said the Vision, getting in the way again.

"Well,” said the Red Skull, “You have proven to be a most formidable adversary, so I will let you live because you are entertaining to say the least. Till we meet again, Wild Star Knight.” And with that, Schmidt seemed to vanish.”


-Avengers Training Facility-

-Next Morning-

“YOU IDIOT! WHAT YOU DID WAS ALLOW A DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH TO RUN LOOSE WITH A PIECE OF ADVANCED ALIEN WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY! YOU REALIZE THAT ALLOWING HIM TO RUN FREE IS GONNA KILL A LOT OF PEOPLE?” Kurogane was enraged. Not only did Vision step into a fight where he was not needed, he interfered with his final strike, allowing the Red Skull to get away.

“You mustn’t get so upset,” said Sam Wilson, “At least you are still alive.”

“Kurogane does have a point,” said Rogers, agreeing with Kurogane, “Letting the Red Skull live was a bad choice. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know his whereabouts, does it?”

“Cap has a point,” said Stark, “That battle suit, if its anything like the Iron Man armor, will have a unique energy signal that can be traced. Can you track it, Kurogane?”

Kurogane calmed down and thought for a minute. “I could,” He then responded, “But I would need access to my ship. Which is currently in Lunar Orbit, if I’m not mistaken. But yeah, give me time, and we should be able to track him.”

“You have a ship,” said Barton.

Episode 2

American Kaiju!

-20 minutes later-


Kurogane input the type of device they were tracking, and then looked into the files. “Interesting. Looks like it supposed to run on neutron energy. That’s easy to track.”

Stark looked around and was amazed at the advanced technology of the Galawin. “So, this is your base of operations on Earth,” He asked, looking at a strange panel.

“You might find it funny, Stark,” said Kurogane, pressing a button on the panel, producing a tray of food, “But I’m just like you, in that I’m really human. I just got a rare opportunity to work for a space-based police force. Space is actually pretty calm most of the time.”

“Huh,” said Stark eating some of the food. It was…tasty to say the least. “Will have to take your word for it. How long does it take to scan for your kind’s tech?”

“Depends on how hard he wants to not be found,” Kurogane explained, “If he was smart, as he truly believes, he would have checked the armor for the tracker the moment he put it on, and disabled it.”


-Undisclosed location-

Schmidt was no fool, and was now having his techs look through the armor he had procured. One of them found a strange device at the back of the skull. “How ironic,” he said, crushing the device, “His own technology will be his undoing. But before I fight this…‘Star Knight’… Let’s send him an opening act.” He turned to a cage, where a large reptile lay, snorting in rage. “Soon, my friend, you will be able to take them out, in the name of your country.”


“Clever, boy,” said Kurogane, “Looks like he did find the tracking beacon. He’s smarter than I give him credit for.”

“It almost sounds like you admire him,” said Stark, impressed and disturbed.

“I don’t,” said Kurogane, “I’m like a hunter tracking a predator here. I’m admiring his ability to learn, strategize and respond to new scenarios.” That’s when the klaxon went off. “And here we go. Looks like…Ooooookay… Never guessed this would happen.”

“What is it,” asked Stark, trying to get a bottle of wine from the machine.

“I’m getting radio chatter saying that…,” said Kurogane, confused. “Okay… Either someone has been watching Kaiju films while high, or here is a giant reptile walking into Las Vegas with an American flag tattooed on his chest.”

Stark rolled his eyes, annoyed. “Not again.”

-Las Vegas-

The City of Las Vegas is famous for its neon lights, its casinos and live shows, its vice, and its nightlife. However, tonight, it got a surprise, as a giant reptile, looking like a cross between Godzilla and the Lizard, stormed into town and started wrecking the place. All the While it was shouting, at the top of his lungs, “EYYYUUUUUUUU! EEESSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

“I don’t care,” said the mayor, “Call in the National Guard. No wait, scratch that! CALL IN THE AVENGERS!”

-Upstate New York-

The alarms went off. Rogers was monitoring the situation. “Looks like Todd Ziller has been spotted attacking Las Vegas,” he said, to his friend Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. Sam wore a red accented exo-suit with a large pack on his back. On his face, he wore goggles that also served as a special HUD for flight. The pack also served as his gimmick- wings could fold out and allow him to glide in the air for extended periods. He had worn one of these in his days in the military, as a para-rescue worker. However, he hung that up after returning home from Afghanistan. That is…until Captain America asked him to help him destroy SHIELD, which, at that time, was being controlled by the now-defunct and dead terrorist group HYDRA, which Rogers has helped to end in the 1940′s.

“Want me to alert the others,” asked Sam, getting ready to go into action.

“I think they got the message already,” said Vision, sensing that Stark and Kurogane had already entered the atmosphere.

That’s when Galawin appeared in the skies above the Avengers Training Faclilty. It was immense, almost like a giant, flying battleship. “What the hell is that,” asked Rogers.

Suddenly, the trio was bathed in a green light and vanished…

…Only to appear in a strange room. “Welcome, Earthlings,” said Stark, jokingly, “Welcome to the Galawin.”

“Care to explain what this is about, Tony,” asked Rogers.

“Believe me,” replied Stark, “I would love to, but this isn’t my doing.”

“It’s mine,” said Kurogane, from a viewscreen. “This is my ship, the Hyperspacial Battle Cruiser Galawin. I’ll give you the grand tour after we defeat the Kaiju.”

“Just don’t kill it, Kurogane,” said Rogers. “That thing was once human, like I was.”

“You have information that might help, then,” said Kurogane, opening the door to the bridge. “I will need it if I’m gonna be able to fight this thing.”

Rogers entered. He saw a lot of computer terminals. “Todd Ziller was his name, and he was a soldier in the US Military, who allowed himself to be experimented upon in order to create a new Super Soldier. They used Gamma Radiation, Mutant Growth Hormone, Pym Particles and even the Connors Formula.”

“Interesting,” Kurogane said, “So it worked, but not in the way they wanted…”

“Exactly,” said Rogers, nodding, “They created a giant reptile to fight us. But I thought we had dealt with him already.”

“Looks like the Red Skull found him, and made him obey his commands,” said Kurogane, piloting the ship. “Well, then, let’s go to work. I’ll fight off the Kaiju. You guys focus on keeping the civilians safely out of the way. Also, I will try to keep damage to a minimum.”

-10 Minutes later-

The Kaiju was wrecking the city, destroying casinos and resorts just because they were in his way. He then looked at a huge resort hotel. Just as he was about to strike it…

…Suddenly, twin green energy pulses hit the monster in the back, causing it to roar in rage and turn around. Galawin had fired twin plasma burst at the Kaiju with amazing accuracy. ”HEY, BIG, GREEN, AND UGLY," called out Kurogane, from out on top of the Galawin, ”YEAH! YOU, THE GIANT SCALY DOOFUS! COME AND GET ME."

Todd Ziller didn’t understand what was going on, but he roared and changed course, heading to this new annoyance. As he did this, Captain America and his team of Avengers worked on evacuating the resorts, casinos, and restaurants along the strip.

“Alright,” said Kurogane, as Ziller came out to the desert, “HYPER STAR GIANT, GALAWIN- TRANSFORM!”

The Giant Battle Cruiser started to change. All of a sudden, servos and gears started to move. These started changing the machine into a giant robotic fighting machine. First the boosters extended and became legs and feet. Then the wings retracted and the sides pulled out becoming arms. Then the torso opened up, revealing the head. Then the hands popped out of the arms, opening each finger as they did so. This was the Hyper Star Giant Galawin.

The large Kaiju charged at Galawin with the force of a large animal, almost knocking Galawin on its robotic but. Inside, Kurogane was working to Keep Galawin standing. “Let’s go! GALWIN PUNCH!” All of a sudden, Galawin reared back its left hand and struck at the Kaiju, punching it hard enough to crush boulders.

“Such cool toys,” said Stark, flying down and helping evacuate casinos. “I want some.”

Galawin stepped forward and slammed another punch at Todd Ziller, knocking him back. Kuro thought he had this one in the bag…when Ziller used his tail, knocking Galawin on his feet. “Clever boy.” Ziller then proceeded to bite and claw at Galawin.

On a lone mountain, Red Skull, wearing his stolen battle armor, observed the fight from a distance. “Good,” he said, not even forcing a smile, knowing that the tide could still turn against him, “Now, Ziller, finish him off.”

Kuro was in a bind when all of a sudden, a series of repulsor blasts and arrows knocked the 40m kaiju on his back. “Looks like you could use the help,” said Hawkeye, smirking.

Rogers smiled and watched as Galawin stood up. “That’s it soldier,” he then said, and threw his shield with such precision, that it smacked off Galawin, onto Ziller’s legs, and back to his hand.

Galawin then punched Ziller hard, knocking him down. “Gonna take more than that to bring me down.” Galawin then delivered a powerful KO punch that knocked Ziller back and down for the count.

Kurogane had a chance. A chance to remove a major threat…permanently, and he thought about it. “I could, you know,” said Kurogane, over the loudspeaker. “I could end his presence once and for all.”

“Don’t do it,” said Rogers, over his head set. “It’s not worth having all that pain on your soul. Trust me.”

“Cap is right,” said Stark, “If you kill him, it may solve one problem, but it will make you suffer for the rest of your life. And that creates new problems. Problems you do not need yet. You’re young, younger than most of the people on the team. And yet you fight an unseen war against the forces of evil. And part of that evil, is killing those who don’t need it.”

Kurogane then thought. Stark, for once, sounded logical. He was sounding extremely smart for a change, rather than his usual fare. Of course, Kurogane could kill Ziller, and end the later threat of this beast, and end Ziller’s suffering as well. But, what would that accomplish.

On the mountain, Skull was annoyed. “Kill him already, you metal fool,” he said “Suffer, anguish, revel in your agony and then die by my hand.”

However, Kurogane shook his head…“No. Stark is right, for a change. It’s best to show them a better way.” He then knelt and pulled out a large set of cuffs. “Todd Ziller, for terrorizing Las Vegas, and causing billions in property damage, you are under arrest.”


-Upstate New York-

Kurogane stretched his legs and arms. He then began training his mind and body for the next fight. His training was simple- 2 hours physical training, and 2 hours meditation. The Red Skull will no be able to get the drop on him again.

Stark looked at the Galawin. “The kid’s got a good arsenal.” He was really impressed with Kurogane’s tactical and weapons training, not to mention how he handled Ziller. “The kid’s got some potential.”

“He’s a little rough around the edges,” said Rogers, “But, with some training, and some help, he might be able to be an Avenger.”

“You sure you want a kid like him on the team” Barton asked, “He may be a warrior, but he seems to work less with a team.”

“Well,” commented Stark, “Nobody’s perfect, are they? Besides, He has his own fight here.”


-Deep Space-

A large ship was attacking a small Ravager Star Jumper. However, the ship then jumped into hyperspace…

…Before appearing in Earth Orbit.


Kurogane was getting breakfast, when all of a sudden, the klaxon’s went off. “Oh, great.” He rushed over to the bridge and checked the source. “Okay, let’s see here. Distress beacon, source, damaged ship. Location, rapidly decaying orbit…in Earth’s Atmosphere. Message is audio.” Patched it through the speakers.


Kuro smirked. It was officially time to go to work. Kurogane then raised his right hand in the air, and placed his left in the opposite direction. He then rotated them in opposite directions slowly, as his breath slowed to a crawl. When his right arm was about to reach its original position, he then balled it up into a fist, and bent the elbow so that it sat parallel to his face. The left hand was placed at the hip as he did this. When the stance was completed, he then called out, “WILD STAR CHANGE!” With this, he reached his left hand to the Star Brace on his right arm and pressed a button on the Brace.

All of a sudden, a beam of light struck him, and the armor seemed to coalesce onto him. It was gold with silver accents, and lots of strange tech on the chest. He then swung his arms in practice combat strikes.

Etherias’ Wild Star Change process takes 0.005 milliseconds to occur. Let’s see the Wild Star Change Process again.

Kurogane then raised his right hand in the air, and placed his left in the opposite direction. He then rotated them in opposite directions slowly, as his breath slowed to a crawl. When his right arm was about to reach its original position, he then balled it up into a fist, and bent the elbow so that it sat parallel to his face. The left hand was placed at the hip as he did this. When the stance was completed, he then called out, “WILD STAR CHANGE!” With this, he reached his left hand to the Star Brace on his right arm and pressed a button on the Brace.

Meanwhile, in high orbit, the Galawin’s orbit reached its zenith in line with the sun. With the top of the craft, it collected energy and converted it into solar power for the Nano-Cells that made up the armor. It then fired the particles at Kurogane, which began to coalesce into armor plates as a particle beam.

“Knight of Justice,” said Etherias, “My mission is to bring fiends like you to justice. My blade is for the people. Wild Star Knight Etherias, Battle ready!”

Galawin then started flying to intercept. “Attention, Milano. This is the Star Knight Intergalactic Patrol Cruiser Galawin. Please stand by. I’m gonna grab you via an energy tether.”

“Cruiser Galawin,” said Quill via the ship-to-ship radio, “Thanks for the rescue. Will standby.”

“Just sit tight. I’m right above you.” Kuro worked quickly. Ship rescue was part of SKIP training, so he managed to train in it during his 5-year training. He aced the course in his second year, and moved onto the advanced courses. “Okay, activating energy tether in 3…2…1…Activating now!” The Galawin fired a tether beam that locked onto the Milano And grabbed it.

“And now, pull up….” Kuro flipped a switch that fired retro rockets that managed to get him in a more stable orbit.

“Whew,” said Quill via comms, “Thanks for saving our bacons.”

-To Be continued-

-Next Time-

Just when you thought my troubles were over, the Guardians of the Galaxy bring word of a group of aliens attacking Earth. Only the Avengers can stop it, but Kuro has a sudden challenge from Skull. Can Kuro overcome this and help defend the world like he was trained to do? Find out next time in the next misadventure:

Broken Sword

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