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Why don't you move those lips and tongue around my Dick? "-TH "Why don't you bend over there and see it's wonder or my Dick's ?",-JK Love Deprived Taehyung couldn't hold his desire when his father's friend came to stay with them...Mr Jeon quite got under his skin more than he expected...both craved for each other presence.... 2020

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•Jeon Jungkook
•34 years old.
•Business man
•Veryfriendly ,emotional,sometimecold, possessive,easily jealous, devoted.
•Staying at one of his friend's mansion after coming from France since his house is getting renovated.

•kim Taehyung
•22 years old.
•Fashion designer.
•very freecare,sassy,sweet,a diva!,posessive.
•unlucky in finding the right one for him.


Summer was Taehyung’s favorite season! Let’s just say he loves to see his Body tan, his pale milky skin can finally transform into tan beautiful golden skin. So right now he was at his swimming pool .

He was a 22 years old man ,but also have a feminine side, his long tan legs, with quite thick Thighs can’t go unnoticed by anyone ,even when he tried to cover it with baggy pants . His small waist yet Chubby tummy made him look cute as hell and his face ,it’s unrealistically beautiful ,it’s like god took all his time making him . His beauty marks -mole on his nose ,eyes ,lips ,it just compliments his beauty.

His character....... ,it completes all, he have a soft heart . Many tried to take advantage of him for his looks or money ,but his best friend Jimin always saved him , and Jimin’s boyfriend Yoongi always break their bones. Taehyung is innocent but not that much that he don’t know about sex.

He just want real love no matter what. But even though, he want to have fun too ,but will give his virginity to the man he think is the right one for him. Yes he is a virgin and gay not like his parents have any problem with that. They love their sons and accept them ,so it was nothing to them, at least their sons are happy. They even accepted his older brother Namjoon and his now husband Jin.

“Hmmmm , the water is so good , Mia~~“, Taehyung said happily as he flipped his hair back. Water until his nipples as he looked at Mia. He was wearing tight booty shorts ,and a crop top sticking on his body. Why he isn’t wearing swimming trunks , because he have bodyguards around and he doesn’t like showing his body to them too much.

“TaeTae!! “,The little girl squealed as she splashed water on Taehyung. The latter Laughed and did the same but not so harshly ,Mia was still a 8 years old baby girl.

“You naughty girl!!hahahaha take this!“, he laughed loudly as he tried to catch her after throwing water at her. She swam quickly towards the small stairs and ran out . He chuckled and carefully got out too. The wet pieces of clothes sticking on his curvy body , making some men gulp and think unholy thing.

“Mia!! Don’t run baby you might fall down! Mia-“,he yelled as he climbed the last stair and looked to his right while flipping his hair back again but got startled when he saw a man in a black suit next to him. Nice body and muscular too he could see the biceps flex through his coat. He looked up to be met with the eyes of that man ,both staring at each other intensely.

The man’s eyes trailed down with the drops of water sliding on Taehyung’s face to his lips ,which caused him to lick his lips. He have been there since Taehyung’s voice caught his attention, which means since Taehyung and Mia were playing. He couldn’t take his eyes off Taehyung ’s every single expression or movement. He leaned down more, noses almost touching ,he bit his lower lip at Taehyung’s amazing scent , but controlled himself and whispered with a smirk.

“I like your nipple ring”, he brushed his finger softly over Taehyung’s right nipple piercing. Taehyung couldn’t hold the small throaty moan ,which made the opposites dick twitch in his expensive pants . Taehyung ’s eyes widen as he put his palms over his mouth embarrassed.

“TaeTae!!!“,Mia ran towards them and threw herself at Taehyung, hugging his waist.

“Did I hurt you TaeTae? You didn’t run after me like always!....eomma said I should apologize” ,She pouted while Taehyung looked down at her still shocked .

“Mia!!! I said change first... sorry Taehyung “,the woman ran after her daughter.

“You are the maid?“, The man in the suit asked , expression suddenly Stern.

“Yes sorry sir for disturbing you” ,She bowed. Taehyung finally came back out of his fantasy.

“You didn’t disturb us Ara, and make her change or she will get sick again”, he smiled and ruffled Mia’s hair. The man in the suit looked surprised ,he never thought the rich guy will be so friendly with a maid ’s daughter . Like he was so sweet to them and even swam together with the maid ’s daughter!...that was new to him. All rich men or women he saw were greedy people and think only about them being arrogant.

“And no I’m not hurt, I just um...met some strange guy here” ,he looked at the man ,who raised an eyebrow.

“Excuse me”, Taehyung bowed quickly and walked faster with them ,his heart beating faster. While the man moaned at the look of Taehyung’s round bouncy Taebooty........Oof


After a shower and drying his hair , Taehyung wore his shirt which reached his belly button and black shorts ,his collar bones exposed . He didn’t tan his body to cover them . He wore his bandana , pushing his hair back and walked out of his room in his Gucci slippers ,which was specially made for him with a tiger face on it all fluffy.

He jogged downstairs for ice cream, in his kitchen. And smiled widely when he saw his mint chocolate chips ice cream still there. He stretched his arm to take it. His shirt going more up exposing his Dimples on his lower back.

“OMG!! Jin Hyung didn’t notice it!!! Thank you K-pop god!!“,he squealed and took his spoon and opened the box .

“!! Jin Hyung love this too so I will leave some for him~~“,he sing song and went to get a bowl ,he bent down and got it from the dishwasher.

He then took some scoops and happily took his bowl and took one spoon filling his mouth. The maid next to him smile ,as always he was cute.

“Mmmmm!!! Ze bewsete!!!“,(the best!) He giggled and turned around to leave but chocked on his mint chocolate chip ice cream when he saw the same man from earlier staring at him intensely like a predator. By now he was wearing grey joggers with his hoodie sleeves rolled up until his elbows ,his veiny hands on display.

“You chocked on just a spoon of ice cream? What will you do if you got something bigger in your pretty mouth?hmmm”,he smirked.

“W-What?“,he asked confused .

“And who are you!? What are you doing here!? And - OH MY GUCCI’S TIES!!! YOU ARE HARD!!YOU PERVERT!!! DID YOU GET HARD WATCHING MIRANDA!!?“,he scoffed looking at the maid who looked surprised and face palmed at her dumb young master. She left when Mrs Kim called her.

“As long as I remember, she isn’t wearing very short shorts , showing that round thicc juicy ass in front of my eyes and bending plus moaning which is tempting me to do something very nah kitten I don’t think she is the reason for this”, he pointed at the huge long print of his dick under his clothes.

Taehyung felt a strange sensation in his tummy looking at what he was pointing. He blinked quickly looking away and took his bowl walking out in shock.

“Don’t run away kitten”, he said teasingly and smacked Taehyung’s ass feeling at heaven.

“You pervert sick BITCH!!!! DON’T TOUCH ME!!“,he yelled and glared at the man.

“How about I make you my one and only bitch?“ ,he smirked ,he was loving how Taehyung react, it was funny. Taehyung now scoffed .

“APPAAAAAAAAA!!!! EOMMAAAAAAA!!!!! HYUNGSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I FEEL ATACKEDDDDDDD!!! ......NO I WAS ATTACKEDDDDD!“ ,he yelled out running away while the man found him cute and funny . He trailed behind Laughing.

“WUTTTTTTT!? WHERE !? WHO!?? NAMJOON MY FLIP FLOPSS!!! GET IT RIGHT NOW!!! WAIT NO GET YOUR GUN!!“,Jin yelled coming down in his baby blue robe messy hair, behind him Namjoon misplaced his feet on a stair and fell down on his face.

“OH MY SONSSSS!!- ASIHHH MY BIG BABY GET UP ! “,Mrs Kim help Namjoon up who pouted and sniffed rubbing his nose which Mrs Kim pecked making Namjoon smile widely feeling pampered.

“It’s ok now eomma, thank you~~“,he smiled .

“Ok who attack you Taebear!!“,Mr Kim hold his gun up .

“This man APPAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! He came out of nowhere!!! Who is he!!!!!?“,he ran to Jin who hugged him rubbing his arm. While his father just sighed and put his gun down .

“Taebear calm down he is my friend and one of my business investor. He will be staying here for a few days ,he just came back from France and his apartment isn’t ready. “, Taehyung pouted looking at the man who was smiling and then looked at Taehyung with a smirk which made him blush and hide his face in Jin’s robe.

“Tae don’t pull too much.....I’m naked inside”, Jin whispered which made him take a few steps back with a disgusted face.

“Hi, I’m Jeon Jungkook ,nice meeting you. Thank you very much for letting me stay here and Sorry Tae for scaring you”, he said friendly which made everyone smile back.

“Don’t call me Tae ! And how old are you?“ ,he asked so adorable ,and curious , Jungkook seems young.

“Taebear, manners please”,

“Sorry” ,he pouted which made Jungkook’s heart skip a beat.

“It’s ok ,I’m 34 years old” ,he smiled .

“WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT-TTTTTTTTTTTT!“, Taehyung mouth hung, and approached Jungkook rubbing his own chin.

“How is that possible you look so young!!“,He said in disbelief.

“I get that alot and you are cute” ,he winked at him which made Taehyung steam .

“I know ,I get that a lot” ,he smirked back.. because he don’t want to play the shy one.

“I’m already liking staying here”, Jungkook smirked looking in Taehyung’s eyes.

“Welcome to Kim’s Mansion then Mr Jeon”, he smirked.

“Call me Jungkook”,they were lost in their own world while the others just ignored them and walked away.

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