unvoiced β€’|| soonhoon


"There is no way I'm telling him I love him." first story on Inkitt huehuehue πŸ’• try one-shot only

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unvoiced β€’|| soonhoon

Lee Jihoon is a very introverted ass male. He doesn't want to interact with different people he knows he will not be comfortable with.

He hates too loud noises, chatters, and cheers.

Yet here he was, watching a heartfelt dance competition wherein his ultimate crush and his group joined in.

Kwon Soonyoung.

The said boy has small, slanting-like eyes, and chubby cheeks. Tall height, friendly aura, exact opposite of Jihoon.

"Yah, Soonyoung-ah!"


Multiple cheers echoed inside the place, hurting Jihoon's ears but he couldn't care less since Soonyoung dances his heart more with the cheers he heard.

Eyes locked onto the said guy, Jihoon watched in awe as the older moves swiftly and a little sexy for him while dancing through the music. Oh how he love that guy so damn much, but wouldn't voice it out.

"Jihoon-ah! Midget! Glad you came!"

He would never admit his feelings towards the latter for the sake of his female cousin and Soonyoung's relationship.

Running towards him is Haesool, his cousin and Soonyoung's girlfriend. The girl has long brown wavy locks, doe like eyes, lightly tanned skin, average height, small waist and average breasts that guys may fall for. But aside of those beautiful outside appearance she is also beautiful inside. Just like Soonyoung.

Jihoon knows to himself that the two were a perfect pair from the very beginning, it's just that, his heart doesn't really listen to him for once.

"Midget, you really came! I'm so happy to see you!" Haesool chirped softly clapping her delicate hands.

Smiling, yet frowning inwardly, Jihoon then turned his attention back on the stage, meeting Soonyoung's gaze. But, of course, it wasn't meant for him. Haesool is just right beside him.

Soonyoung waved and sent a kiss towards Haesool's direction, which also made Jihoon's stomach flip. It wasn't meant for him, yet here he is. Flustered.

"He's such a great guy," Haesool stated out of nowhere, looking at Jihoon who is looking straight to Soonyoung.

"He deserves someone better, right?" she added which made Jihoon snapped his gaze away from Soonyoung, who currently is walking in front to thank those who were able to support them tonight.

No, they just finished performing. And yes, it is still not the announcement of winners.

"H-hey," Jihoon said as he held his cousin by her shoulder.

"You're the perfect one for him. He don't deserve someone better because you're the best he may ever have. You and him were a perfect pair; total, completely, remotely the same. You guys share the same wants, hobbies, styles, goals in life. Don't you dare leave him or he'll die," he added with a little bit of joking tone by the end of his statement.

Haesool chuckled, but a tear escaped her eye. Looking at the stage she sighed, then turned back her attention to her worried cousin.

"I am cheating on him, Ji. I am dating someone else behind his back," she said, tears pooling her eyes.


Jihoon didn't know what happened next when Haesool confessed those to him, all he remembers it after the competition with Soonyoung's group announced as winner with no surprise, here he is now.

Here he is, beside a lifeless Haesool and a crying Soonyoung.

It has been a month since the competition, and right after that Haesool was nowhere in sight. Turns out, she's not cheating or dating someone else. She's already dying, and doesn't want Soonyoung to feel devastated.

"Why didn't you tell me," he heard Soonyoung stated more than questioned.

"Jihoon, why didn't you tell me," he repeated, now facing the other while holding onto Haesool's hand.

Currently inside the ward where his cousin and her boyfriend is, Jihoon watched the monitor as it beeped and beeped. Heaving a deep sigh he faced Soonyoung and scooted closer.

"She told me that you deserve someone better, that she's cheating on you. But, I didn't really know about her illness," he stated as calmly as possible.

He shouldn't cry, Soonyoung needs someone right now.

"Why didn't she tell anyone about this," the other said, sighing deeply.

Jihoon watched as Soonyoung held his cousin's lifeless hand, muttering incoherent words of encouragement, pursuing her to continue living together with him. Jihoon watched silently, until Soonyoung brought out a small velvet box. He knows what it is already.

"Please, Haesool-ah. I am so sorry, I will be better. See? I would love to spend my life with you, just wake up and stay with me please," he heard Soonyoung pleaded.

Sobs filled the room which came from Soonyoung. Jihoon didn't know what to do, so he walked up to the sobbing male and enveloped him in a comforting hug.

"Shh, Kwon. She wouldn't like to see you like this. Just be happy, she's at a more beautiful and safer place now."

Jihoon sighed, contented and now knows his place in Soonyoung's life.

"Thank, Jihoon-ah. You're a great friend."

Keeping his feelings to himself, he smiled and continued to comfort his friend.

"There is no way I'm telling him I love him."

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