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Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, Candor the honest, Dauntless the brave, Erudite the intelligent, And what was I?

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Chapter 1

Abnegation the selfless

Amity the peaceful

Candor the honest

Dauntless the brave

Erudite the intelligent

And what was I?

This question had always plagued the back of my mind, I thought secretly. My green hazel eyes scanned a couple crossing the street hand in hand. I shifted my eyes to my shaking hands. I should just run away now. The factionless do exist out there. I could survive, my mind again tried to coax me.

“Miss. Platts,” my eyes glared up to his voice, “your mother is requesting your presence.” The stoic and un-flattering man waited for me to stand up and join him. I was a prisoner in my own faction. To my own mother. Stiffly I got to my feet and marched toward the erudite tower. Everything was white, sterile, ridged and reformed. A place where you couldn’t breathe nor make mistakes.

Thankfully, I never had those worries. I was already a mistake in her eyes.

Stepping into her office, my eyes landed to a younger woman typing away on a computer. She had fiery dark red hair pinned up in a tight bun.

And when hearing my entrance, her bright dark blue eyes shined with happiness with her smile. Maeve Cartwright. My adoptive sister, star pupil and the daughter my mother always wanted. Speaking of the devil, my mother’s lips tightened as her hand gently rested on Maeve shoulders.

Promptly I asked, “You called for me?”

My mother gave a strained smile, “As you know, the choosing ceremony is tomorrow. I want to tell you what ever faction calls to you, you should choose.” She started to move closer to me and place her hand on my shoulder. With her back turn away from Maeve, my monster of a mother glared at me and squeezed my shoulder tight, “I want what’s best for you.”

Shrugging my shoulder away, I responded, “I will.” Don’t you worry, I thought angry. I wasn’t coming anywhere near here again.

My adopted sister came over toward us and replied cheery, “I hope we both end back home.”

I gave a forced smile under my mother’s watchful eye and replied, “Where ever that may be.”

Maeve's eyes seemed slight in alarm at the hint I wasn’t coming back, but kept quiet. I flick my eyes back to the cold heart woman and reply, “Do you need anything else, Jeanine?”

Anger struck my mother's face as she shook her blond hair and said, “Maeve, let’s get back to that programming.”

Quickly I exited out of her office with fist clenched. For the past months I had been taking ‘vacations’ visiting different factions to figure out where I would best belong. I wasn't going to let the dumb test tell me where I go. My fate laid with me.

But so far, I had seen every faction and nothing really appealed to me. I had visit Abnegation, a place where many men and woman gave their services to help the weak, the homeless and the sick. It was foreign sight, but I felt a sense of awe at these selfless people. I could go about this place and fit in, but I felt disheartened at the idea of trying to be selfless every day.

Candor known for being the honest faction was refreshing. I was lifted in spirit at the embracing truth of the citizens there, but yet again laws seemed to dominate them. They seemed to be blind side by the reality. Only on paper did the world they help created seemed to provide a fair life.

Amity was the most calming and peaceful place. They work hard off the land and in the blistering sun. Everyone was so innocent and naïve. An almost garden of Eden to say and it was very tempting.

And Dauntless. My breath sudden caught at the thought when I venture out with the new recruits.

I can remember the wind whipping through my hair and the dust kicking up from my feet as I sprinted toward the train they all dove into. The train was picking up speed when my hand latched a side railing and thrust my body to the wall of the train.

Keeping a hold, down the twisted track, I waited for their stop. But after fifteen minutes, the doors began to open and a huge building that was level to the train approached.

They weren’t stopping! I thought in panic.

As people began to leap off, my eyes landed on a hanging pipe line attached to the building; that was my target. Before my brain could scream out this was a bad idea, I leap forward and latched on as it shook violently.

Only two feet away from the top, I slowly climbed the pipe feeling the restraints starting to become loose. My heart was racing now with adrenaline when I poked my head over the edge of the building and watch the last person jump over the other side of the edge.

Sweat poured down my back in the heat as I walked over the other side to witness a giant gaping hole.

Did they all just jump down there? I asked myself unsure.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped up onto the ledge.

This was nuts. I must be nuts.

Stepping off, I fell through the air until the black hole swallowed me whole and suddenly I felt the tension of a safety net rather than the pavement I was imagining. Bouncing a bit, I smiled. I was alive.

Rolling off the net, I snuck through the halls shadows and followed the sound of voices. Checking around the corner, I watched Dauntless circled around two people fighting each other. It was fascinating how they were learning the same training I had achieved in secret from my friend, Dr. Fredrick, who was brought up Dauntless.

“What the hell are you do hiding here,” A man with many piercing on his face grasped my arm tight and dragged me toward the commotion of Dauntless. Throwing me toward the mat, everyone eyed me up in curiosity. “This weakling was cowering in the corner.” His cold eyes stared at me in amusement, “Fight Kia.”

Kia approached confidently and I had to admit she was more muscular than most girls I had seen. Kia circled around thrilled and immediately charged at me, thus I grasped her arm and used Kia’s moment propelling her forward when tripping her. Shock lit her eyes as Kia tumbled to the ground.

When she gained her stance again, determination and frustration etched in her face.

I guess she wasn’t used to losing.

With a quick jab I tried to side stepped her action, but failed.

Apparently she was lefty, I deducted while getting punch in the face and then kicked on the side twice. I rolled to stand back up, feeling bruised ribs.

Kia smiled at me with victory and lunged another punch, but this time I was ready. Quickly latching onto her pinky, I twisted her arm back until hearing a sickening pop. Down on her knees, I thrust her face hard to the ground.

She wasn’t going anywhere with a disjointed arm.

The Dauntless leader that had found me, bent close to me with enjoyment. He whispered, “Keep going. Make her feel it.”

My eyes flickered over to him confused at his training.

I had her pinned and heck in my rage I drew blood from her nose. And he wanted more?

Under Kia’s breath I could hear her pain being muffled.

I wasn’t cruel. Dauntless were there to protect.

Gently pushing her body down, the man stood up angered at my defiance. “Did I order you to stop?!! You waste of skin….” Reaching out for my neck, I grasp the knife I had tucked behind my back pocket.

As I was about to defend myself, when someone jumped between us grasping my knife and hiding it from view. “Enough Eric,” he said toward the man I hated.

Grasping my hand, the other guy dragged me away until we were far from ear-shot distance.

The intervening Dauntless grasped my hand not seeing a cut. “What are you doing, with let alone a weapon, Mrs. Matthews?” I flinched at the name and pondered how he knew it? I didn’t go by that last name. Platts was my last name, the name of my father.

“How do you-?” I asked and he answered back, “Anyone with a brain would be able to know who you are. Again why are you here?”

I stared up at the man and said the truth, “I came to see if I would want to join Dauntless. But now after that it’s clear this isn’t-”

“Kinder?” We both turned our heads over to the last person I never thought I see again.

There a tall, very muscular, handsome man with dark black hair and light brown eyes stood in shock. That’s until his contagious smile emerged and seemed to be even brighter with his bronze skin. Lastly my eyes dropped to his collar of his shirt. There two claw marks peeked out from his shirt on his chest, letting the rest of his tattoos be shielded. My cheeks redden a bit at the thought of knowing his body so well.

“You know her Zeke?” The man asked and Ezekiel nodded as if seeing a ghost and whispered back, “Yeah Four, I do. Do you mind, I’m going to take her back.”

A scream of a girl echoed the hall and Four nodded his head before returning back to the psycho. Glancing at the floor I said quietly, “I never found you at Candor.”

Ezekiel’s hands tried to grasp mine and I moved away. “I’m sorry Kinder, I-”

My heated face shot up to his handsome one, “I took a trip to find you after your initiation, but you weren’t there. We made plans to both pick Candor. What happened, Zeke?”

Ezekiel’s face seemed to crumble as he whispered, “I was going to, but when the time came, I just couldn’t choose it. I was brought up Dauntless and I know the ways. It’s the only way to ensure I can support my family and help my brother not become factionless.”

I shoved his chest in anger, “Sometimes I swear you should have been in Abnegation with all your self-sacrificing.”

Placing his hands on my shoulder, “Please don’t ever think I don’t care for you. I just have other responsibilities.”

I knew I was being unfair and immature, but I was beyond hurt. “So I just get pushed to the side just like that. Didn’t our future mean anything to you?”

Ezekiel’s positive attitude began to shine with hope. “God, no Kinder. I just know in my heart you can do this. You can make it through Dauntless. I’ll be with you every step.”

I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated, “I can’t do it.”

I couldn’t take orders from a man like Eric or survive a day here without breaking the rules. I hated being told what to do.

I stared at his melting brown eyes and I hugged him. “No matter how much I love you, this is too much.”

Stepping away, I turned around and he said wounded, “So this is it? After everything we’ve gone through? The risks we’ve taken to be with each other.”

My heart was breaking at his question. Somehow he was pinning this to be my fault?

“What choice have you given me?”

Pushing a strand of my blonde hair away, my whole being suddenly craved for his electrifying touch. Ezekiel pleaded, “I know, I’m being selfish. But I need you. I love you.” He pulled his sleeve on his right hand away two brown birds dancing with each other. My finger gently traced the tattoo gently. Kinder spirits. “Always.”

“I love you too. But I can’t choice Dauntless. I’m not that strong as you believe. And with that being the case, then where do we go next? Meet once a year?”

“You don’t think I won’t be sneaking to see you more?” He smiled up at me mischievously. I should have smile, but I was still mad.

“This is serious. I wanted more than fling. I wanted to be married, to have kids. And now, what? We’ll keep those things secret too. This wasn’t the future we talked about Zeke,” I tried to not let sadness waiver in my voice.

He was tried to hold back his emotions as well, “I want those things too. We’ll figure it out something. Okay,” his eyes were burning with determination, “Nothing will keep us a part.”

“It stopped you so far. It’s been over a year since I heard from you,” I replied feeling my negative emotions winding down.

His face became still with grief, “I wasn’t allowed to leave until a full fledge member. But even if could,” Ezekiel said with honesty, “I was afraid if you found out my choice you be upset.”

Oh, logic wasn’t his forte. Yes, he hurt me by making a decision without me. But did he really think I make such a quick judgment on his happiness as well? The shock and abandonment is what killed me. We could have talked it out, but instead he ran.

Ezekiel pulled me into a hug and I hated it, but yet I love it. As if he could read my mind, he whispered in my ear, “I promise I won’t make a decision without discussing it with you again.”

And there it was again. How could I trust him?

“I take promises more seriously than most,” I mumbled and those hypnotic eyes stared into my soul. He was going to find a way to gain my trust again….

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