No Fear

Chapter 11

Feeling my shoulder being shook, I knew Ezekiel was waking me up from my sleep. But it was weird. I could feel a cold draft hitting my back and I thought confused, did he leave the window open?

As I turned around to face him, I was suddenly staring down to tiny people and road way. With wind gusting through my hair, I pushed back against the wall’s ledge in panic. How did I get on top of a building?!!

Turning my head to the left I can see the ledge starting to crumble in a domino effect and I had no choice but to run the opposite direction. With my heart pounding my chest apart, I leaped for the other building’s roof. Slowly falling I had calculated that I had under shoot my jump and miraculously my hands clung onto the roofs eave.

Trying with all my strength, I struggled to lift myself up, but it was too hard. My arms are shaking violently and my hazel eyes began to water up knowing I wasn’t going to make it. I would be falling to my death soon. As all hope was about lost, Ezekiel popped over the edge.

“Zeke,” I announced gratefully that I was going to be saved.

But as my eyes stared at Ezekiel, I could feel in my gut something was wrong. He looked at me as if I were a stranger. I called out scared, “Zeke, help me.”

His head tipped in confusion and finally said emotionless, “Who are you?”

I suddenly fall into the dark abysses.

Jolting up, I flay my arms around realizing I was hitting something solid that was holding my mouth shut. My wild eyes dart around in terror until I finally could hear a calming voice say, “Kinder. It’s me. Zeke. Calm down. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

My arms drop down as I tried to catch my breath still. Ezekiel pushed a piece of my blonde hair away and replied, “I’m sorry if I scared you with covering your mouth up. You were screaming and kicking and I, I just didn’t want you to draw any more attention to yourself.”

Still shaking, Ezekiel rubbed my back in comfort, “It was only just a dream.”

I finally lock onto Ezekiel’s eyes. They are no longer empty, but warm with love and recognition. My trembling lips barely whisper, “Horrible dream.”

Covering my face with my hands, I tried to shake off how real that dream felt. It was close to what I felt like under the serum in the testing facility. Ezekiel’s lips pressed against the top of my head and whispered gently, “Uriah saw what happened to you today. Was your dream about that?”

Nodding my head, I leaned into his warm comforting body. Sort of, only Ezekiel was the one who let me go. But I couldn’t tell him that that my mind created the idea of Ezekiel forgetting me or worse letting me down. It was impossible. Like he said, it was only just a dream.

It was still dark outside when I turned to Ezekiel’s sleeping face. He looked so peaceful lying next to me. I wish I could sleep, but the fear of that dream haunted me.

Sensing my loving watch, his one eye peeked up at me and he smiled. “Good morning baby,” Ezekiel mumbled while stretching his arms out. “What time is it?”

Glancing at the clock, I noticed it was only three o’clock. “Too early.” I laughed a little as his brown eyes glanced at the clock in thought. Ezekiel brow creased even more and I knew his brain was in overdrive now with thinking. Kissing his forehead, I asked, “What are you thinking so hard about?”

Those captivating eyes of his shifted back to me with uncertainty and mischief. What was he up too? “I want to marry you.”

I slightly smirk as I responded sadly, “I do too.” But that could never happen. Ezekiel sat up in the moonlight and grasped my hand. “Kinder marry me?”

Staring at him confused and excited, I stated logically, “We can’t Zeke. It isn’t allowed.”

The smile that still took my breath away shined while shaking his head. “That’s never stopped us before. Kinder answer my question. Will you marry me and be my wife?”

A smile consumed my face when I whispered, “Yes.” Kissing his lips, I added happily, “Yes, I will marry you. But how will-”

Ezekiel place a finger on my lips and responded assured, “Leave that all to me.” Dawn was soon approaching and I knew Ezekiel would have to leave. Kissing my forehead he added, “The next time you see me Kinder, you will be my wife. I love you.”

I pulled his shirt quickly so I could kiss his soft lips again. “Till next time baby.”

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