No Fear

Chapter 12

After helping a few people today, I seemed to glance around discourage. What was the purpose of tossing these good people to the side just because they couldn’t fit into a category? They still could think, love, work. Honestly, this is where turmoil could begin the down fall of this society. Fights already happen on an occurring basis. How much time did my blindsided mother have before a revolt would be on their hands?

Wiping the sweat from my forehead, I realized my bracelet wasn’t on my wrist. I glanced around at the floor in search but only dirty and trash littered at my feet. Until my tired my mind suddenly clicked; it had been missing since initiation day. “Kinder,” Miss. Teresa called out concerned.

Snapping my head over to her, Miss. Teresa pulled me away from the crowds. She flicker her eyes around and said, “I want you to get out of here. I noticed the council standing at your home waiting for you.”

“For what?” I asked confused.

“I don’t know, but it didn’t look good, Kinder.” Miss. Teresa responded before someone called out my name behind me. “Kinder Platts, come with us and let us talk.” I turned my head bewildered and looked at one of the council members, Andrew Prior. Did somehow his daughter, Beatrice, tell on what she saw that day?

I could have run away right now. He would never to keep up with me. Ezekiel after a while couldn’t even catch me as I free ran.

But instead I followed Mr. Prior to find out what was going on. Getting closer to our town, people’s watchful and curious eyes followed me.

In the back of my mind it kept chanting, this isn’t good. This isn’t good. People die over these kinds of relationships. I suddenly couldn’t swallow as the next thought entered my worried mind, was Ezekiel okay?

Mr. Prior opened the town hall’s doors and I stepped inside to a spacious room with just a long table with the council sitting at it and a lonely chair in front of them.

I was on trial. But for what?

Marcus Eaton waved for me to sit down and said, “Miss. Platts, it’s come to our attention that you maybe evolved with the incident of the barn burning last night.”

My mouth opened up in shock at the news. Mr. Eaton added, “You have permission to speak, Miss. Platts.”

“It burnt down? Is Aaron alright?” I asked concerned.

Mr. Eaton responded pensively, “He is fine. But another man named John had died from smoke inhalation after our attempt to save him from inside.”

My eyes widen as I asked confused, “Why am I being accused?”

Another elderly man with a scrunch face like a pug replied, “Because we found this by the barn.” He held my bracelet Mira gave to me. “Miss. Connor had given a witness account that this is yours. Do you deny this?”

“No, that is mine. A child I helped gave it to me as a sign of friendship. But-”

The elderly man was trying to cut me off, but Mr. Prior said, “Let her finish, Mr. Conner.” Great, this isn’t bias.

“I didn’t realize it was missing until after initiation day.”

Mr. Conner asked, “Alright, where were you on the night of this incident?”

“I was asleep in my bed, Mr. Conner.” I tried keeping my anger at his dumb questions to prove his accusation were wrong.

“Do you have a witness?” Marcus asked with what looked like hope. I thought, No. Ezekiel hadn’t seen me over a few months now. I was planning on playing hooky tomorrow to find him at Dauntless headquarters. “Because Mr. Wright has given a statement that you were with him that night.”

My face blanched at the thought of him lying. Why would Aaron do this? Was he really that afraid they would find me guilty?

Mr. Conner face was annoyed when his name was called out loud and then it hit me. Rachel Conner. Rachel was the girl Aaron was going to propose to, but her father didn’t give his approval.

Mr. Prior asked, “Is this true? If he is lying he will be charged as assisting a criminal account and be banished from Abnegation.”

“What are the charges for physical conduct?” I asked trying to wrap my head around the situation. If I didn’t accept Aaron’s help, I be sentence to death and he be banished.

“There are minor punishments for physical displays in public, but in your own privacy there is nothing the law can do. Though, we do frown upon it, Miss. Platts,” Marcus said calmly.

Mr. Conner face was turning redder as he blurted out, “Oh come on, my daughter saw her burn the barn down. You did it. Were you trying to kill Andrew? She’s been whoring around with others boys too.”

“Mr. Conner,” I sat up and said, “Ever since I transferred from Abnegation I have been placed on trial. People are waiting for me to screw up or be some bad person, but all I want is to help people.” My fists were curling in tightness, “I didn’t do it. And from what I see, I have a question to ask why your daughter was out that night?”

His mouth opened up a few times before I finally said, “I was with Aaron and I’ve been with him awhile since you reject Aaron’s approval to marry your daughter.”

Marcus stood up and said, “Thank you Miss. Platts. We will further investigate, but for the time being you are free to go back home.”

Nodding my head, I walked out of the building and headed back to my house in a daze. Would Rachel actually do that? And why? These wild thoughts threw me off balanced. And how could a Cantor lie?

Going inside, I walked up my stair well to find Aaron waiting for me at my door. “Kinder, I-”

I hushed him and opened my door up to let us both inside.

Closing the door, I watched him pace back and forth. He was riveting in guilt. Sitting on the chair I asked quietly, “Why did you do it? Your whole life was hanging in the balance for me.”

His eyes shot up at me and Aaron responded, “I hate lying. It goes against my very being. But I know your innocent and I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing.”

I turned away trying to breath, “You saw her do it.” My blonde hair made a shield to hide my disgust. “Why didn’t you tell them that Rachel’s the murder?”

Peeking through the curtain of hair, I saw Aaron running his fingers through his red hair in frustration. “Because she came to me after the incident crying and scared. Yes, I don’t approve of her jealous actions to frame you for burning the barn down. But she didn’t know John was in there-”

“Jealous? Of what?” I cut him of flabbergasted.

Aaron responded, “She thought we were more than friends.”

I crossed my arms and stated, “We are friends. You know you almost married a crazy person.”

“Yeah, I know now.” He gave a deep sigh, “I just did the only thing to save you both.”

I stood up and paced the floor now, “I can understand why you lied for me, but why her? John’s family never gets to know what really happened to their son. And even if it was an accident, she killed him….” Why was a very good question? This girl was literally going to let me fall and be put to death for her actions!!!

Aaron bit his lip hard before he answered my question, “Because I still love her.”

“Oh,” the only response could interject from my mouth.

“I know, I must be crazy too. But I care for her.” I agree you on with that one, I thought snarky.

Closing my window shut I asked, “Won’t she be pissed at us after this? We lied we were together all night.”

“She knows it’s a lie. Rachel agreed on this plan. She is sorry.” Aaron stated softly and my heart still didn’t thaw at those words.

Picking at my nails in nervousness, I added, “You know Rachel’s father will protect his little girl no matter what. And the council will side with them, so the investigation comes back on us. You only bought a matter of time unless she confesses her actions or….” I felt like the walls were caving in a bit, “I’m dead.”

I rest my head on the cool wall as I thought. After all my efforts to not die under my mother, death seemed to find me another way. I guess you can’t trick destiny. A destiny of a divergent was death.

Aaron was very quiet all of a sudden and when I glanced over he was staring at me with regret. “We are going to leave tonight.”

My blood pressure was rising more as I could feel my pulse in my ears. This was so freakin’ unfair!!

Turning my head away, I could feel Aaron upset presence. “Look I didn’t want this to go down like this, but-”

“But what Aaron? I try to have a normal life and I get dragged in this crap. Where are we going to run to?” I mumbled to myself in regret, “I should have pick Dauntless.”

Aaron shoulders were slouched when saying, “Well meet out by the well at midnight.”

“Fine,” I muttered and Aaron left my home. Plopping on my bed, I whispered my thoughts out loud, “What about Zeke? When he returns back, he won’t know where I disappeared.”

Getting up, I walked along the floor boards until I hit the squeaky one. Quietly I bent down and pried the one board up, to reveal Ezekiel’s jacket, my old Dauntless clothing, and a taser. My hand gently lift the taser up and I pressed the button to see a zap spark. Ezekiel wanted me to be able to protect myself.

Stuffing my hidden stuff into my medical bag, I placed a single letter underneath that floor board. If Ezekiel found it after I was gone, he have a hint as to what happened to me. Where I plan to flee.

Look beyond the stars

I smiled for the first time in awhile. We would hopefully meet again in that old building in the middle of nowhere. Just us and the stars.

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