No Fear

Chapter 13

We were only a few miles out on the run, when Aaron flagged me down for another break. Sitting in the tall grass I stated with a smile, “You know we aren’t even close to being out of the Abnegation territory?”

He was bent over and stated, “Well the pace you are going, I might just have a heart attack.”

I stared out at the horizon watching the radiate sun slowly rise and light the golden fields around us. The sky was creating unique colors of yellow, pink, purple, and a deep blood orange. It was captivating, but something else was stealing my attention.

“What is that?” I heard Aaron asked puzzled as I felt. Out in the distance, black shadows began to appear and by the looks of it, the objects were coming closer.

It wasn’t long before my eyes could register the shadows were trucks driving through the terrain. My mouth opened in surprise knowing those trucks from anywhere. “Those are Dauntless trucks.”

Aaron asked, “Do you think they are after us?”

No, my mind said, our criminal charge wasn’t really a thing they would care about. “No, I don’t think so. Why are there so many out of their division?”

We hid in the grass as they passed us by and that’s when we noticed ever soldier aboard holding guns. When the armored trucks were finally in the distance, Aaron said flabbergasted, “Did you see those weapons? They could destroy two factions with that.”

“Come on,” I said as I stood up, “We have to go back.”

Aaron nodded his head determined. “We have to warn them if it’s not already too late.”

Pressed against an outer wall, I watched Dauntless marching around and rounding up Abnegation from their homes. As I analyzed them, these soldier’s didn’t seem like the Dauntless spirit I had known, they were impassive. Where was Ezekiel? Turning back to Aaron I whispered, “Something is wrong here.”

Aaron looking around the other corner nodded his head and then suddenly rushed over to me. “Shit they’re coming this way,” he said panic. Grabbing his hand, I pulled him into a home where a family, who was sitting around the kitchen table, glanced up at us confused.

Locking the door, I ordered, “Go upstairs and hid. We’re under attack.” No one moved and probably thought we were crazy until the sound of a gunshot went off and screams echoed into the air. Quickly, the door was beginning to be pounded on and the family retreated upstairs for cover.

“Aaron hid.” He stared at me hesitant to leave me alone, but he did as I said. The door was kicked open suddenly and two Dauntless soldiers entered the room. Sneaking behind the girl, I stunned her body with full voltage making her unconscious and took her gun and shot the guy’s shooting arm. He went down in pain and I shocked him as well. In that second, I noticed whatever mind control he was under, the taser seemed to waken him, before passing out from the pain.

Closing the door all the way, Aaron popped out taken aback as I turned down the stun setting. Grabbing rope from my bag, I told Aaron, “Take his clothes off and put them on.”

Quickly, I tied up the girl while Aaron striped the boy. Pulling up new pants Aaron said as I patched up the tied up boy’s wound, “Where did you learn to do that?”

“I was friends with Dauntless,” I responded as I got changed into my old Dauntless clothes and Ezekiel’s jacket. “Do you know how to use a weapon?”

He shook his head and I tossed a gun to him. “Remember to take off the safety. Aim and shoot. Help me put them into the closet.” Dragging their bodies into the closet, we then jammed a chair up against it. Aaron asked, “What’s the plan?”

Taking a deep breath I responded, “We are going to get as many people out of here as possible. You search the houses and get them into the woods. I’ll get the ones already rounded up.”

Stepping outside, we both followed a line of Dauntless and then I broke away to our own missions. Hastily I ordered a group of Abnegation to go a different direction. As we ended close to the woods, I said, “Run and hid in the woods now.” Surprise lit their faces, but they didn’t hesitate to do this command.

The gravel crunched under my feet as I raced back for my third group. I had to make sure these people lived. But when turning to my left I noticed three things that took me off guard. One, I watched Four and Beatrice being ushered into a house unwilling. Two, Jeanine’s car was parked over yonder. And three, I had ran smack hard into the person I loved.

Glancing up to Ezekiel’s blank expression, the one like in my nightmare, he started to pull his gun on me. Before I could rationalize what Ezekiel was about to do, I smack the gun out of his arms and kneed him in the groin. Back tracking away to not get anyone else’s attention, Ezekiel was the only one following me down the narrow alley way.

Looking back in terror, I mistakenly tripped over a crate and tumbled to the ground feeling brush marks on my hands and cheek. He was going to kill me. Trying to get up quickly, I was yanked back from my hair and I somehow muffled my scream of pain.

In that moment, I was struggling and fighting to not be caught in Ezekiel’s deadly grasp. He was going to kill me, my mind repeated. “Zeke, wake up. It’s Kinder.” I tried getting into his head. “Zeke, it’s me. The person you love-”

He somehow pressed me into the ground after I took a shot at his throat. But it was too late, Ezekiel’s hand dug into my neck and I could feel my wipe pipe closing up.

My wide eyes search for anything to use as a weapon and then I saw it. Only a few inches away, my taser lay out on the ground. Reaching for it in desperation, my vision was fading to dark and the thoughts in my head to survive were becoming fuzzier.

With the last of my will not to die, I pressed the button and jabbed it at his neck. In a matter of seconds, Ezekiel was off of me and convulsing on the floor. Pushing my body up against the wall, I choked in soreness as my lungs replenished with oxygen.

When Ezekiel began to whine down, I held onto the taser tightly just in case. If he wasn’t awake yet, I wouldn’t hesitate to hit him again with another jolt.

A moan escaped his lips, “Oh fuck.” His light brown eyes held life in them again as Ezekiel rocked himself up stiffly. Taking in his surrounding, Ezekiel finally laid his confused eye on me. “Kinder? Where am I?” He rubbed his shoulders a bit, “What happened? I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck-”

I wrapped my arm tightly around Ezekiel and took every effort in my being to not cry. “Everything is wrong. Jeanine’s here and Dauntless are under some mind control rounding up Abnegation like cattle ready to be butchered.” I glanced back to where I saw her car. “They have Four and a girl named Beatrice.”

His soft confused face changed into protective and determined. Standing up with both the wall and my help, a person was heading our way. As Ezekiel raised his gun, I pushed it down.

“Aaron,” I called out and he ran with a slight limping. My eyes dragged away from Aaron to notice following behind him was a woman I despised. Rachel O’Conner. Inside I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

Out of breath he announced, “I tried to get as many people out, but it’s too difficult with Dauntless guarding them. We have to find out the source of their control in order to stop this.”

“It had to be after they gave us those,” Ezekiel put in quotes, “tracking devices they injected us with.” He added trying recalling. “That’s all I remember after that.”

“We have to find Jeanine. This is her plan written all over it,” I replied.

Rachel shook her head, “No use. She left with some Dauntless guy.”

My hazel eyes widen, “Wasn’t there a girl with them?”

“No. They were taking her that way.” Aaron pointed over the opposite direction were Jeanine’s car was located. Quickly Ezekiel took off and I followed his lead. There Beatrice stood on her knees ready to be executed and Ezekiel yelled, “Tris.”

Her grayish blue eyes shot up and the man holding the gun at her head waved his other goons to deal with us. “Zeke!” She called out in relief and yet terror.

Like a coiled up viper, Ezekiel swiftly attacked taking on four men, while Aaron and I took only two. Again I enrolled in combat and dodged a few punches and that’s when I heard Aaron being choked by the one he had been fighting. His girlfriend hid and watched in fright. What a waste?! The man that risked his life because he loved you is now dying. Hello. Do something.

With rage, I punch the girl I was fighting in the throat hard and then turned around and tasered the sucker off of Aaron.

Before any of us could reach Beatrice, a few gun shots went off and my heart sank into my stomach.

As my eyes flicker over I noticed in surprise, the rest of the Dauntless trying to kill Beatrice fell to the ground dead. Glancing out into the open field, Beatrice’s mother, Natalie, was waving all of us to move with her.

Helping Beatrice up, we all took off down to the city. Stopping around the corner, Natalie checked to see if it was cleared. Beatrice, surprised by her mother, said, “You were Dauntless.”

Natalie smiled at her daughter holding the gun, “It’s served me well today.”

“Is dad okay?” Beatrice asked and I suddenly felt guilty not checking up on the Gardeners. Ezekiel, who had picked up some weapons from the dead Dauntless, handed me a gun.

“Yeah. He led a group to roman state and we’re going to meet him there,” her mother said taking a glance at all of us. Natalie’s eyes laid on me last with question. “Let’s go.”

As we ran through the road, gun shots were upon us and we had to take cover quickly. Ducking behind some trash cans, Ezekiel fired the first shots out. He asked me in confidence, “Did you see Uriah?”

Twisting my body around, I shot an innocent Dauntless. “No. I didn’t.”

“Will. It’s me. Come on Will.” I heard Beatrice call out in pain. “Don’t make me shoot. Please. Please.” Bang. It was clear now and I could hear Natalie whisper to her daughter, “We got to go honey.”

Passing by the bodies, Beatrice was in shock with shooting someone she knew personally. She whispered unbelieving, “I killed him. I killed him.” Natalie hugged her tight as I looked around the corner for any attacks. “Okay. Now let’s go find your father.” Natalie said bravely.

Stepping out into the open space, Aaron, Rachel, and Ezekiel made it across and I was about to make it when a truck with Dauntless showed up. I could hear the clanking of bullets hit the walls and I dove into the alley way. Ezekiel pulling me up searching my body for any injuries, but I reassured him, “I’m good.”

Taking my gun, I began to shot blindly to draw the fire off of Beatrice and Natalie. As they tumbled to the ground, Beatrice asked her mother, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she said breathless and I glanced over noticing her holding her abdomen.

“Zeke cover me.” I responded and like that Ezekiel was now shooting with Aaron as I grabbed my medical supplies.

Beatrice became suddenly concerned, “What are you doing?” Her mother started to become disoriented and I cut her dress to see the bullet went right through her abdomen and she was bleeding out fast for a gut wound.

“Mom, mom.” Beatrice cried out, “Please help her.”

Rolling her over the exit wound wasn’t straight throw to the other side. The bullet must have been ricocheting inside her body. There wasn’t any way to tell how much internal damage may be caused. Putting pressure on her wound, I held Natalie’s hand in comfort. She was dying quickly. “Mom, no, no, no,” Beatrice cried holding her mother tightly as the last breath was released.

Aaron yelled at us, “We have to leave soon. We can’t hold them off forever.”

Lifting Beatrice up, we all ran away and finally made it to the safe house. It was eerie silent as I leaned against the wall with blood covering my hands. We had to stop this. I said it once, I say it again. I didn’t want any more blood on my hands.

Our footsteps echoed down the metal stairwell and Beatrice asked, “Where’s my father?”

“Beatrice?” Mr. Prior popped out whiter than a ghost as he dared asked, “Your mother?”

Silence. Yes silence was enough to answer that terrible question. Beatrice said softly, “She saved me. She saved me.”

Her father hugged Beatrice tightly and responded in pain, “Then it wasn’t in vain.”

Marcus cut in, “We need to leave here. Were there any soldier’s outside?” They continued their conversation as my eyes locked over to a familiar boy. He began to say to Beatrice, “I should have believed you. I left erudite as soon as I realized. Why is this happening? I don’t understand.”

I asked him, “Caleb?”

His grey eyes flicker up to me in surprise, “Do I know you?”

“Where’s Maeve?” I said panicked and the young boy frowned. “Why isn’t she here? You were going steady with each other. Why isn’t she with you, Caleb?”

Ezekiel held me back as Caleb said in fright, “She fell behind.” I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It felt like I took a punch in the stomach. My sister was dead. “They took her away before I could.” Did that mean she could be still alive?

Caleb continued to ask Beatrice, “Why are dauntless fighting for erudite?”

“They don’t know what they are doing. They are under some kind of simulation. We need to wake them up. I need to get to dauntless.”

Beatrice said convincingly until Marcus rebuttal, “It’s a fortress. It’s not going to happen.”

Fire lit Beatrice’s eyes as she replied, “I can get us in.”

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