No Fear

Chapter 14

The sound of the engine roared down the steel tracks as it sped toward dauntless. “Get ready,” Beatrice announced and I watched Marcus and her family stare at her wary.

She walked over to us and Ezekiel said, “We’ll meet back on the train to escape. If we aren’t here, well you can use your imagination.”

The scenery whipped by the windows as I added, “Good Luck Tris. I hope you stop her plan,” my hazel eyes locked onto hers, “whatever it takes.”

Beatrice nodded her head in understanding and headed back to the door way. She called out to her group, “You’re not going to like this.” Hitting the button the doors opened up and the building for dauntless began to appear. Beatrice took a running jump and flew out of the cart with the others following suit.

Closing the door way, Ezekiel sat down next to me. Out of my peripheral vision, I noticed him timidly stroke my bruised neck. A deep frown burrowed into his face knowing he was the cause of this.

Before I could let him feel guilty, I answered quietly. “I’m fine. It wasn’t you.” Ezekiel nodded his head, though I just knew he wasn’t satisfied at what he had done. What he could have done.

“Why Maeve?” My eye shifted over to Ezekiel’s face that exhibited interested, not objection thankfully. “Two reasons really.” For one she was my sister whether with the same blood or not, I thought. “I remember when I went into Jeanine’s office, Maeve and her were working on the discovery Maeve fumbled upon.”

I could still see Maeve’s scribbled notes on the desk. She was working toward a new training for dauntless. One, where a person subconscious mind was exposed in an already created scenario. But the problem with Maeve serum lacked a way to control the person’s conscious body from moving around and reacting as to what they were seeing in their mind.

“If I had to guess, Jeanine manipulated her work with a transmitter. And if that’s true, Maeve might know a way to hinder the serum.” Erudite building stared to emerge out in the distance and I finally added, “If we’re not too late.”

“Maeve is still alive. Why would Jeanine get rid of someone that important? I would keep her just in case of a malefaction in the components of the serum.” Ezekiel said trying to think to the practical side.

I shifted my face away and said, “Because Maeve doesn’t make mistakes.” My mind was crumbling in fear. And who needs the untrusting creator that can put a stop to all her work?

On the edge of erudite territory, we both jumped out of the moving train and tumble back up to our feet. Only a mile away, the high white erudite headquarters towered over everything else around it. My eyes bounced around on alert as we run down the sidewalks.

As we got closer, the city’s citizens were buzzing around as if nothing was happening to Abnegation.

“There’s no way were going to be able to get into there, especially looking like this, Kinder.” Ezekiel said watching three kids laughing while crossing the road.

“Follow my lead.” I said before yelling out, “You’re an idiot. The three solutions of the equation f(x) = 0 are -4, 8, and 11. Therefore, the three solutions of the equation f(2x) = 0 are -2, 4, 11 ½.”

Ezekiel smirked at this game and said, “No it’s -1, 0 and 7 1/2.” Quickly the three kids move toward us around the corner and I whispered, “Knock them out quick. We don’t want a scene.”

As the two boys and a girl came into view, the one boy said, “The answer is -1, 6 and 12 ½ dumbshits-”

The boy glanced at us confused and I quickly grabbed the girl and covered her mouth, while Ezekiel took a cheap shot knocking the one kid flat on his ass and the other tasered to unconscious.

The girl rustled under my arms as I slowly choked her. I whispered in her ear, “Just relax sweetie. You’re just going to sleep.” Her panic eyes whipped around before she finally passed out.

Quickly we took their stuff and threw them into a dumpster bin. Jamming a pipe so they couldn’t open it up, Ezekiel grabbed my hand and placed his gun in a book bag from the one kid.

“So this is what it be like to be erudite?” He said pulling at the restricting blue suit. “Snotty with no common sense.”

Moving the fake glasses up on my nose, I stated, “Isn’t it exciting to have others poke fun if you aren’t intellectually on their level of,” I quotes with my fingers, “knowledge.”

Walking through the crowds of people, we slide right through the doors of the erudite tower undetected. Leading the way to the control room, Ezekiel whispered to me, “You know, you kind of look cute in those.”

In the serious situation we were in, he always found a way to break the tension. I chuckled a bit, “Thanks.”

Peeking into the room, I noticed activity in prison cell 421, her picture was above and below that my stomach dropped. Exterminate in 2 minutes. My wide eyes glanced up to catch a person about to turn around and I ducked away.

“What’s wrong?” Ezekiel asked keeping me hidden in the corner with his body.

“They are going to kill her in a matter of two minutes. We have too-”

Someone suddenly exit out of the control room and Ezekiel pressed me against the wall and kissed my mouth with gust. Running his hands up my leg, I latched my hand in the nape of his hair. The man quickly shot his eyes away and continued down the hall embarrassed about the situation. Quiet now dominated the hallway and Ezekiel said out of breath, “Let’s save your sister.”

Running down the halls, I stated, “The prison is on the other side in the tower.” I rammed hard into a guy and replied, “Sorry. I’m late.”

Ezekiel followed right next to me and I flashed a winning smile as I waved an access card at him. Climbing up the stairs with my legs tightening up with pain, I pushed forward with Ezekiel taking the lead. “Here.” I tossed it at him and said out of breath, “421.”

Nodding his head, his stride jumped a few more steps and I continued to push my body to its limit. Finally, I entered the room Ezekiel opened up and he stood stumped.

“Kinder! Help me!” My sister called out banging on the glass bubble she was locked in. Pressing my hands to glass, I tried observing what components they used to make this…. “Move,” I suddenly heard Ezekiel announce.

And as I ducked, I watch him quickly grabbed a metal chair and wailed it at the cell with all his might. But as a result, Ezekiel shook his body hard and the metal chair had bent, but the cell didn’t even acquire a scratch. It was shatter proof glass.

Looking around, I ran over to the control panel and tried hacking into the system. I only had a minute now. Sweat was dripping down my face as I rushed to crack Jeanine’s code to abort the task. I could hear my sister crying as she said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know mom was going to do this. She used me.”

“Maeve, what kind of password would she have used?” I asked calmly though I was rattled in panic.

“I, I don’t know. I don’t-I’m going to die,” Maeve said curled in a ball.

I glanced up to see thirty seconds and Ezekiel kept hitting the glass in desperation. “No you aren’t. We’re going to get you out.” I was placing anything words I could think of and every time denied lit up on the screen.

“Kinder, I want you to have something.” Maeve said breathlessly and showing some kind of computer drive in her slender fingers.

I hit the podium screen hard as Ezekiel started to cut what wires he could to the machine. My sister’s scared voice echoed my name and I ran over placing my hand on the glass to hers. She wasn’t breathing. In anger I cried and tried beating the glass with my hands.

“Maeve. Don’t die. Hang on. Please. Please. Hang on.”

Maeve kept her wide eyes on me and mouth out quietly, “Help-hh-elp. The-”

The machine gears had stopped the suction of taking air away, but it was too late. My sister’s still body lay against the glass with her struggling face looking at me. The only thing moving were the last tears streaming down her cheek.

The voice activated computer called out, “Extermination complete.” The bubble started to open in half and I caught my sister’s lifeless body in my arms.

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