No Fear

Chapter 17

“What are you wearing?”

Giving a small smile from the embarrass outfit of a muddy red shirt and brown skirt, I tried to joke back. “I took a small vacation at amity. What’s with the new tattoo of a skull helmet?”

Uriah glanced down at his brown tone arm and said offended, “It’s a demon skull with wings. It’s bad ass, Kin.”

Being the great mind reader he knew my tone was heavy not like it’s usual sound. Uriah glanced around and asked, “What’s wrong, Kinder? Where is my brother?” He was fighting to keep the conversation light, but my eyes told a different story. “Is he getting ready to scare me from behind?”

I stepped into his open arms and whispered, “I missed you. Did Four or Tris come here yet?”

An unusual confused and worried expression developed onto Uriah face, “No. We’re they suppose too?

I backed away a bit and attempted to keep the fear out of my respond. “Not really. I didn’t have a chance to make any plans where to meet if we got separated.”

My body suddenly felt weak and I slacked in his arms. “Kinder??”

Uriah instantly cradled me in his surprisingly strong arms and asked, “Seriously where’s my brother?”

Barely getting a whisper out, I said, “He betrayed us, Uriah.” I glanced up to find Uriah eyes bounce around with doubt and sadness at the news. I wanted to tell more. How he was siding with Eric and killed….but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it yet.

Walking through the white hallways with black trim, Uriah carried my weak body and said, “I was hoping the rumors weren’t true.” He finally opened at door up to a rather decent sized apartment at least compared to the one in abnegation. Slowly placing me in a comfortable chair, Uriah looked me over, “Are injured at all?”

Shaking my head I stated quietly, “Just hungry and tired.”

Pushing my matted and filthy hair back from my dirt covered face, Uriah added like a caring brother would, “I’ll get you food and in the meantime do you want me to start a bath-”

“No,” I spit out to quickly and Uriah was taken aback by my sudden outburst. He finished his sentence lamely, “or something?”

Tilting his perplex head waiting for my response, I added, “I just want to shower.”

“Really?” Uriah asked and I could tell he was trying to figure out the reason to my reaction. “It would relax your sore muscles?”

I shook my head, “I just rather not. I probably fall asleep in there,” I barely squeezed the last part out as a joke, “and drown.”

Uriah smiled toward me and stated, “Okay I see your point. The faster you shower, the faster you eat and can go to bed.”

I liked Uriah. I didn’t know what I do without him. It was ever hard not to smile with Uriah’s infectious happiness, I responded, “Exactly. Thank you.”

He clicked his tongue while pointing at me, “Anything for my girl and I’ll see if there’s any new on Tris and Four,” and then he closed the door.

And there I was in the dead silence again giving me the constant reminder of Ezekiel chosen path. How could this been the man I loved? I closed my eyes trying to remember only fond memories of him.

It was after I told him, “I like your brother.”

My eyes met over to Ezekiel, who was now trying to squish his muscular body next to me. “Yeah I guess I’ll keep him.” Shaking his head with a constraining smile, I asked curious, “What?”

“Nothing,” he paused knowing this anticipation annoyed me and then his smile grew more. “I just remember the first time I introduced you to him.”

I poked into his chest and corrected him, “You mean when he snuck up and introduced himself to me.”

Another memory triggered….

“Holy shit,” I glanced over to Ezekiel astounded, “I’ve never been this close to a a vehicle like this before.” His brown eyes lit up showing me another dauntless activity other factions had to dream about. Turning my attention back at Jared’s, a friend of Ezekiel, the motorbike, I ran my hand down it smooth black paint.

“She really likes it,” Jared called out surprised while rubbing oil off his hands.

Ezekiel patted my shoulder and joked, “She’s definitely not the average erudite.”

My eyes constricted at the car and pulling away from Ezekiel touch I asked, “Why do you fix these up? You can’t really drive them around with the,” I rolled my eyes, “the stupid laws.”

Jared pushed back his blonde crop of hair and laughed. “Not if you keep it under wraps and possibly on the patrol squad helps. Besides we make these things run on electric power, so their much quieter than their previous owners from way back.”

Walking around the vehicle, I couldn’t stop ask enough questions to fill up my curiosity. “So you race them at night?” I flicked my eye over to Ezekiel and asked, “Do you work on them too?”

Ezekiel smiled while shaking his head, “Yes and no. I don’t have the patience or time to fix up a junkyard.”

“Speaking of which, Zeke will you help me lift this motor inside this car over here?” Jared asked and Ezekiel gave a sigh.

“If I have too.”

As they both walked further in the shop, I curiously sat on the seat to the sleek motor cycle. I never drove before in my life. I wonder what it would be like….

“Going to take it for a spin?”

My body jumped up frazzled as I spun around to find a younger boy leaning against the side of the hood. The boy was pretty tall with dark, brown skin tone. His short brown hair seemed to match his chocolate brown eyes that could melt any woman away. And with his black clothes and a snake tattoo wrapping around his ear gave away he was also dauntless.

“I wish,” I said uncertain flicking my eyes back to Ezekiel buried into the hood of a car.

Reaching out his hand, he said, “Uriah.”

“Kinder,” I meet his grasp a shock rippled through my body. I suddenly was afraid I wasn’t supposed to talk to him. What if he was not a fan of erudite impostor? Then again, why would he be smiling at me with his bright white teeth?

“So you’ve been spending a lot of time with Zeke?”

My mouth opened up a bit, but nothing came out. “Do I know you?”

Uriah shook his head laughing, “No we’ve never met. But since you’ve been occupying my bro-”

“Uriah?!!” Ezekiel called out concerned and slightly irritated. Damn it, my mind thought, maybe I shouldn’t be talking to him.

Crossing his arms with a huge smile, Uriah mocked, “See I knew you were keeping her a secret. God it was so obvious you got yourself a girlfriend-”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Uriah.” Ezekiel said glancing at me with anxiety. “What are you doing here?”

“Well gees Zeke, who knew I had to stalk my own brother to meet the girl he’s been sneaking out every other night to see.”

My mouth spoken words before I could even think, “You have a brother?”

“And a mother, who also very anxious to meet her too.” He raised his finger up, “And I didn’t tell her, mom is just that smart.” His mom knew I existed and wasn’t upset with the idea of him dating an erudite girl? Woah.

Uriah wiggled his eyebrows and whispered to me, “Unlike the person over there.”

“That’s it,” Ezekiel said as he placed his younger brother in a head lock and messed up his hair playfully.

“Oh, come on man. You’re messing it up for the ladies,” Uriah scowled.

“I’m sorry, but the only leading lady in your life right now is mom,” Ezekiel said as Uriah escaped from his grasp.

“Oh, burn,” I added giggling at their sibling bickering. I think I was beginning to like the idea of getting to know, hopefully soon, the Pedrad boys. “Now getting back to the topic, when do they get to drive these bad boys because I want to ride in one?”

Uriah smiled at his brother, who was equal grinning, and responded, “I can understand why you like her.”

The chilled air started to awake me from my reality and I made my way over blasting the hot water in the shower.

Honestly I don’t think anything could warm up my shatter soul now.

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