No Fear

Chapter 18

Cuddle up in the empty bed, my body laid still with no care in the world. Nothing really seemed to matter anymore. But fate seemed to think differently.

Boom. The door suddenly opened up and I jumped in terror to find Uriah out of breath and panic in his eyes. I asked taken off guard, “What’s going on?”

“Four and Tris are here. But Jack Kang,” he was the leader of candor, “is arresting them because he doesn’t believe that Jeanie would fraudulently accuse them of such crimes.”

I nodded my head and stated, “I’m coming, just hold him off from contacting erudite as long as you can.”

Even though Uriah was unsure what I had planned, he had without a blink of an eye followed my orders. As Uriah left, I know I had to put this to an end to this once and for all.

Hopping out of bed, I started to throw on Ezekiel’s old black sweater I borrowed years ago. Somehow it seemed to still give me comfort to the situation ahead of me. I hated that I would have to bring up my past I desperately tried to bury, but it was right thing to do. I couldn’t let that monster win and hand over my friends on a platter, not after Ezekiel actions. If anything I wanted to make up for what he did.

I guess I felt guilty by association.

“Look we’re telling the truth….” I heard Four say desperately when I opened the office door.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe Jeanine would even spread such a lie, “Jack said ready to hit the call button.

“I can,” I spoke out capturing everyone’s attention.

Seeming confused he asked his guards, “How did she get in here?”

Uriah swiped his hands together showing that he took care of it and said, “Listen to what she had to say.”

Not amused about this conduct Jack questioned, “And what makes you so special to be a part of this matter?”

Stepping forward, I could feel my stomach doing flips. My eyes locked tightly onto Jack as I announced unwilling, “Because I know Jeanine like the back of my hand. After all she is my mother.”

I could feel everyone jaw mouth drop by my sudden comment, well except Four, and Jack sputter out, “That’s a lie. Her daughter’s name is Maeve.”

The air felt sudden light hearing her name called out and Four took full advantage of this by saying, “Give us a true candor trial with the truth serum. Then you’ll see with your own judgment the truth.”

Mulling over Four’s words, I watch Tris stiffen at these words. Once injected with the truth serum, our demons would be open for the world to see and that was scary.

“Very well,” Jack nodded his head and continued to say, “But if falsely given, I will not hesitant to hand you over into Jeanine’s hands.” Jack’s eye land upon me with curiosity and I knew he was going to probe every inch of my mind.

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