No Fear

Chapter 2

Stepping up in line, I can hear Maeve and her friend jabbering about other factions problems. The girl said, “I don’t understand why Abnegation runs our government. My parents keeping insisting that us, the intelligent ones, would be able to run our society smoothly.” Tension between our factions was evident and was slowly being absorbed by the next generation.

My teeth clenched tighter until hearing my adoptive sister respond, “However smart we are, we do not live in the selfless life. Abnegation values the needs of others above of one self, thus they can be trusted to make the right decision for all of us.”

Her friend’s face pouted a bit at Maeve logic, but it gave me hope that Jeanine’s influence hadn’t corrupted my adoptive sister’s mind yet. Turning to the hallway, we each stood by our testing door. As others began to walk through their door, a person grabbed my shoulder and I noticed a familiar friend of mine, Dr. Fredrick smiling at me.

“Come this way,” he said leading me to another testing room. Dr. Fredrick was the man I had mention being a Dauntless-born before choosing ceremony. Honestly he was like a father to me.

Taking a seat on the uncomfortable chair, Dr. Fredrick said, “Kinder, did I ever tell you I knew your father before Erudite?”

I stared at him preparing a glass of clear liquid and I asked, “He was Dauntless?”

“He was,” Dr. Fredrick pulled a chair over and added with a serious expression, “and he was the most fearless man I knew. Kinder there’s a reason why he was so good.” Wiping his face with his one hand, he said somber, “He was special and I believe that you might contain these certain passed down attributes as well. But the only way to tell is if you take this test.”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean special?” I was confused and a little on edge by his riddles.

“Kinder, he was divergent. And being one is a very dangerous around here. You can get killed.”

Divergent. I remember my mother explaining what that word meant. They were people that didn’t fit into our five faction society, thus somehow opposed a threat to mess up the balance. After all how can a person be devoted to one faction if they are divergent?

He finally revealed to me the truth and I barely whispered, “Is that what happened to my father?” I paled at the thought, would my mother murder my own father?

“I don’t know,” he handed me the cup and said, “Drink it and let’s see.”

I wasn’t divergent. I know I wasn’t. I kept repeating in my mind as I slowly drank the serum.

As if I just blink for a second, I was not in the well lit testing room. Standing up from the curb, the streets are empty and cars littered the floor. And that’s when I saw a burning bus with a man sitting on the last step of the doorway. Cautiously I approached while observing the many burn scared on his face and he was staring at a newspaper until he noticed my presence.

“Are you okay? Do you need help?” I asked uncertain.

The man seemed to ignore my questions and turned the front page up to me asking desperately, “Do you know this man? He’s the one responsible for my injuries.” Why do I have this feeling this injured man seem familiar to me? Could I trust him?

He continued to ask, “Do you?” I glanced down at the paper and I felt flabbergasted seeing the man in the paper looked exactly like him.

“I don’t know,” I finally respond and the burned man face scrunched as he said, “You must have an inkling. Show me where he is.”

I was stumped at how to react. Do I agree and lead him on a goose chase for nothing?

I asked again, “Do you know him? Do you have a twin?” Is it that you’re crazy?

The man was very confused at my questions, “No. Do you think family would do this to my face?!”

The man limped up and demanded, “Do you know where I can find him?”

He began to grasp my shoulders and shook me in anger, “You know, don’t you. You’re hiding him.”

“No, no. I don’t know him.” It’s freakin you, crazy!!!! My mind screamed as I glanced over to a crow bar on the floor.

I tried breaking away from his harden embrace, “I can try helping you find him.”

Finally I was able to gently push him away from me and before I could reach the crow bar, the man started to cry. He sobbed an apology out, “I’m sorry. I just, I just need help. Where can we find him?....”

Crack. Crack. Crack. My head pivot up toward the strange noise and there I realized the bridge was falling apart quickly. Glancing back to where the man I had encountered, I began to say, “We should get out of here.”

But as I shift around, the man was nowhere in sight. Instead out in the distance, a child played happily with a doll on the ground. The bridge was now enclosing on us and before I could think of the terror of being crushed or escaping, I dove toward the young child’s body.

Suddenly I leaped forward out of breath and my eyes danced around to find I was back in the testing room with my old friend. His face was blank with awe and terror. Shaking his head, Dr. Fredrick finally answered, “Remarkable. You were supposed to narrow down a choice and your left with all of them.”

Typing into the computer, he quickly said, “I’m putting you as Abnegation. I think you’ll be the safest there.” My face dropped a bit at the thought and he continued to say, “You can choose where ever you want to go, but I highly recommend not going Dauntless and Candor. Their final test will expose you.”

Our time was running out as Dr. Fredrick gave me a hug. “Don’t tell anyone of this. Not your friends, your loved ones and definitely not your family. No one can be trusted. Remember whatever you choose, think that way.”

Like a deer in head lights, I was pushed out the door and escorted out of the testing building. After our test, we were now directed to go to the erudite building to wait for everyone to be done.

But as my group was about to round the corner, a hand cupped over my mouth and I was pulled back into an alley. I was turned around in fright that the people who didn’t welcome divergents, found out already, but thankful my eyes relax in relief.

Quickly I hugged Ezekiel tightly and he laughed, “I guess you missed me.”

My head pivoted up and I knew inside I was screaming to let him know I was endangered. That I felt unsafe. But Dr. Fredrick’s words rang in the back of my mind, Don’t tell anyone of this. Not your friends, your love ones and definitely your family. No one can be trusted.

Ezekiel seemed intuitive that something was bothering me as he studied me with his alert expression. “What’s wrong?”

Trying to put on a brave face, I responded, “Nothing. I got Abnegation.”

“Abnegation?” He said with slight surprise. “Are you happy with that decision?”

I glanced down disheartened. No, I didn’t want to go there. I answered truthfully, “No, I’m not.”

Ezekiel lifted my head up to his and whispered, “Then you don’t have to choose it. I want you to be happy were ever you decided to go.”

“I’m happiest when I’m with you,” I could barely whisper.

Ezekiel kissed my lips gently and I wanted more. Latching my arms around him, I pressed Ezekiel closer so I could deepen our kiss. I think I surprised him by my sudden passion, but it didn’t take long for him to kiss me back with equal fervor. His dangerous lips broke away from my lips and trailed down my neck, leaving my gasping with lust.

Coming back up to my face, Ezekiel smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too Zeke,” I whispered placing him into another hug. My eyes held back their tears. I had to be strong and think smart.

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