No Fear

Chapter 20

Stars blinked back at me as I still lay in the same position I had been in for 3, maybe 5 hours? The sound of shuffling reached my left ear and I could sense a body taking a seat next to me.

I waited for Uriah to start his integration or twenty questions if I was alright, which I wasn’t, but nothing was said. Only thing that happened was the subtle touch of a very warm hand grasping my numb fingers.

Tears suddenly slide down my cheek and I finally glanced over hoping to not find that same face I encounter from Uriah earlier. Finally my eyes locked onto a pair of blue eyes that held the same depth of known pain. A rumored boy to be abused by his father in abnegation.

“Tobais Eaton.” His body shutter at the name. The same way when he called me Mrs. Matthews. I continued to say, “Anyone with a brain would be able to know who you are.”

I force a small twig of a smile and Four responded with a slight smirk. “Those were close to the first words I said to you.”

Taking a deep breath I stated, “I was surprise that Uri hasn’t found me yet.”

Four leaned back to stare out to the night sky that was rarely clear and responded, “He thought I would be something you need more right now.”

I nodded my head and asked suddenly guilty, “Wasn’t Zeke your best friend?”

“He still is,” Tobias responded so sure and I struggle to understand how he could be so calm. Ezekiel left us them for dead.

“How-” The loss of words followed out of my mouth, but Four seemed to read me.

“I know Zeke as well as you do. He’s not a traitor.” My eyes shift down, I wasn’t so sure anymore. He didn’t witness what Zeke had done.

Four sensed my deep doubt and said, “We have to trust him. He wouldn’t do this without good reason.”

Ezekiel’s soft voice echoed in my head, I can’t lose you, not again. Would he be desperate enough to sacrifice everything or anyone just for me? Even make a deal with the devil??

In my peripheral vision I caught Four give a small smirk. He knew something. I accused him again only out loud, “You know something.”

Four’s shifted his shining eyes at me and left the topic aloof, “All I can say is to not worry. Zeke is more of a hero giving us the time we need to escape.”

They had formed a plan together. He didn’t betray them. A wave of relief should have been welcomed, but the word hero seemed to rub me wrong and I wasn’t sure why.

His low voice said quietly, “He’s like a brother. I know where his allegiance lies.”

A pang of guilt swarmed my insides. How could I doubt Ezekiel so quickly? Uriah didn’t. Four didn’t. But somehow I did.

“Does he ever stop being so perfect,” I whispered softly in the quiet.

“That’s how I feel with Tris,” he glanced over timid to being open and continued to say what I felt at times, “sometimes to the point I’m not sure I’m….”

I glanced over to his complex expression of doubt, sadness and want to be more, “Good enough. I get it.” At least that’s what I felt like before my world was turn upside down. Now I didn’t know what to think.

“Thank you,” I heard Four mutter low and smoothly, “It means everything to know we have such great friends to sacrifice so much.”

Shaking my head I answered, “I do it over again if I had too. I never want to see anyone I care for die again.” I squeezed his hand firmly, “Not if I can help it.”

Four wrapped his arm around my shoulders to stop my shaking body from shivering and responded, “I feel the same way.”

Letting my wandering thoughts float out of my mouth, “Do you think we’ll ever heal Tobias?”

I could feel him stiffen at his name and I gasped, “Sorry Four.”

He shrugged his shoulder and said lightly, “It’s okay. Hearing my name from a friend wasn’t so bad.” Continuing on he whispered, “I don’t know. I hope someday we will.”

Resting my head on his shoulder I added with hope as well, “Me too.”

I didn’t really feel like leaving my safe heaven yet when Tobias left a while ago. Honestly I could probably fall asleep here. “So where’s your scary boyfriend?” I suddenly hear Uriah voice echo.

Leaning over the edge, I saw Uriah with Tris leaning up against the railing. She responded, “Probably doing scary boyfriend things.”

Correction, I thought, probably trying to blur out his past wounds.

He paused with his body language off and asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”

I wondered if Uriah and Four traded each other out to help us.

She didn’t respond. I guess she wasn’t the only one search for an escape. But Uriah the bright sunshine ball he was just smiled and stated, “I love heights. From all up here everything seems so much smaller. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I think I see lights out beyond the wall.” He shrugged his shoulders, “I know they all just say it’s a wasteland out there, but we can’t be the only ones left. Can we?”

Gun shots seemed to suddenly go off and I backed up behind the small nook of cover. What the hell was going on?

“Close to weapons?” I heard Tris say running.

“Third floor,” Uriah answered back. I could hear Uriah was fighting and more gun shots went going off. As I peek my head out, Uriah was sniping them down until I watch him fall down to the ground. Covering my mouth I shriveled back into my nook. No. No. No,no,no,no. He can’t be dead. He can’t be dead.

Finally the sound of doors breaking down echoed followed by silence. Taking deep breaths, I rocked myself up. Jumping off the ledge, I gasped a gun and slide over to Uriah.

Checking his neck, I was relieved to find a pulse and began to search his body when my fingers rubbed a small ball sticking out of his shoulder. Instantly he grasped my arm and I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Uri,” I whispered in happiness and he glanced around confused.

Helping him up, he asked, “Where did they do?”

“I don’t know? It looks like they tried knocked you out with these balls.”

Getting up to his feet, Uriah said, “We have to get the weapons room.” Both of us ran toward the busted doors, but suddenly paused for a second when seeing so many people on the ground. They are alive, I had to remind myself.

Continuing down the stair and enter the room Tris was trying to break in. Uriah finally letting his mind catch up asked, “Why are we the only ones awake?”

I knew well enough why and Tris clarified my thoughts in one fellow swoop, “Because we’re divergents. Come on help me open this up.”

Flashing my eyes on the fire extinguisher I stood by the door guarding. No one was going to stop us. “Hey!” Wham, I nailed to my pride Eric right in the head making him quickly drop to the ground stunned. The sound of clicking noise of guns load at me made me think any further to bashing the bastard’s head in more.

Slowly getting up, he shook his head a punch me in the gut hard not even noticing who I was. “Bitch.”

Turning his head back to Tris, the scum bag said, “Look who decided to show up?” Lying on the ground panting, Eric walked up to her with his busted nose, “It’s really good to see you again.”

Quickly they zip lined our hands together and march us into an empty room on our knees. Glancing over I notice a young boy and a very little girl on the opposite side of me. “Alright folks, nothing to be nervous about. Just a routine inspection,” Eric said nonchalantly. “Then we can all go back to our business.”

Walking over to the boy, Eric said, “Hello,” and raised a weird device up toward him. The machine answered out, “Divergent. 10%.”

“Hmm,” Eric responded. Oh my god they were hunting us down, but for what? “Shit, almost normal. That’s boring.”

Leveling a gun to his head, I turned around and glanced over to Uriah, who eye’s told me to keep silent. But how could I when he just shot the boy dead. Just like the one Ezekiel murdered with him.

One of his men stated, “That was not a part of the mission,” and snapped me out of my memory

Eric not caring announced, “So what? Far as I’m concern the rest of them are consider nothing, but outlaws.

“Let’s just wrap this up quickly,” the other man stated anxious. “The others are going to be awake soon.”

Eric nose twitch as he turned to stare down Tris. He was playing with her as he turned to the little girl. “Hey sweetie,” he said and it twisted my stomach in knots. The little girl mumbled something and I could hear the machine go off giving another percentage. I honestly didn’t know if I should root for it to be high or not. “Divergent. 40%”

“I’m afraid it’s not you either,” Eric stated glancing up at Tris’s hateful eyes.

“The lady said I shouldn’t have a-” the little girl choked out terrified and I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe. We were all goners. “The lady said I shouldn’t have gone down the stairs.”

Eric paused as responded sassy, “Well I guess you should have listened.” The sound of the gun was being trigger back and I held my breath until I heard a sudden impact of bodies.

Turing my head to see what happened, I noticed Tris on the ground and Eric facing away from the girl. Struggling in a losing fight, I heard his left hand man say, “Enough. We still have to test her. Eric!”

Tris was gasping on the floor as Eric went to stand up over her. “Jeanine told us we have to test everyone and bring back two,” his goon added. Suddenly Eric kicked her hard to the side and I could feel my body shaking. Tris was going to die. Where the heck was Four?

Lifting the device over Tris, not a breath could be heard until the machine said, “Divergent. 100%”

No, my mind thought as the goon replied, “All be damned.”

Eric confused as usual asked, “What?”

“She’s been what we’ve been looking for.” His counterpart added.

Eric wanting to obviously kill her responded angrily, “Bull shit.” Grasping the machine from his hands, he bent over to take another reading. “Divergent. 100%”

“Get her in a vehicle. I’ll alert Jeanine.” The man ran off and Eric leaned over to Tris smiling face, “If you think you got lucky, you’re wrong. You’re going to wish I killed you.”

Taking her away, Eric ordered, “Take care of the rest.”

But as soon as the gun landed on top of my head a commotion echoed in the hallway and I plowed the distracted bad men head first into the wall. Racing inside, a fellow dauntless I didn’t know with guns untied our hands and we both walked out of the door way to see Eric trying to get up slowly from the floor.

“It’s lucky you got that gun Four,” Eric said trying to sucker him in a fist fight. Tobias turned around pissed and he continued to say, “We both know you never were much without one.”

Oh, just shot him, my brain screamed. In all the extremities before the final kill if you want revenge.

Handing his gun to one of his men, I didn’t know if I had the stomach to watch this. After all Eric would cheat even if he’s fighting a losing battle. Eric smiled before being tossed into a pillar face first and then had his arm twisted back to a sickening crack.

In just a few seconds, Eric was on the floor squirming around. Maybe Four would be alright? Dragging him by the leg, Uriah pushed me back from Four’s path back into the room.

Eric just couldn’t shut up, “Do you think she’s safe now? You’re wrong.” He looked over to Tris and stated, “Jeanine is never going to stop searching for you.”

“Why? What does she want with her?” Four asked threatening. “Tell me.” He had the look of death in his eyes as he held the gun in his hand. The soft Tobias on the roof was gone. Four, the trained soldier was here.

“All I know she’s exactly what Jeanine needs. She’s the perfect subject.”

Four glanced over to Tris before clicking the gun into action. Eric scuffed, “Was that supposed to scare me?”

“You’re responsible for the death of hundreds of people. You know what the punishment is for that?” Four asked with his face becoming more distant.

“Listen I found a way to live with the blood on my hands,” Eric stated. “Can you?”

Uriah tightened his arms around my waist, but I wanted to see him die. Four sighed and raised the gun up to kill him with one shot. The silence was deafening and I watch both now, Tobias, and Tris struggle after killing Eric, an evil person in my opinion.

Picking up the searching tool for Divergents, I held it tight in my hands as I backed up against the wall.

Slowly Uriah guided me toward my bedroom where we probably would only stay for this night. Maybe?

As we enter the room, he hugged me tight and asked, “Are you alright?”

Nodding my head, I glanced away knowing I wasn’t. Too many things were piling up for my mind to even process. “We need to pack,” I stated moving toward my bag placing the device into it. To where I wasn’t very sure?

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