No Fear

Chapter 23

Everyone thought this place was a safe haven. Giving us food, clothing, a bed to rest. The new visitors pass by with smiles at what a blessing it was to have refuge especially after Kang’s haywire meeting with Max.

But it couldn’t fool me.

Factionless was a prison. We couldn’t leave without authorization. The leader without a doubt had their secret motives. And what I hated the most, was it was an underground cave with no chance of every seeing the sunlight again. I hated it here.

Laying back on the uncomfortable twin bed, I stared at the rock ceiling trying to block the million thoughts whirling in my mind.

But it seemed no use with the cold machine I held in my tight grasp. Ezekiel appeared into the room and closed the metal door behind. He said calmly, “Shauna’s okay. She was just paralyzed from the waist down.”

I sighed, “Zeke how is that good?” I could feel the bed slightly indent from his weight and he replied, “Because if you didn’t start working on her, she would have been dead.”

I kept my mouth shut still disagreeing with his joy. I highly doubt Shauna, Ezekiel’s ex-girlfriend, would see anything positive about this.

“Where did you get that?” I suddenly heard alert in his voice.

My hands seemed to grasp it tighter, “When Eric tried to kill us.”

I glanced over to Ezekiel nodding his head, which was a relief. We had finally came under some terms to keep our relationship intact.

One, we were not allowed to hold nothing back. Secrets were no more.

Two, no matter what happened we would work things out together.

And three, we had come to terms that we could risk ours lives for each other. We gave each other permission because of the situation we were under. Like his mother had told me, “We are under war. Sometimes it’s best to not become too connected that it would cripple the rest of your life. I learned that the hard way…”

My eyes must have shown my fear as he pulled me up into a hug. “It’s over, Kin.”

I buried my face into his shoulder and said, “Zeke, I, I broke it.”

“That’s alright. It’s probably for the best,” he responded as he went to throw it away. He didn’t understand what I meant.

“No, Zeke.” His eyebrows crinkled when turning his head back toward me. “I used it on me and it couldn’t give me a percentage. It instead blew up.”

Staring at me for a few moments, I knew the gears were turning toward my deduction, but instead he throughout another possibility. “Maybe the wiring finally got fried.”

My hands began to shake. “Maybe. But….”

Ezekiel sat back by me again and took my hand, “Even if you are more divergent, what happened to Marlene would never be your fault.”

“No, but if they tested me first, they would have been after me and not Tris.” And Marlene’s death would have been on me.

Ezekiel shook his head, “They would have taken you both. Jeanine was ordering for two divergents.”

“She was probably betting to nab both Tris and Four,” I guess at my mother twisted ways. Taking a deep sigh I asked, “How’s Uri?”

He didn’t really have to tell me, but I had to hear it still. “He just needs some time to process it.” Taking a gulp, he added, “So…”

I glanced up to his smirking face and accused, “You came in here for a reason didn’t you?”

Rubbing the back of his neck, he responded, “Yeah. We were thinking that maybe you should go make some weapons, work out or something. You’re kind of going crazy down here.”

I gave him a slight push and said, “Oh, no. If your referring to the incident with Edward the idiot. You got another thing coming. I will never take it back or apologize.”

My arms were crossed and Ezekiel started to chuckle, “I know.” He started to smile that effortless smile, “But you can’t go around shoving his face into his ass like that.” He bumped my side and whispered, “No matter how funny it was. Just try to keep yourself out of trouble.” His lips made contact with mine and he added, “For now we have to play nice with the others.”

I pouted my lip, but obliged, “Fine.” I would try to find something productive to do.


He flinched for a second, but then relaxed as his eyes landed on me. Wow. I had never seen him so worn out and tired looking. I was kind of regretting what I was about to ask.


“Umm…” I began to turn around, “Never mind.”

“Kinder,” his low and soft voice called out putting a shiver down my spine. “Why did you come?”

“There are computers here,” he nodded not understanding what I was getting at, so I elaborated. “I need your help with something.” I was desperately trying not to let a tear spill. “I heard you’re good at breaking codes and well….” I pulled out the chip from my pocket. “My sister gave this to me before she died. I just,” I took a steady breathe, “I just need to know what’s on it.”

Tobias gave a yawn as he nodded his head and waved me over. Pulling over a lab top, he plugged the drive in and started to type.

As two hours past, getting closer to three in the morning, Tobias seemed to get more interested in this objective. “There’s a code blocking it. Do you know any passwords she would use?”

Stop right there, I commanded my mind as it started to think back to her death. Password. No think about Maeve. What would she use? Something only we knew together. Things we did together….

“Woah,” Maeve stated taking her steps outside my secret spot on the roof top. The stars didn’t nearly shine as bright as the spot Ezekiel showed me a few nights before, but they still could make an impression.

Her bright eyes landed back on me. “I’ve always read about them, but I never really had the chance just to watch them.”

Patting the spot next to me, I asked, “Tell me what you know?”

She smiled with glee and began to recite off names of moons, planets, the earth’s rotation to the constellations. I sometimes wished I could have that passion with something. “Gemini is my favorite.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked and she responded, “The legend is that when Castor was killed, Pollus, his other twin asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together. And because of it the constellation of Gemini was born.”

She held my hand, “I love the self-sacrificing love. That’s us. I do anything for you and you do anything for me. That’s what sisters do….”

“Try Gemini.” I could barely say and Tobias stared at my expression for a second longer and then began to type.


Bending behind him to see what she could want me to have so important and I finished Tobias’s sentence. “Shit.”

It should every plan of Jeanine’s from the attacks to the created serums. And luck would have it, how to counter the long-lasting transmitter. Four responded happily, “All we have to do is take them out and Jeanine doesn’t hold a threat on us.” He smiled more, “On Tris.”

“Click on that,” I asked curious seeing a rectangular device swirled around on the monitor. Underneath there wasn’t a lot of information, but the many divergent test subjects used to open it.

Subject I. Male. Josh Wavier. Age 25. Divergent 65%………

Subject 2. Male. Conner Billing. Age 63. Divergent 54%….…fail

Subject 3. Female. Valarie Kay. Age 52. Divergent 84%……

Subject 4. Male. Sam Nicks. Age 23. Divergent 33%……

Subject 5. Female. Hillary Yates. Age 27.Divergent 55%…

My eyes jumped down as Four began to scroll the pages. More and more number accumulated and I began to collapse on my knees. How many people had she killed in secret?

Subject 93. Male. Jack Gardener. Age. 19. Divergent

Subject 94. Female. Riley Jackson. Age 5. Divergent 12%…

“Dear god,” I covered my mouth in shock. “We can’t let her get Tris.” I locked eyes onto Tobias, “She’ll kill her-”

In the corner of my eyes I noticed Ezekiel, “Hey. Take a look at this…”

He walked past us without saying a word and I scrambled up to get to him. “Hey,” I grasped his shoulder to stop him, “Zeke?”

I didn’t register what had happened until I was on the floor with my cheek throbbing. He said right at me with empty eyes, “Hand over two divergents to erudite or more deaths shall follow.”

“Zeke!!” I push my unbalance self up and I felt a person rush past me. Tobias suddenly engaged in a fight and a few times, Tobias almost had him in a hold.

But Ezekiel was much powerful with his strength. In one quick blow, he nailed Tobias in the gut. Bent over from the sudden wind knocked out of him, Ezekiel then threw Tobias into the table.

Again Ezekiel started for the high ledge where I watched Marlene die. Racing over I yelled in adrenaline as I launch onto his back and forced his face into the wall. Without a thought, I wrapped my arms around him and kicked off the wall so we both tumble to the ground again.

Shaking my head, I tried to focus though the dizziness. Ezekiel wasn’t giving up. “Zeke, come on. Wake up.”

Again Tobias charged at him and their bodies tumbled over and over on the ground. Ezekiel had him pinned and rapidly punch Tobias over and over as Ezekiel repeated, “Hand over two divergents to eru-”

Lifting the metal chair down slowly, I watched Ezekiel fall to the floor unconscious. People were rushing into the room as I help Tobias up off the ground. “Take him to a table and strap him down now,” finally the commanding Four took over and gave orders while still holding my shaking hand. Pulling me throw the crowd, Four grabbed his lab top and started to give instruction how to remove the device.

Suddenly Ezekiel awoke and thrashed around screaming. “Hand over two divergents to erudite or more deaths shall follow. More deaths. More deaths….”

I backed up against the wall as they diligently worked to give him a sedative and remove the tracker. After he was knocked out and in a matter of moments they removed the metal ball.

Walking out of the room, I felt like I was having an outer body experience. I could have lost Ezekiel. Uriah could have lost another loved one. Glancing up I realized Tobias was in front of me saying something. But I couldn’t understand. Was I in shock maybe.

Sound of shuffling people, whispers echoing the halls and a pulsing sound was slowly disappearing from my ears. “Kinder, he’s alright.”

Glancing up to Tobias’s blue eyes, I finally said, “We have to end her. This can’t go on anymore.”

Four nodded his concerned head and replied with no doubt, “And we will. I promise.”

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